Automatic Watch – All About Self-Winding Watches

Automatic Watch History and Innovation The automatic watch, also known as the self-winding watch, is one of the most common wristwatch variations. The ability for a watch to wind itself is also one of the earliest complications introduced to watches, though it was originally created for pocket watches. Today, most mechanical watches qualify as an […]

Watch Winder – A Useful Wristwatch Accessory

Watch Winder Does the Work for You While most of the watches sold these days are of the electronic variety, a lot of people still own (and buy!) mechanical watches.  That’s a matter of personal preference, but many people who are fans and collectors of luxury watches just like the feel and performance of mechanical […]

Acer to Enter the Smartwatch Market

Acer Leapware Marks a Change for Computer Maker If you’re a fan of wristwatches, you likely won’t know the name Acer, at least not from a timepiece perspective.  Acer is a Taiwanese company that was founded in 1976, and is primarily known as a manufacturer of computers and peripherals.  I own an Acer laptop computer, […]

Rolex Submariner Date – Best Watch for Investment?

Rolex Submariner Date – Best Value Over Time? Most people who buy designer watches aren’t interested in anything but a timepiece that may also add some style to their wardrobe.  There’s nothing wrong with that; people are free to buy watches for any reason they like, and telling the time is their primary function. If […]

Gray Market Watches – What Are They?

Gray Market Watches If you buy luxury goods of any kind, you’ll notice that they tend to be sold only by a limited number of dealers.  Most luxury products are sold either by the manufacturer itself, or by a select group of retailers chosen by the manufacturer to represent their brand in public. Luxury products […]

Baselworld 2017 – 3 Interesting New Watches

3 Great Watches from Baselworld 2017 Each year about this time, watch manufacturers and fans from around the world gather in Basel, Switzerland for the annual Baselworld convention.  Here, new makers try to get their wares noticed and older manufacturers try to turn heads by introducing new features, outrageous designs and ultra-limited edition timepieces. If […]

Swiss Made Watches – What Does It Mean?

Swiss Made Watches Switzerland has long had a great reputation for making quality timepieces, and for years, many fine watches have been labeled “Swiss made.”  Many of the world’s most exclusive and best-known watchmaking companies are based in Switzerland, and a lot of the marketing that these companies use is based on the fact that […]

Swiss Watch Sales are Down, and China is to Blame

Swiss Watch Sales Decline It’s been a tough year for the Swiss watch industry.  Sales are down by a considerable margin, and a few people in the industry are growing a bit uncomfortable at the thought of a repeat of the disaster of the 1970s. At that time, the then-recent introduction of quartz watches, which […]

Wristwatch Terminology – Basic Watch Terms You Should Know

Watch Terms to Know Most people don’t give a whole lot of thought to wristwatches, even if they own a few.  They’re basic commodities, such as a wallet or shoes, and they put them on, wind them or replace the batteries when necessary, and otherwise don’t think about them often. Other people are obsessive collectors, […]

Vintage Watches Sell Well While New Watch Sales Decline

Vintage Watches Sell While New Ones Stagnate The market for wristwatches is a strange one, and right now, the entire industry is in a state of volatility.  People weren’t overly concerned last year when Apple introduced their first smart watch, as gadgets like that weren’t expected to overly impact the fashion watch market.  As the […]