Burberry Watches Review – Classic Styling and Great Build Quality

Burberry Watches – Style and Quality

If you like classic, reserved fashion, you may be a fan of Burberry.  The British company was founded in 1856 and has long had a reputation for making quality clothing products.  They’re not flashy in terms of style; they’re reserved and classic, with good quality that upholds their reputation for same.  As with most fashion companies, they’ve branched out over the years, adding other products to their line of merchandise.  They now offer timepieces, as well, and we think you’ll find that Burberry watches have quite a lot to offer, with good build quality, nice styling and useful features.

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Burberry watches - men's The BritainBurberry Watches Build Quality

This is primarily a clothing company, so you wouldn’t ordinarily assume that the build quality of Burberry watches would be anything special.  That’s not the case, however, and their wristwatches feature Swiss-made automatic mechanical and quartz movements, sapphire crystal, and both stainless steel and high tech ceramic cases.  Water resistance is typically 50 to 100 meters.  Burberry watches aren’t an afterthought; these are well-crafted, sturdy timepieces that are intended to maintain the brand’s reputation for quality.

Burberry Watches Movements

Depending on the model, Burberry watches feature either Swiss made automatic mechanical (self-winding) movements or high quality Swiss made quartz electronic movements.  Each have their pluses and minuses, but regardless of which type you buy, you’ll find a high quality, accurate timepiece.

We haven’t seen anything particularly innovative about the technology included in Burberry watches, but then again, we usually don’t see that from companies that are primarily fashion manufacturers.  That’s not to criticize them; being technical innovators in the watchmaking industry is simply not what they do.  That said, they do take proven and established technology and incorporate it into attractive, sturdy, reliable timepieces while leaving the invention of cutting-edge features to those companies that have such things as their primary focus.

Burberry Watches Styling and Features

Burberry watches - men's The CityNot surprisingly, Burberry watches feature somewhat traditional styling.  You’re going to see gold and silver colored cases and bands with gold, silver or leather bands.  Men’s models include a few that are black, but if you’re looking for reds, greens, flashy colors, odd faces or other, edgy designs, you’re looking in the wrong place.  Burberry watches feature styling that’s suitable for business and formal wear, and their timepieces have classic, elegant designs.  Some of the women’s models feature gold and gemstones, though those are generally limited edition items.  Displays are entirely analog, though a few models include multiple dials and chronograph features.  These are nice looking timepieces that will certainly inspire people to say, “Hey!  Nice watch!”  If you like compliments such as those, you’ll be happy with Burberry watches.

Burberry Watches Care and Maintenance

As a rule, Burberry watches do not require anything unusual in the way of care or maintenance.  Most of their models have quartz electronic movements, so you’ll  have to have the battery replaced every couple of years.  Automatic movement models will need to be worn regularly or stored in a watch winder to keep them running smoothly and displaying the correct time.  If you have a sports model and you regularly spend time in or near the water, you may wish to have your timepiece examined by a jeweler every three years or so to ensure that the seals remain watertight.  You should store your Burberry watches in a cool, dry place away from extremes of temperatures or strong magnetic fields.

Burberry Watches Warranty

Burberry watches are sold with a two year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.  This is typical; we’ve found that two years is the most common length of time for a manufacturer’s warranty in the world of designer watches.  Most factory defects should become apparent long before the warranty expires.  Extended warranties may be available for purchase from your retailer for an additional cost; you may wish to inquire about this if this is the sort of thing that interests you.

Burberry Watch Prices

Burberry watches - women's The BritainAs luxury wristwatches go, Burberry watches range in price from moderate to fairly expensive. They offer nearly 100 models in both men’s and women’s designs, and prices range from about $400 to $4000 for men’s models and from about $500 to about $4000 for women.  Limited edition Burberry watches are available from time to time; these items, which often feature gold, tend to be considerably more expensive, and can sell for $10,000-$20,000, depending on the model.  When we say, “limited”, we mean, “really limited”, as some of these models are limited to only 20 pieces.  For the most part, Burberry watches are priced in the $600-$1500 range, making them moderately expensive, but not overly so, given their build quality and reputation.  They don’t seem to have attracted the attention of watch collectors, so you’re not likely to see your timepiece appreciate in value.  You should, however, expect to get years or even decades of use out of it.

Burberry Watches for Sale

You can find Burberry watches for sale at fine jewelry stores as well as high end department stores.  You’ll likely find Burberry watches for sale anywhere you find the company’s fashion products offered for sale.  The company also has several dozen company-owned stores within the United States; these are mostly located in larger cities.  You can occasionally find Burberry watches for sale online at select retailers, though selection may be spotty, as the company seems to prefer selling their products via brick and mortar retailers.

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Burberry Watches Summary

As the product of a company whose primary focus is clothing, Burberry watches are somewhat of a surprise.  Many companies that concentrate on fashion offer a few Chinese-made watches as part of their product line as a bit of an afterthought.  That’s not the case with Burberry watches; they’re well-made, using quality Swiss-made mechanical and electronic quartz movements and using steel, gold and ceramic cases and sapphire crystal.  They’re attractive in an elegant, understated way.  They’re reasonably affordable, though you can certainly spend a lot if you like gold in your watch or just really like super-limited edition items.  All in all, we find that Burberry watches offer a lot for the money and should keep you satisfied for many years to come.