Daniel Wellington Watches Review – Simple and Elegant

Daniel Wellington Watches Review – Attractive and Affordable

If you’re not familiar with Daniel Wellington watches, you’re not alone.  While the company is growing in popularity, Daniel Wellington watches still lack the name brand familiarity of Citizen, Timex or Rolex.  That’s changing, as the company offers a line of watches that offer simple elegance and tasteful design at a very attractive price point.  Daniel Wellington watches are designed in such a way that they’re going to look at home no matter what the occasion, be it work, play, or a nice evening on the town.

Although the name sounds English, Daniel Wellington watches are actually based in Sweden, but the company was founded by someone who was inspired by an Englishman he once met.  This inspiration not only includes the company name, but carries over into the design, particularly in their use of the “NATO strap” that is offered with every watch they sell.

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Daniel Wellington Watches Build Quality

daniel wellington watches classy winchesterGiven that Daniel Wellington watches are made for non-sports use, the build quality is more than adequate.  Cases are made from stainless steel and the face is protected by hard mineral crystal.  Band are made from genuine leather or nylon, in the case of models purchased with the multicolored NATO strap.  Water resistance is modest; most models are rated at about 30 meters of water resistance.  Of course, given that many models are sold with leather straps, you’re not likely to be wearing them in the water, anyway.

Daniel Wellington Watches Movements

The movements used in Daniel Wellington watches are all quartz electronic; we’re not aware of any models in the company’s product line that use anything else.  Movements are sourced from Japan, and the benefits of a quartz movement are both accuracy and reliability.  You’ll also benefit from the fact that you’ll rarely have to replace the battery, which means that they will always be ready to go when you are.


You won’t find much in the way of technical innovation with Daniel Wellington watches; these timepieces are designed for daily wear and have few features aside from telling you the time.  As the company is targeting a relatively affordable price point, they’re going to leave the cutting edge technological developments to others.


Daniel Wellington Watches Styling and Features

daniel wellington watches classic readingWhile Daniel Wellington watches are offered in both men’s and women’s models, you’ll find that their styling is rather unisex in appearance.  The only real difference is in the size, as the men’s models tend to have larger faces then the women’s models.  The women’s models are also offered with more brightly colored NATO straps, should you wish to go that route.  Watch faces are either white or beige, and the cases are either gold toned or silver toned stainless steel.   You won’t find second hands, calendars, alarms, or any other complications in the company’s products; they’re strictly for telling the time.  That said, you’ll find that these watches have simple, tasteful elegance and that they’re going to look great no matter where you wear them.  You can also purchase more than one strap, which will give you further flexibility regarding where and when you wear your Daniel Wellington watches.

Daniel Wellington Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of Daniel Wellington watches is going to be minimal.  These watches have highly reliable Japanese quartz movements, which are powered by a small battery that should last from two to four years.  It’s a simple matter to have it replaced when it wears down.   You’ll want to store your timepiece in a cool, dry place, and keep it away from strong magnetic fields.  You’ll also want to keep them away from water, as most models in the product line offer only modest water resistance.  With good care, these watches should run well for many years to come.

Daniel Wellington Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Daniel Wellington watches is the industry standard.  You will receive a warranty of two years against defects and craftsmanship from the date of purchase.  We’ve found that more than 90% of all watchmakers offer a warranty of this duration.  As Daniel Wellington watches are well made and thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, we suspect that genuine defects are likely quite rare.

Daniel Wellington Watch Prices

daniel wellington watches classic cambridgeYou’ll find that Daniel Wellington watches are quite reasonable; most models retail for well under $300.  We’ve also seen them discounted a bit here and there, so if you’re a bargain hunter, you might be able to find them for quite a bit less.  Most models in the product line have a suggested retail price in the $175-$295 range.  By purchasing multiple straps, you will be able to add versatility to your Daniel Wellington watches in terms of styling, which will have the effect of making it appear that you own more than one.

Daniel Wellington Watches for Sale

You can find Daniel Wellington watches for sale at a number of retail locations both online and off.  While you’re unlikely to find them at high end jewelry stores, you will see them at a number of better department stores.  A number of online stores that specialize in watches will also have a selection of Daniel Wellington watches for sale.  Keep in mind that not all retailers are likely to carry the entire stock of Daniel Wellington watches at any given time, as the product line is a bit large.  Most retailers should have a good representative selection.

Daniel Wellington Watches Summary

While the Daniel Wellington watches lacks diversity, the watches are attractive in both the men’s and women’s models.  The leather straps are elegant, and the nylon NATO straps add a bit of color to an otherwise not-overly-colorful product line.  The watches are well made and attractive and are certainly reasonably priced as designer watches go.  If you’re looking for an attractive wristwatch that’s a bit unusual at a good price point, you’ll do well to consider Daniel Wellington watches.

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