Concord Watches Review – Innovation and Luxury

Concord Watches – Luxurious Styling

If you’re a fan of luxury timepieces and you’re not familiar with Concord watches, you should be.  This company has been making high quality wristwatches since 1908.  While they were a bit under the radar for a number of years, they’ve recently grown in popularity as they are now part of the Movado Group, which has given the brand increased visibility in a competitive market.  The Swiss company was originally founded with the intention of creating luxury products for the American market and they’ve been quite innovative over the years.  In recent times, Concord watches have become a bit more exclusive and are now targeting the high end of the marketplace, competing with companies such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Hublot.  They compete well, and their watches are as well made as anyone’s.  With some 100 models to choose from, Concord watches should have something to offer just about anyone.

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Concord Watches Build Quality

Concord watches - men's SaratogaYou’ll find that the build quality of Concord watches is quite good, as they use stainless steel, gold and titanium in their cases.  Faces are protected by rock-hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.  Movements are well-crafted and Swiss made.  Water resistance is good, though it varies by model, with some rated at up to 200 meters.   These are well made, high quality timepieces that should last for many years with appropriate care.

Concord Watches Movements

Concord watches are sold with several different types of movements, including automatic mechanical, quartz, and chronograph models featuring either mechanical or quartz movements.  All Concord watches movements are Swiss-made, and are quite reliable, with several of their models being COSC-certified as chronometers.


Concord watches were among the first to feature precious metals and gemstones in their designs, and the company was also among the first to use coins in the designs of their timepieces.  They produced the Delirium model in the late 1970s, and it was, at the time, the thinnest wristwatch ever created, at only about 2mm thick.  Their C1 line of chronographs include interesting styling and features, and they even make a couple of Concord watches with a tourbillon, which truly shows off the fine art of precision watchmaking.


Concord Watches Styling and Features

Concord watches - men's C1 ChronographThe styling of Concord watches includes basically two types of looks – sporty and elegant.  Their dressy models have traditional styling with silver or black faces and either gold or silver cases; these are suitable for business or evening wear and many models feature gold and even diamonds.  Their sports models, highlighted by their C1 line of chronographs, feature oversized faces and unusual-looking, bold styling.  A few of these models have elaborate mechanical complications and have windows to allow you to see the inner workings of the timepiece.

Concord Watches Care and Maintenance

Concord watches - men's La ScalaCare and maintenance of Concord watches will vary, depending on model.  For the most part, those with quartz models will need to have their batteries replaced every two years or so.  Mechanical models will need to be serviced every three to five years in order to have worn parts replaced and the entire watch lubricated and recalibrated.  Please consult with the company to see about a proper schedule for servicing.  In addition, the company recommends having all of their watches inspected every two to three years to ensure that the watertight seals remain intact.  Aside from these considerations, the usual warnings apply – you should store Concord watches in a cool, dry place, away from extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields, which can damage the movement.  Automatic self-winding models should be either worn regularly or stored in a watch winder to keep them running smoothly and keeping accurate time.  With proper care, you’ll find that Concord watches should run well for decades.

Concord Watches Warranty

The Concord watches warranty is better than most, as the company offers a three year guarantee against defects in materials and craftsmanship from the date of purchase.  Most companies offer a two year warranty, so this is definitely a step up against the competition.  We estimate that only about 10% of all luxury watchmakers offer a warranty of longer than two years.  Of course, these are highly tested timepieces, so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever encounter one that’s defective.

Concord Watch Prices

Concord watches - women's DeliriumAs luxury timepieces go, you’ll find that Concord watch prices are fairly expensive.  Among currently available models, prices are all in the four to six figure range, with the least expensive model in the product line having a suggested list price of $1500.  The current top of the line model, the C1 BlackSpider Tourbillon Limited Edition, has a list price of $256,000.  Most Concord watches are priced in the $4000-$10,000 range, which makes them expensive, but not out of line with other luxury brands.  There’s a bit of collector interest in the brand, and we expect to see that increase in the future.  Look for the more exclusive and limited edition models to appreciate in value with time.

Concord Watches for Sale

Officially, you can find Concord watches for sale only at company-authorized retailers, which are relatively few.  In 2007, the company decided to reevaluate their marketing, and decided that they had too many retailers and that their product was appearing to be too common.   In order to promote their brand as a luxury product, it became necessary to increase the perception of scarcity.  As such, you can currently buy Concord watches only from a select number of retailers around the world, and there aren’t many.  At present, there are only four in the United States, and not that many in the rest of North America.  This scarcity keeps both demand and prices up and is a common marketing tactic among luxury brands of any kind.  Unofficially, you can buy Concord watches online from a few vendors, and that will give you the opportunity to purchase them at a discount, as these are gray market vendors who are not bound by strict contractual obligations to the company regarding pricing.

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Concord Watches Summary

Concord watches are well made, attractive timepieces that should appeal to the taste of anyone with an eye for fine, luxurious wristwatches.  They use gold, titanium, stainless steel and high-tech ceramics in their construction.  They have many innovative features and some models include elaborate mechanical complications.  They’re relatively scarce, which just makes them all the more interesting.  If you like the unusual, then you definitely want to give Concord watches a look.