Alps Watches Review – Attractive and Affordable

Alps Watches Review- Functional and Affordable


alps watches mens rose gold stainlessIf you see the name “Alps watches,” you’d likely think “Switzerland.”  That’s probably why they were named that, so you’d automatically think about Swiss watches, and precision, and high prices, and… everything else that goes with the term.

Alps watches aren’t from Switzerland; it’s just a name.  That doesn’t mean that they’re bad watches, by any means.  It just means that they’re not Swiss.

On the other hand, Alps watches are functional.  They work and they tell the time.  They’re attractive, and that’s often important when you’re, well, wearing a watch.  It’s why many people wear them in the first place.

They’re really affordable.  Amazingly affordable.  You’ll likely want one, just because they’re bargains.  You might even want a couple of them.

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Alps Watches Build Quality

Build quality of Alps watches is adequate; the cases are made from stainless steel and the crystal is made from something called “Hardlex.”  It’s a type of glass, but it’s not going to be as rugged as sapphire crystal.

Water resistance is modest; most models are rated to about 30 meters, tops.  The manufacturer does not recommend immersing them in water, but says they’re OK for casual water exposure.  They are described as “daily use waterproof; not suitable for underwater activities.”  We’d recommend that you heed that warning; if you want a diving watch, you’d best be looking elsewhere.

Alps Watches Movements

Movements found in Alps watches are either quartz electronic movements from Citizen in Japan, or mechanical movements from an unnamed source.  Citizens movements are accurate and reliable, so you should get good service out of them.


alps watches stainlessAlps watches come in at the low end of the pricing spectrum, so you shouldn’t expect to see innovation in this brand.  They’re looking for people who want an attractive watch at an equally attractive price point.  Given those demands, you’re not going to find any cutting-edge features in the Alps watches line.

Alps Watches Styling and Features

Styling in Alps watches is sleek and modern, with a few throwbacks that include skeleton models.  Most models in the line are thin, simple and elegant.  The skeleton models, on the other hand, are more old-school in their styling, particularly in their use of Roman numerals on the face.

All cases are stainless steel, as are most of the bands, though some models are sold with leather straps.  Some of the ladies’ models are sold with rose-colored steel cases, to give the impression of rose gold.  They’re not, but they look nice, just the same.

Models are available for men, women, children and in unisex models that can be worn by adults of any gender.

Alps Watches Care and Maintenance

Care for Alps watches is the same as you’d provide for most any other watch brand.  You want to keep your timepiece away from strong magnetic fields and away from extremes of temperature.  You definitely want to avoid immersing them in water, as Alps watches have modest water protection.

Mechanical models should be worn regularly and wound on a daily basis in order to keep the mechanism running smoothly.  Quartz models will need to have their batteries replaced every two or three years.  With good care, you should get a few years of use from Alps watches, but these aren’t the sorts of watches that you’re going to hand down for generations to come.

Alps Watches Warranty

We can’t find out anything about a factory warranty for Alps watches, as we can’t even find a company Website.  On the other hand, all of the major retailers of the brand include their own warranty.  Amazon, for example, warrants Alps watches for two years from the date of purchase.  Given their price point, that’s actually a pretty remarkable warranty.

Alps Watch Prices

Alps watches are reasonable.  Actually, they’re remarkably inexpensive, especially given that they’re nice looking watches all across the line.  Most models are priced at well under $50, and we’ve seen several that were priced at well under $20.  That puts Alps watches in the reach of anyone’s wallet, and makes them affordable enough that you may want to buy two or three of them if you like the styling.

They are nice looking timepieces, and you could easily include several in your wardrobe for both casual and business wear.

Alps Watches for Sale

alps watches unisexWe’re not aware of a company Website for Alps watches, nor have we seen any brick and mortar stores that carry the brand.  They’re mostly available online, at a variety of retailers.  Prices can vary a bit, so it may make sense to shop around, but most of the larger online retailers of watches have them discounted pretty heavily.

In the end, no matter who is selling them, you’ll find that Alps watches are pretty affordable.

Alps Watches Summary

If you’re looking for a bargain, you’ll find it in Alps watches.  The company makes a wide variety of timepieces in a number of styles suited for men, women and children.  The timepieces are accurate, though we wouldn’t necessarily describe them as rugged.  If you’re looking for a timepiece that will be great for casual wear or work, Alps watches would be a good call.

If you’re looking for a timepiece that’s suitable for rough outdoors use or anything near water, we’d recommend that you find another brand.  That’s not a knock against Alps; that’s now what their watches are designed to do.

They’re designed to offer an attractive, stylish, accurate timepiece at a price point that is so affordable that you can’t resist them.  In that regard, they’re hard to beat, and if you find one you like, you’ll likely find several more, and it won’t break your bank to buy them.

So go buy them and have fun.  That’s what Alps watches are for.

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