Baogela Watches Review- Affordable Chronographs and More

Baogela Watches Review


baogela watches reviewThe proliferation of manufacturing in Asia during the past two decades has led to a dramatic increase in the number of companies that manufacture watches today.

That’s great for cost-conscious consumers, as there are now more opportunities than ever to buy attractive watches with useful features at affordable prices.

One such company is Baogela watches, a manufacturer located in China.  The company offers some interesting designs, decent reliability and a number of chronograph models, all at affordable prices.

Read on for the full Baogela watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Baogela Watches Build Quality

These watches are made to offer a reasonably good watch and a very affordable price.  As such, the build quality is adequate, rather than exceptional.  Cases are made from metal described as “alloy” on the company Website.

The watch face is protected by mineral crystal, which is common, but not as hard as the very expensive sapphire crystal found in high end timepieces.

Water resistance is rated at 30 meters, which actually means that it’s OK to splash water on it, but you wouldn’t want to swim or shower while wearing your watch.

Given the price point, the build quality will be good enough for most consumers.


The movements are quartz electronic movements sourced from Japan.  This serves several purposes; most consumers are still somewhat suspicious of Chinese manufacturing, but know that Japanese movements are reputable and reliable.

Furthermore, Chinese consumers themselves are fascinated by foreign brands, and the use of Japanese movements allows them to have appeal to both domestic and foreign buyers.

While we can’t say for sure, the movements are likely sourced from Miyota, a division of Citizen.  Miyota is the largest manufacturer of watch movements in Japan and their movements are both accurate and reliable.

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If you’re looking for technical or mechanical innovation, you won’t find much to appeal to you here.  That’s largely because the company is targeting a specific price point and that point is well below the threshold that can justify the research and engineering that goes into creating elaborate features and complications.

Furthermore, these watches all feature quartz movements, so you’ll likely find that the features are going to be limited to time-only watches and chronographs.

Styling and Features

baogela watches quartzFor men’s models, the styling is fairly basic, with colors limited to white, black, silver and gold.  Models offer basic time-only features with austere designs that would make them suitable for casual or business wear.

A number of models are available as chronographs, so if you like sporty watches, Baogela watches might be a good fit for you.  A number of models feature a mixture of black and gold on the watch face, and this makes for a surprisingly attractive watch.  Bands are made from stainless steel and leather.

Case sizes average about 45mm, which runs a bit to the large side but is a size that’s fairly common for chronographs.

Models for women offer smaller cases sizes (38mm or so,) along with a lot of color.  If you like reds, blues, and purples, you’ll likely find a few models that suit your taste.  Of course, you’ll also find models with white and gold colors as well.

You won’t find any bling or diamonds in the product line; that’s beyond their target price point.  That said, they do make a number of attractive watches for women, and their Saturation models are particularly eye-catching.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is fairly straightforward.  As all models feature highly reliable quartz electronic movements, the only maintenance you’ll need to perform is to have the battery replaced every few years.  You’ll want to take care of your Baogela watches by storing them away from strong magnetic fields or extremes of temperature, as these can adversely affect the performance of the movement.

With care, you’ll find that your watch will offer a number of good years of service.

baogela watches saturation

Baogela Watches Warranty

If there’s a place where Baogela watches offer less than the average watch, it’s the warranty.  Baogela watches are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  That should be adequate; most defects turn up fairly soon after purchase.  Still, most watch companies offer a two year warranty.

Some retailers may offer a longer warranty at the time of purchase.  You may wish to inquire about this when you buy.


Price is where this brand really shines; they’re quite affordable as designer watches go.  It appears from the company Website that all Baogela watches models have a suggested list price of U.S. $59.  That’s it; there’s no upper range or lower range.  They all have the same price.

That’s quite affordable and many people who like the company’s style may wish to buy more than one.

baogela watches womenWhere to Buy

You’re not likely to find them for sale at brick and mortar stores.  You’ll be more likely to find them for sale online.  You can buy them at a number of online retailers, such as Amazon, and you can also buy them at the official Website.

You may wish to check other retailers before buying from the Website, as the official site sells all of their watches for the official list price of $59, while some other retailers offers the brand at a discount.

Not all retailers will have all models for sale, but most should have a good representative offering of the company’s product line.

Baogela Watches Summary

When it comes to watches, not everyone has the same needs.  Some buyers want gold, diamonds, and elaborate movements.  Others want an attractive, affordable timepiece with a reliable movement.

If you’re in the latter camp, you might want to take a look at Baogela watches.  They’re attractive, reasonably well made, and offer a good variety of styles, all at an affordable price point.

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