a_line Watches – Elegant, Sporty and Affordable

a_line watches Review – Great Style and Warranty

You can be forgiven if you’re a fan of designer timepieces and you’ve never heard of a_line watches.  They’re quite new, and in fact, the brand has only been available since 2011.  At the moment, the a_line watches brand doesn’t even have their own Website; they share a site with their sister brand, Red Line watches.  A_line watches have  a lot in common with their sister brand, as they’re both owned by Swiss Watch International, a company with a somewhat misleading name that’s actually based in Florida.  While their primary brand is Swiss Legend, the company has expanded with other brands to fill certain market niches.  The a_line watches brand is intended to be a slightly upscale version of the Red Line brand, with timepieces designed exclusively for women and offering more elegant designs.  You can read on for our full a_line watches review.

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a_line Watches Build Quality

a_line watches - sophi chick chronographThe build quality of a_line watches is surprisingly good, especially when you take their favorable price point into consideration.  Most models feature water resistance of at least 50 meters.  Cases are made from stainless steel.  Mineral crystal is used to protect the watch face.  Some models feature a screw-down crown, which is a feature ordinarily found only in much more expensive timepieces.  The a_line watches brand is even protected by an exceptional warranty.  These are well made timepieces that offer a great value for the price.

a_line Watches Movements

It won’t surprise anyone to discover that a_line watches feature quartz movements. While quartz movements are highly accurate and reliable and require relatively little maintenance, they are also less expensive to produce than mechanical movements, which is why many lower priced brands use quartz exclusively.  While a_line watches do have quartz movements, they’re sourced from Japan, which produces better quality movements than those from other countries in Asia.

You won’t find any technical innovation in a_line watches; this is a lower priced brand that is targeting customers who are interested in stylish timepieces at an affordable price and not customers looking for cutting-edge innovation.  That said, a_line watches do offer some models with features other than simply displaying the time, such as chronograph features or date displays.

a_line Watches Styling and Features

a_line watches - gemini redThe styling of a_line watches is intended to be a more upscale rendering of the Red Line brand.  The a_line watches product line is designed exclusively for women, and the models offer more reserved colors, such as those you might want to wear for an evening out, rather than for casual daytime wear.  You’ll find many models with gold-tone or white faces, rather than the colorful reds and blues that you’d find in the sister brand.  Color is mostly restricted to accents.  There are some sports models and a surprising number that feature chronograph dials.  Displays are all analog, and there’s a nice mixture of Arabic and Roman numerals on the faces.   All in all, you’ll find that a_line watches offer tasteful, elegant designs, and you’ll love the prices.

a_line Watches Care and Maintenance

There’s not going to be much in the way of maintenance with a_line watches, as they feature highly reliable quartz movements.  That means that aside from replacing the battery every two years or so, you won’t have to do much else.  You should store a_line watches in a cool, dry place and try to keep them away from strong magnetic fields or extremes of temperature.  With proper care, you should get many years of use from a_line watches.

a_line Watches Warranty

The a_line watches warranty is exceptional; the brand is warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for five years from the date of purchase.  This is one of the better warranties in the industry and even many luxury watch brands offer only two years.  Given their low price and the excellent warranty, a_line watches constitute a bargain in an industry that usually doesn’t offer those very often.


a_line Watch Prices

a_line watches- marina chrono whiteYou’ll find that a_line watch prices are quite affordable.  List prices range in the $200-$400 range, but you can frequently find a_line watches offered for sale at a discount.  In fact, we’ve seen some a_line watches models for less than $50 at some retailers.  When you consider the price and the excellent warranty, you may find that you’ll want to buy two or three of them.   There are no limited editions in the a_line watches brand and collectors aren’t yet taking an interest in them.  That means that you should expect a_line watches to appreciate in value, as a Rolex or Patek Philippe might.  Then again, you’re likely buying a_line watches because they look great, work well and are quite affordable.  That should be reason enough.

a_line Watches for Sale

You can find a_line watches for sale at a number of department stores as well as a few jewelry stores.  They’re fairly common in brick and mortar retailers, but you’ll also find a_line watches for sale at many stores on the Internet.  Due to lower overhead, these may represent your best opportunity to buy discount a_line watches online.  We’ve seen some retailers offering a_line watches at as much as 88% off of the list price, which makes them pretty appealing.  Keep in mind that the product line is huge, so don’t expect any retailer to keep the entire product line in stock.  Still, most retailers should have quite a few models in stock.

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a_line Watches Summary

There’s a lot to like about a_line watches, though they’re obviously not for everyone.  They make watches for women only, so men won’t likely be interested.  They use quartz movements, so a_line watches won’t attract fans of mechanical complications.  On the other hand, they make beautiful watches and offer them for sale at an irresistible price point.   The warranty offered with a_line watches is exceptional and one of the better warranties in the industry.  They look great, and are suitable for all occasions, though best suited for business or evening wear.  All in all, a_line watches represent a great combination of quality, styling and price, which makes them a great value.