Baldovino Watches Review – Bling and Style

Baldovino Watches Review


baldovino watches reviewI’ve been reviewing a lot of watches lately that have nautical or aviation themes, and they’ve all been rather rugged and utilitarian in style.  That’s fine; there’s a place for that.

Not everyone wants a tough-looking watch, however.  Sometimes, people want something with a bit more style.  That style can be edgy, but when the watches are covered with diamonds, no one is going to mistake them for a heavy-duty diving watch.

That’s what you get with Baldovino watches – they do have some edgy styling, so much so that you will get noticed when you wear one in public.  On the other hand, every model I’ve seen also has a lot of diamonds – usually about 1.5 carats or so.

That means that these watches are going to sparkle and attract attention.  Adding to the mix is the fact that they’re pretty well built, too.   The result is a timepiece that’s fun to wear, great to look at, and one that won’t require you to take out a loan.

Read on for the full Baldovino watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Baldovino Watches Build Quality

You may not be familiar with this brand; they’re a fairly new company that seems to be based in India, though they also have an office in New York.  They specialize in watches with edgy styling and lots of diamonds, though they’re offered at a pretty affordable price point, as watches with diamonds go.

The build quality of Baldovino watches is quite good.  Cases are made from stainless steel on most models, though a few have high-tech ceramic cases.

Watch faces are protected with mineral crystal.  This may be one of the few drawbacks to the product line, as many watches in their price range have sapphire crystal instead.

Water resistance is quite good; as far as I know, all Baldovino watches models offer at least 100 meters of water resistance, making them much better than average in that regard.


While the watches are likely manufactured in Asia, the movements used in their watches are sourced from either Japan or Switzerland.  They use a mixture of Swiss quartz and Japanese automatic movements in their timepieces.

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There’s little in the way of technical innovation to be found with Baldovino watches, as they’re using off-the-shelf movements.  The company is more interested in styling and design, and that shows when you see their product line.

You’ll see basic time-only watches and a few models with chronograph features.  You won’t find elaborate complications, however.  They leave that to others.

Styling and Features

baldovino womens watchThe styling is bold and exciting.  Most of their watch faces are round, but there are a few that are rectangular, a few that are oval and a few that are….not easy to describe.

A number of models have transparent faces so you can see the moving parts underneath.  Colors tend to favor white, silver, black and sort of a rose color.  You won’t see bold reds and blues in the product line.

You will, however, see lots and lots of diamonds.  All Baldovino watches seem to feature diamonds on the case or around the bezel and depending on the model, you might see anywhere between .5 and 2.0 carats of diamonds on each one.

Individually, the diamonds are small, but collectively, they add lots of shine and sparkle to the timepiece and they’re hard to miss when you wear one in public.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance should be fairly straightforward.  The models with quartz electronic movements will require occasional replacement of the battery.  Models with mechanical movements may require occasional service from the manufacturer or an authorized representative to ensure that the movement continues to work properly.

We couldn’t find a recommended service schedule on the manufacturer’s Website, so you may wish to contact the company about this if you have any concerns.  Aside from this issue, you should store your Baldovino watches away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields.

With proper care, your watch should run well for years to come.

Baldovino Watches Warranty

The warranty is the industry standard – two years.  This covers defects in materials and manufacturing. These watches are well-tested at the factory prior to shipping, so defects are likely quite rare.

baldovino mens watch


These watches are not inexpensive; these are high-quality timepieces that have cases that are covered with diamonds.  That said, they’re not overly expensive, as watches with diamonds go.

Watch prices range in price from a low of about $750 to a high of about $6000 or so.  That makes them quite affordable when compared with other watch brands that offer similar quality and numbers of diamonds.   You could easily spend $10,000 or more for similar watches from other, more established designer watch brands.

Where to Buy

You can find them for sale at a few brick and mortar retailers, but your best bet to buy them is online, particularly if you’re shopping for a discount.  The company sells them on their own Website, though their site is rather spartan in appearance and offers little information about the company.

You can also find them for sale at a number of well-known online retailers, including Amazon.  They have a large selection of models in stock, as do other large online retailers of designer watches.

Baldovino Watches Summary

We were relatively unfamiliar with the brand, but they seem to offer a nice product at a good price, and a particularly good price considering that their watches are covered with diamonds.

The company’s watches offer striking, innovative designs, good build quality, and high quality Swiss and Japanese movements that should run well for years to come while providing little trouble.

The warranty is more than adequate and their selection of styles and designs should give just about anyone a watch they can wear proudly.

If you like watches with a bit of shine and bling, along with great looks, it’s hard to go wrong with Baldovino watches.

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