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Disney Watches Review


disney watches reviewWristwatches aren’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you encounter the word “Disney.”  You might think of Disneyland, or any one of a number of movies you and your children have enjoyed over the years.

And yes, you might think of the Mickey Mouse watch that was quite collectible back in the day.  But Disney watches are a thing, and there are quite a few of them on the market today.

Not only that, but they’re of surprisingly good quality overall, as they are manufactured under license by some well-known and reputable watch companies.

Of course, the designs are broad, and so is the pricing.  Still, these watches are fun and colorful, and they come in styles that are suitable for men, women, and children.

The hard-core watch collector may not find the brand all that interesting, but everyone has different tastes and needs, and for many people, this brand is exactly what they want to have on their wrist.

Read on for the full Disney watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Disney Watches Build Quality

The build quality is good, but it’s going to vary a bit from model to model, as the watches are made by a number of different manufacturers, including EwatchFactory, Nixon, and Invicta.

Still, the watch cases are generally stainless steel, with mineral crystal protecting the watch face.  Water resistance, not surprisingly, is fairly modest, with most models rated at about 30 meters.  After all, no one is going to go diving while wearing a watch with Mickey Mouse on it.


On the lower end models, the movements used are Japanese quartz electronic movements, likely sourced from Miyota.

On higher end models, the movements are also Japanese, though they have automatic mechanical models.

Japanese watch movements have a reputation for being both reliable and accurate, so regardless of which model you choose, you’ll likely have a watch that keeps good time and will continue to do so for years to come.

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You’re not going to find cutting-edge technical innovation here; these are fun watches for daily wear, so you won’t find anything more elaborate than a date complication or chronograph features.

You will find a variety of styles, though they’re all going to feature Disney characters, with Mickey Mouse, of course, being the most prominent.  Mickey is sort of a corporate mascot, and he was featured on the brand’s first watches back in the 1930s, so it makes sense that you’d see a lot of him in the brand’s current designs.

But moon phases?  Power reserve meters?  Perpetual calendars?  No, not in this brand.
disney watches mickey and minnie mouse

Styling and Features

Styling is a bit more diverse than you might expect.  They have dozens of models for men, women, and children, in a wide variety of price ranges.

Color is prominent, and while you’ll see the usual white, black, gold and silver, you’ll also see reds, blues, and yellows.

In some models, the Disney characters are prominently featured on the watch face, and on others, they’re more subtle and you might not even notice Mickey on the watch unless you look closely.

Looking for bling?  Believe it or not, among the Invicta-made Disney watches is one that features a number of diamonds on the watch face.

There are modern styles, a few cases with non-round shapes, and a few “classic” styles that evoke the Mickey Mouse watches from decades ago.

If you’re a fan, you might have trouble deciding which of the many models would best suit you.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of Disney watches is minimal; most of these watches, regardless of manufacturer, have battery-operated quartz electronic movements.  You’ll need to have the battery replaced every few years, but aside from that, no maintenance is necessary.

As with all watches, you’ll want to store your watch in a cool, dry place and keep them away from extremes of temperature.

With care, your watch should last for a number of years, if not longer.

Disney Watches Warranty

The warranty included with the purchase of Disney watches is the industry standard – two years.  You’ll be protected against defects in materials and craftsmanship for two years from the date of purchase.  Most watch companies offer a two year warranty, but these watches are well tested at the factory and genuine defects are likely quite rare.
disney watches invicta


The price range is rather broad; more so than with most watch brands, due to the fact that these watches are made by a number of different manufacturers.  Some are sold directly under the Disney name and others are branded by their makers, under license from Disney.

At the low end, you will pay as little as $20 or so for a basic, time-only quartz watch with a leather strap.  On the high end, you might pay nearly $1000 for a name brand model with diamonds.

Most models fall in the $50-$150 range, making Disney watches a good value for most buyers.

Where to Buy

You can find them for sale pretty much everywhere, including brick and mortar stores and online stores.  The product line is large, so don’t be surprised if any specific retailer doesn’t carry everything or if one specific model you’re looking for isn’t available at any single retailer.

Still, most stores that carry the brand, such as Amazon, will have a good representative sample of what’s available.  You’ll almost certainly find something you like.

Disney Watches Summary

If you’re a fan of watches from Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe, you’re not likely to have buying this brand on your short list.

But lots of people like to wear different watches for casual wear and other watches for business or formal occasions, and when it comes to casual wear, it’s hard to beat Disney watches.  They’re fun, they’re colorful, they’re affordable, and they’re guaranteed conversation starters.

Not only that, but they’re largely well-made and accurate, so it’s a good bet that if you buy one today, it will still be serving you well a decade from now.

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