Cakcity Watches Review – Functional and Affordable

Cakcity Watches Review


cakcity watch reviewYou might not be familiar with Cakcity watches, and if you’re not, it won’t necessarily be a surprise.  The company is a fairly new one, and like lots of watches we’re reviewing these days, they come from China.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for in a wristwatch.

While some people are interested in collectibles or works of art or fine pieces of jewelry, others are simply interested in buying a wristwatch that will look OK for everyday wear, last a while, and provide accurate time.  If that’s you, then you might find Cakcity watches to be a good value and perhaps you should take a closer look to see what they have to offer.

Read on for the full Cakcity watches review.

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Cakcity Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Cakcity watches is adequate; these are not timepieces that are designed to withstand heavy abuse or lots of water immersion.  The cases are stainless steel, and the faces are protected by something called “highly transparent resin glass.”

Straps are made from leather and there are stainless steel bracelets available.  Water resistance for Cakcity watches is modest; they’re rated at 30 meters, but in the real world, that means that it’s OK to get them wet, but you immerse them completely in water at your own risk.  They explicitly state that you should not engage any buttons while the watch is underwater.  We recommend that you adhere to that.

Cakcity Watches Movements

Cakcity watches have quartz electronic movements sourced from several sources.  Their watches with analog displays have electronic quartz movements sourced from Japan.  Their digital watches have movements sourced from Taiwan.  All watches ship from the factory with Japanese batteries.


Cakcity watches are quite inexpensive, and as such, they’re not going to feature anything in the way of technical innovation.  They’re designed to be affordable, accurate watches and they’re largely modeled on existing product lines from other manufacturers.  Given that they’re really inexpensive timepieces, one can forgive them for not having cutting edge features or complications.  They are what they are.

cakcity watches fashion classic Cakcity Watches Styling and Features

The styling of Cakcity watches is all over the place.  Some of their timepieces have a sporty, military look with all-digital displays.  Others have analog displays and chronograph features.  Still others have basic analog displays with an austere, business casual look.  A few models have a rose gold look, though you’re not going to find much bling in this product line.  Most of the watches are for men, however, so ladies’ models are a bit limited in their selection.

Overall, we’ve seen about two dozen different models in the Cakcity watches product line.  They should have a watch that can cover anything from causal daily wear to suitability for work.

Cakcity Watches Care and Maintenance

There’s not much to maintenance for Cakcity watches, as they’re all electronic.  You’ll need to replace the battery every few years, and be sure to store your watches away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields.  Cakcity watches are not well-suited to water exposure, to try to limit that to washing your hands.

We wouldn’t recommend showering or swimming with them, though they may survive that.   These considerations aside, these are reliable timepieces that should last a few years.  Given their price, that’s a bargain.

Cakcity Watches Warranty

We haven’t found any information about a factory warranty from Cakcity watches.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t come with one, but we can’t find anything about one.  That said, most major retailers will provide a warranty for you.  Amazon, for example, offers a two year warranty with purchase.  As these are electronic devices that are tested at the factory, defects are likely fairly rare and will almost certainly pop up shortly after purchase, rather than several months or a year from now.  You’ll be covered.

cakcity watchCakcity Watch Prices

Cakcity watches are among the most affordable timepieces we’ve seen anywhere.  We’re not even sure how anyone can make a watch in Asia, export it to the rest of the world, sell it for as little as they do, and still make a profit.  The most expensive watch we’ve seen in the Cakcity watches line retailed for about $25, and a few models can be purchase for about half that price.

As watches go, that’s about as inexpensive as you can get while still receiving a watch that will actually work.  It’s a testament to the company that they can build a watch to sell at that price point that looks good and works, but the reviews for Cakcity watches are quite good.   That being the case, these are definite bargains, and if you see a couple that you like, go get them.  You can easily afford two or three.

Cakcity Watches for Sale

While you can possibly find Cakcity watches for sale at some mainstream retail shops, you’re most likely to find them for sale online.  These are not watches that you’d have to seek out at the mall or at high end jewelry stores; these are watches that you’ll most likely find at big box retailers and discount stores.  That’s fine; they’re inexpensive timepieces designed for the mass market.

Cakcity watches can be purchased from a number of online retailers, and they’re available at competitive prices all over the Web.

Cakcity Watches Summary

Like we said at the beginning of the review – everyone looks for something different when they’re shopping for watches.  Some people want jewelry, and diamonds and gold and lots of sparkle and shine.  Others want fancy complications, such as moon phases or tides.  That’s fine, but not everyone wants that.

Some people just want an affordable watch that looks good and tells the time.   That’s what most people want, actually, and Cakcity watches offer good opportunities to buy a timepiece with either a digital or an analog display that you can wear to work, or wear for a day of shopping and it’s one that won’t involve a lot of care and maintenance.

Cakcity watches are functional and affordable and a good value.

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