Anne Klein Watches Review – Style, Affordability, and a Great Warranty

Anne Klein Watches – Beautiful and Affordable

If you’re familiar with Anne Klein watches, you’re ahead of the company’s founder, who died in 1974, long before the firm that bears her name began selling designer wristwatches.  That said, they now offer more than two hundred models for women in a variety of styles to suit all occasions.  Their production isn’t done in-house; it’s done by an outside firm, Sutton Time, and their timepieces are made in the United States.  Anne Klein watches offer a great mix of terrific styling, affordable pricing and a warranty that’s as good as you’ll find anywhere.  That makes them pretty irresistible, and you’ll probably like them so much you’ll want to own more than one.  The company is currently owned by the Jones Group, which markets products under a number of designer names, including Givenchy and Dockers.

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Anne Klein Watches Build Quality

Anne Klein watches - women's gold toneYou’ll find that Anne Klein watches have acceptable build quality, using stainless steel and ceramic in their construction, and mineral crystal to protect the face.  Their current line is all electronic, giving you accurate timekeeping with minimal maintenance.  Water resistance is moderate, rated at 30 meters, but then again, these are mostly fashion timepieces and not diving watches.  On the whole, these watches should work well for many years with minimal trouble, especially given the terrific warranty that comes with your purchase.

Anne Klein Watches Movements

Currently, Anne Klein watches feature highly accurate quartz electronic movements.  We’ve seen some advertised as Swiss made; we don’t know if the entire product line offers Swiss-made movements or not, though the entire product line is manufactured in the United States from imported parts.  Quartz movements are quite reliable and accurate, and should provide trouble-free use.

As the company is primarily a mid-priced fashion house, it won’t surprise you to find that there really isn’t any in-house technical innovation involved in the manufacture of Anne Klein watches.  Their manufacturing is outsourced and they aren’t concerned with watchmaking.  That’s not a criticism; it simply isn’t what they choose to do.  Their timepieces, while attractive and functional, are accessories for the rest of their products.  As such, they make use of time-tested technology and put it in an attractive case and sell it at an affordable price.

Anne Klein Watches Styling and Features

Anne Klein watches - women's diamond accent silverStyling is the strong suit when it comes to Anne Klein watches.  While their product line targets women, they do offer more than two hundred different models.  Styling varies from daily casual use to models that would go well with business wear to elegant fashion models, some of which are adorned with Swarovski crystals.  There’s a nice variety of color in their models and a number of them offer chronograph features.  All displays are analog; there are currently no models with digital displays in the product line.  The lineup of Anne Klein watches is diverse enough that just about anyone should be able to find something that they like, and chances are good you’ll find more than one.

Anne Klein Watches Care and Maintenance

As Anne Klein watches feature highly accurate and relatively maintenance-free quartz movements, you won’t have to give your timepiece any special care, aside from replacing the battery every few years.  You should store Anne Klein watches in a cool, dry place and keep them away from extremes in temperature and harsh chemicals.  Salt water should probably be avoided as well; if you do find that you’ve immersed your timepiece in salt water, you should carefully rinse it in tap water and dry it carefully.

Anne Klein Watches Warranty

It’s pretty surprising to see that Anne Klein watches are sold with a lifetime limited warranty.  The industry average is about two years and many luxury brands offer just that, and no more and that even includes such companies as Rolex.  It’s true, however; Anne Klein watches come with a lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship and materials.  This essentially guarantees that you’ll get a lot of use out of your wristwatch, and it’s particularly nice to see such a warranty offered by a company that sells their products at such an attractive price point.

Anne Klein Watch Prices

Anne Klein watches - women's white ceramic braceletAs designer watches go, you’ll find that Anne Klein watches are quite affordably priced; so much so, in fact, that you’ll likely want to buy more than one.  Pricing starts at less than $100 and tops out at about $400 or so.  For the latter price, we’ve seen models that included actual diamonds in the design.  Most of the product line falls in the $150-$250 range, which is quite inexpensive for designer brands.  There doesn’t seem to be any collector interest in Anne Klein watches, so don’t go buying them today in hopes that they’ll become valuable tomorrow. Just buy them because they’re affordable, and they look terrific.

Anne Klein Watches for Sale

You can find Anne Klein watches for sale at a number of high end department stores and at a few select online retailers.  You’ll likely find them for sale at any store that carries any of the company’s clothes, shoes or other accessories.  You might also find them from time to time at jewelry stores, but we think you’ll be more likely to find them either online or in department stores.  As the company’s product line is rather large, it’s rather unlikely that any brick and mortar retailer is going to carry all of the company’s products, so you may have to shop around a bit if you’re looking for something in particular.

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Anne Klein Watches Summary

Most consumers are going to find that Anne Klein watches offer the irresistible combination of variety of styles, affordability and lifetime warranty to be pretty appealing.  They offer so many models that most people will have no problem finding one or more that they like, and the warranty ensures that you’ll get many years of use out of your purchase.  Their pricing is quite competitive and some of their models can be genuinely described as inexpensive.  If you like attractive styling and affordable pricing, you’ll love Anne Klein watches.