Chanel Watches Review – Elegance, Design and Build Quality

Chanel Watches – Beautiful and Durable

If you didn’t know better, upon hearing about Chanel watches, you might think that this was just another attempt by a fashion-oriented company to cash in by selling attractive but poorly made timepieces sourced from who knows where.  That’s true of a number of fashion companies, but it’s not true here.  Chanel watches are well made, durable timepieces that offer some pretty unique styling and a variety of materials.  While the company is more than a century old, they’re relative newcomers to the luxury watch scene, having introduced their line of timepieces in 1987.  They’ve made a name for themselves, however, by offering designs that are truly unique and combining them with precious metals and gemstones and including terrific build quality.  Chanel watches aren’t just a “me too” accessory; they’re terrific pieces of art on their own.

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Chanel Watches Build Quality

Chanel watches - J12 ChromaticThe build quality of Chanel watches is surprisingly good; their cases are made from high tech ceramic, titanium, stainless steel and gold.  They use rugged sapphire crystal and some of their models offer water resistance to 300 meters.  These are quality materials and the result is a timepiece, that, with proper care, should last for decades or even generations.

Chanel Watches Movements

Usually, when you see watches in the product line of a fashion house, they’re simply made with Asian-sourced quartz movements.  Not the case here; Chanel watches do use sourced movements, but they get them from high-end Swiss watchmakers, such as Audemars Piguet.  Their product line includes both Swiss-made quartz electronic movements as well as self-winding mechanical movements.  Several of their models even include some rather interesting complications, which reminds us that Chanel watches are not just another afterthought from a fashion company.


You won’t find much in the way of in-house technical innovation with Chanel watches; that’s not what they’re about.  On the other hand, they do have some rather fascinating designs and some rather elaborate mechanical complications, especially in their “exceptional pieces” collection of limited edition watches, at least one of which is elaborate enough to include a tourbillon.

an average warranty; many luxury watchmakers offer the same duration.


Chanel Watches Styling and Features

Chanel watches - cultured pearlsIf you’re looking for a traffic-stopping wristwatch, then Chanel watches can probably accommodate you.  These are truly unique timepieces and almost everything in the product line is a limited edition, ensuring that whatever model you choose to buy is going to be fairly rare.  They make great use of diamonds, gold, rose gold, and even pearls in their products, and their “jewelry watches” include some designs that don’t even remotely resemble anything we’ve ever seen before.  These are beautiful, eye-catching timepieces that will attract attention anywhere they’re worn.  Most are suited for evening wear, but if you want to wear Chanel watches with jeans and a T-shirt, we’re not going to tell you not to.

Chanel Watches Care and Maintenance

Many of the models in the Chanel watches product line are powered by quartz electronic movements, so they won’t need a whole lot of attention, aside from replacing the battery from time to time.  On the other hand, their models with mechanical movements do need extra attention; and the company recommends that you have them serviced every five years or so.  This will involve returning the watch to the company or sending it to an authorized service center, where it will be disassembled, examined, cleaned, lubricated and tested thoroughly.  Worn parts will be replaced and then the watch will be returned to you, good as new.  Aside from these considerations, you should also take care to store your watch in a cool, dry place and keep it away from extremes of temperature.

Chanel Watches Warranty

Chanel watches are warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for two years from the date of purchase.  As these are high quality, precision timepieces that have been thoroughly tested at the factory before shipping, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll encounter a problem, but if you do, they’ll take care of it promptly.  Two years is about

Chanel Watch Prices

Chanel watches - Tourbillon VolanteWe’ll get to the point – Chanel watch prices are expensive.  Their models range in price from about $4000 to $65,000.  Keep in mind that many of their models are limited editions, with production often limited to fewer than 100 pieces.  That means that some models might sell for a premium and it also means that you might have trouble finding certain models for sale without shopping around a bit.  Of course, Chanel watches are pretty generously designed with use of gold and diamonds, so while they may be expensive, you’ll see the money on your wrist.  These are gorgeous watches that are intentionally limited in quantity.

Chanel Watches for Sale

Like many luxury brands, the distribution of Chanel watches as well as the pricing is strictly controlled by the company.  They do this to give their buyers a good “hands on” shopping experience, to keep prices and demand high, and to avoid having their famous brand name diluted.  In short, they’re expensive and hard to find on purpose. You’ll find Chanel watches for sale at the 300 or so company-owned stores worldwide.  You’ll also find them at selected authorized retailers, which are generally high-end jewelry stores.  While it is difficult, it is not impossible to buy discount Chanel watches, as a few online retailers do carry some of the product line.  That makes it worth shopping around.

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Chanel Watches Summary

If you love luxury, and great design, and a solidly built timepiece that will likely last a long time, you’re going to love Chanel watches.  Their designs are unique, and limited, ensuring that you’ll be the only one in your social circle to own whichever model you choose.  Yes, they’re expensive, but the money you spend is clearly on display, as they’re quite generous with their use of diamonds, pearls and precious metals in their designs.  If you want something beautiful and truly unique, you’ll have a hard time making a better choice for your timepiece collection than Chanel watches.