Binzi Watches Review – Functional and Affordable

Binzi Watches Review


binzi watchesIf you’re looking for a sporty men’s watch and you’re on a budget, you might want to consider Binzi watches.  They’re a relatively new brand from China, and while they’re not going to excite anyone with their styling or their amazing movements or features, they do offer a good, functional watch at a price that falls within anyone’s budget.

There’s a time and a place for all kinds of watches, and clearly, Binzi watches aren’t targeting the high end.  That said, they’ve covered their relatively small market niche by offering a timepiece that works, looks good enough for daily wear and which isn’t going to break the bank.

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Binzi Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Binzi watches would best be described as adequate.  The cases are made from something described as “zinc alloy,” so it likely isn’t as durable or rugged as stainless steel.  The watch face is protected by something called “hardlex,” which we surmise is not as strong as mineral crystal or sapphire crystal.

Water resistance is modest; Binzi watches are rated at 30 meters of water resistance, but realistically, that means that you can get them wet, but you shouldn’t plan on showering or swimming while wearing one.  Bands are made from either leather or silicone.

Binzi Watches Movements

Most of the models in the Binzi watches line have quartz electronic movements, which have proven over the decades to be quite reliable and accurate.  These movements are sourced from either China or Japan, and the watches are assembled in China.  The company offers at least one model with a mechanical/automatic movement with a skeleton design; we are uncertain as to the source of the movement.  We’re impressed that they’re offering an automatic model in the price range that the company is targeting, however.


You’re not going to find any technical innovation in Binzi watches; if you’re looking for cutting-edge movements, designs, or complications, you’d best look elsewhere.  The company is trying to produce a reasonably attractive, functional watch at a rock-bottom price point.  They succeed in that, but the tradeoff is that you’re not going to see any new, previously-unseen technology.

binzi watchBinzi Watches Styling and Features

As far as we know, the styling of Binzi watches is limited to sports models for men.  That’s not a bad market, and the affordability of quartz electronic movements allows watchmakers to add a bunch of features to their timepieces, such as combination digital/analog displays or chronograph features, at a low price point.

You’ll find at least one skeleton model in the lineup with an analog display and a mechanical movement, and at least one model offers the day and date, along with a stopwatch feature and luminous hour markers.

The styling is sporty and casual, so if you’re looking for a model that’s going to look good with your tuxedo, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree here.  We haven’t seen any ladies’ models in the Binzi watches line, though perhaps they’ll add them at some point in the future.

Binzi Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of Binzi watches is fairly simple.  As these are mostly electronic models, the only maintenance you’ll need to perform is to replace the battery every couple of years.  Other than that, you should provide them with the sort of care that you’d give any other watch.  Keep your Binzi watches away from extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields.

You should also keep your Binzi watches away from water, as their water resistance is minimal.  These watches may be OK if you get them wet, but you should not immerse them in water.  With proper care, you should get a few years worth of use from your Binzi watches.

Binzi Watches Warranty

We cannot find any information about a specific manufacturer’s warranty from Binzi watches, though they may offer one.  Many retailers will provide a warranty of their own when you make a purchase.  Amazon, for instance, provides a two year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship with all of the watches they sell.  If you buy from them or another large retailer, you should be protected from any potential factory defects.

Binzi Watch Prices

Here we come to the strong suit of Binzi watches.  These timepieces are extraordinarily inexpensive, and offer a lot of features for the price.  Every model we’ve seen in the company’s product line was priced for sale at under $40, and we’ve seen a couple of models that were priced at less than $20.

Being able to buy an automatic skeleton watch for less than $40 is quite remarkable, and it’s surprising that anyone can bring a watch like that to market at that price.  Granted, these watches don’t offer the best of quality, but they do offer good value for the price.

Binzi Watches for Sale

You can find Binzi watches for sale at a variety of online retailers.  We haven’t seen them for sale at any brick and mortar stores, though it’s possible that a few department stores may carry them.  We haven’t seen a particularly large number of models from the company to date, so don’t be surprised if you’re shopping for them and the retailer only has three or four models for sale.  That’s about all they have to offer at the moment.

Binzi Watches Summary

It would be easy to dismiss Binzi watches as not being worth your time, as they are inexpensive timepieces that don’t offer the best in the way of build quality or a wide variety of styles.  That’s true, but the models that they do have for sale offer some good features at a very attractive price point.

There aren’t a lot of chronographs that you can buy for under $20, and there aren’t many automatic watches that you can purchase for less than $40, yet Binzi watches offer both.  These watches are what they are, and the company doesn’t claim them to be anything else.  They’re affordable, accurate timepieces that many men will find to be suitable for daily casual wear.

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