Aposon Watches Review – Functional and Affordable

Aposon Watches Review


aposon watches reviewIt’s quite possible that you have never heard of Aposon watches.  They’re a relatively new brand, and they’re not sold just anywhere.  Still, they’ve got some nice features and terrific pricing, so if you’re in the market for a functional bargain, then you’ll likely find quite a bit of good in what Aposon watches have to offer.

The brand is Chinese-made, though their movements seem to be sourced from Citizen in Japan.  That means that the timepieces, while affordable, should be reliable timekeepers.  Read on for the full Aposon watches review.

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Aposon Watches Build Quality

Aposon watches are a budget product line, so there are limits to how well built they’re likely to be.  Don’t get us wrong; they’re good, solid timepieces.  But if you’re looking for a watch you can take to 100 meters or more underwater, or looking for one with a virtually indestructible crystal, this is probably not the best brand for you.

On the other hand, the cases are stainless steel, and the bands are made from either stainless steel or leather.  The face is protected by mineral crystal, which is hard, but not by any means the hardest material out there.  Water resistance across the line is fairly modest at depths of up to 50 meters for some models.  People who own them say their water resistance has been good.

Aposon Watches Movements

The movements in Aposon watches are all electronic, and most, if not all of them, are sourced from Citizen in Japan.  Citizen is a reliable manufacturer of quartz movements for watches, and they keep good time and generally provide little in the way of trouble.

While Aposon watches are all quartz-powered, they do have models with both analog and digital displays.


In a line of budget timepieces, you’re not going to find a whole lot of innovation.  On the other hand, the few models of Aposon watches that we’ve seen do offer a few interesting features, especially at their price point.  Their dual time quartz analog model has an analog display that features two timezones simultaneously.

Other models sport both analog and digital displays with dual timezone features.

aposon watches ladiesAposon Watches Styling and Features

Styling for Aposon watches is relatively limited, as the company doesn’t make a whole lot of models.  They do make models for men and women, and the women’s models tend to be fairly colorful, though they’re likely to have fewer features than the models for men.

Watches include both traditional designs that would not look out of place in a work, office, or boardroom environment, to sporty chronograph models that offer timers, military time and LED backlights, and rugged, outdoorsy looking models that feature dual dials.

Models come with both leather and stainless steel bands, but obviously, you’re not going to find any gold, platinum or titanium models in this price range.  Aposon watches are just solid timepieces with good, but not cutting-edge, features.

Aposon Watches Care and Maintenance

Aposon watches should be relatively trouble-free, as they’re all powered by reliable Citizen quartz movements.  You should store your watches away from extremes of temperature and moisture, and you should keep them away from strong magnetic fields, as this can harm the movement.

The battery will need to be replaced every couple of years, as is standard for quartz-powered timepieces.  With good care, you should get a few years worth of service from your Aposon timepieces.

Aposon Watches Warranty

We weren’t able to find out anything about a factory warranty from the Aposon watches Website, but most retailers who carry the brand offer a warranty with purchase.  Amazon, for instance, offers a 2 year warranty with purchase, and that’s more than enough time to sort out any problems.

Aposon Watch Prices

If you like bargains, you’ll love Aposon watches.  These are decidedly low-end models, and that means that they’re affordable.  In fact, they’re crazy affordable in that you’re likely to find them for sale for less than $20.  That’s true across the line, regardless of features or whether they’re models for men or women.

True, watches that sell for under $20 aren’t likely to be heirlooms that you’re going to hand down to someone 40 years from now.  On the other hand, at that price, they’re inexpensive enough that if you find two or three that you like, you’ll be able to afford them all.  That’s particularly true for the women’s models, as they’re bright and colorful and you can buy one for every day of the week and still likely spend just a bit over $100 for all of them.

Aposon Watches for Sale

aposon watches men's dual timeYou can find Aposon watches for sale at most prominent online retailers.  While not every seller is likely to have the entire product line in stock at any given moment, most of them should have a good representative sample in stock.  It appears that the company currently offers more than 50 different models for sale, so you’ll almost certainly be able to find something you like.  You’ll certainly be able to find something you can afford.

Aposon Watches Summary

If you like affordable, functional, attractive timepieces that aren’t going to break your bank, then you’re going to love Aposon watches.  No, they don’t have gold or titanium cases and they aren’t studded with diamonds, and they don’t have a tourbillon or moon phases or other complications that impress people and drive up the price substantially.

That’s not the market they’re after, and chances are good that if you’re reading this, that’s not the market for you, either.  Aposon watches are affordable and attractive, and offer a good assortment of features and color.  They’ve got quality quartz movements, so they’re likely to run well for long enough to justify the purchase price.

They’re affordable enough that you can buy two or three of them and still not feel as though you’ve spent a lot of money.  They work well, they come with a decent warranty, and they’ll give you the time and more.  All in all, Aposon watches offer a lot of value for the money.

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