Bell & Ross Watches Review – Edgy Styling and Great Quality

Bell & Ross Watches Review- Bold and Well Built

lf you’re not familiar with Bell & Ross watches, don’t be surprised.  This Swiss/French company isn’t that old; they’ve only been in business since 1992.  In a world with watchmaking companies that are centuries old, that makes Bell & Ross watches the new guys on the block.  So, how did they separate themselves from the long-established competition?  By creating luxury timepieces with exceptional build quality, and bold, even outrageous designs.  Bell & Ross watches aren’t something you’re going to feel ambivalent about; you’re either going to love them or hate them.  That’s not a bad thing; as long as you’ve got people talking about you, you’re doing OK.  These are interesting timepieces that are guaranteed to have people talking when you wear one in public.  Designs include traditional styling, aviation-themed styling and a few designs that are simply “out there.”  If you like the different, you should give Bell & Ross watches a look.

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Bell & Ross Watches Build Quality

Bell & Ross watches - Heure Sautante platinumThe build quality of Bell & Ross watches is outstanding.  They use scratch-free sapphire crystal to protect the watch face and stainless steel and carbon fiber in their cases.  Water resistance varies by model, but some of their models are rated to 1000 meters, making these very solid timepieces, indeed.  These are watches that should run well for decades with proper care.

Bell & Ross Watches Movements

While there are a few models in the Bell & Ross watches product line that feature quartz movements, most of their watches feature Swiss-made automatic movements.  Some are quite elaborate; they’ve made a few limited edition models with a tourbillon, for instance.  Others are basic in function, but not in styling, as you’ll soon see.

Bell & Ross watches are styled with aviation and diving in mind, and you’ll find that the company makes their models to feature four things: good water resistance, solid, reliable movements, good visual indicators, and unusual features.  Their Hydromax model includes oil within the case to help withstand pressures from the environment.  Their casino model resembles a roulette wheel.  These are not your run of the mill timepieces by any measure.

Bell & Ross Watches Styling and Features

Bell & Ross watches - CasinoThe styling of Bell & Ross watches runs the gamut from traditional to the truly bizarre.  Their primary lines are Vintage, Aviation and Marine, and the Vintage series is a line of austere, traditional-looking timepieces that would look great in the board room.  Their aviation and marine models are modeled after instrumentation dials.  Their occasional limited edition models can look like just about anything, as you’ll see from the photos on this page. Want a skull on your watch?  Bell & Ross watches can accommodate you.  If you like either traditional or extreme styling, you’ll be at home with this brand.

Bell & Ross Watches Care and Maintenance

Bell & Ross watches - women's aviationThe care and maintenance of Bell & Ross watches will vary according to model.  Quartz models will require the batteries to be replaced every two years or so.  Aside from that, you’ll want to store Bell & Ross watches away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields, as these can harm the movement.  Models with automatic movements will likely require occasional service.  While we haven’t found specifics on this, most manufacturers of high end automatic movements require maintenance every three to five years.  This involves returning the watch to the manufacturer, where they will disassemble it, clean it and replace any worn parts.  Then the watch will be tested for both water resistance and accuracy before being returned to you.  With proper care, you’ll find that these well-made Swiss watches will run well for many years to come.

Bell & Ross Watches Warranty

The Bell & Ross watches warranty is for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  This warranty is good, but not exceptional; about 90% of all watch manufacturers offer a warranty of this duration.  As these watches are well-tested prior to shipping, defects should be quite rare.

Bell & Ross Watch Prices

Bell & Ross watches - aviation skullYou’ll find that Bell & Ross watch prices range from moderately to extremely expensive.  Models at the low end of the product line start at about $2000, with models at the top of the line, including some limited edition models, topping out at just over $100,000.  Many models are available for under $10,000, so we wouldn’t regard Bell & Ross watches in general as extremely expensive.  On the other hand, many of their models are rather limited in production, so you’re purchase price is likely to get you a watch that you’re unlikely to encounter anywhere else in your travels.  Collectors are somewhat interested in this brand and due to the quality of Bell & Ross watches and their outrageous styling and limited production, we expect to see a lot of collector interest and price appreciation in the future.

Bell & Ross Watches for Sale

You can find Bell & Ross watches for sale at a limited number of company-owned boutiques around the world, as well as a few authorized retailers, most of which are high end jewelry stores located in major cities.  As with many high end brands, Bell & Ross watches have their availability restricted by the manufacturer in order to avoid the appearance that their luxury product is either ordinary or common.  This also helps keep the prices high, as retailers are generally required to abide by strict suggested retail prices.  Unofficially, you can find a few retailers on the Internet who offer Bell & Ross watches for sale, and these dealers represent your best opportunity to buy discount Bell & Ross watches online.  As many models are limited editions, don’t expect every retailer to have everything in stock.

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Bell & Ross Watches Summary

There’s a lot to like about Bell & Ross watches.  They offer watches for both genders in a product line that includes traditional styling as well as the outrageous.  Their build quality is as good as any and their products are bold and attractive.  They’re not for everyone, but if you want something that’s both amazing and different, you’d do well to give Bell & Ross watches a look.