Elini Barokas Watches Review – Sporty Beauty

Elini Barokas Watches Review – Modern and Attractive

Given that the digital revolution of the 1970s was supposed to leave the watch industry for dead, it’s surprising to see the number of fairly new companies producing timepieces who have come to the market in the past 30 years or so.  Elini Barokas watches come from Belgium, which is a nation that we mostly associate with chocolate, rather than fine timekeeping, but a quick glance at the Elini Barokas watches product line show that the company makes a high quality, attractive timepiece at an equally attractive price point.  They’re not for everyone, but you’ll find that there’s a lot to like about Elini Barokas watches, particularly if you’re on a budget.  Read on for our full Elini Barokas watches review.

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Elini Barokas Watches Build Quality

elini barokas watches - fortunaThe build quality of Elini Barokas watches is good, especially for the price point.  Cases are made from either stainless steel or high tech translucent polycarbonate.  Watch faces are protected by hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.  Bands are made from rubber, silicone, polycarbonate, or stainless steel.  Water resistance is good, though it will vary by model.  We’ve seen models in the Elini Barokas watches product line with water resistance of 150 meters or better.  All in all, Elini Barokas watches are well made and should run well for years with proper care.

Elini Barokas Watches Movements

Part of the reason that Elini Barokas watches are affordable is because all of their models use reliable, but more cost-effective, quartz electronic movements.  The company sources these from Switzerland, but builds their watches in their factory in Belgium.

You won’t find a whole lot of technical innovation in Elini Barokas watches, as they company is fairly new and relies on quartz movements, and most of the innovation in the timekeeping industry comes from companies who make mechanical watches.  Still, the polycarbonate case and band on a couple of their models is interesting.


Elini Barokas Watches Styling and Features

elini barokas watches - equinoxThe styling of Elini Barokas watches leans towards the sporty, though they do make a few models with a more elegant touch, including a couple of models with diamonds.  There are many chronographs in the Elini Barokas watches product line, and these aren’t just attractive timepieces; they are also rugged and boast good water resistance, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your timepiece away from water.  Despite the quartz movements, all of the Elini Barokas watches have analog displays.  There are lots of models with bold colors and oversized cases, so you’ll find that Elini Barokas watches are not particularly modest looking timepieces.  Blues, reds, yellows and oranges can be found in the product line, so if you like bright colors, you’ll be right at home.

Elini Barokas Watches Care and Maintenance

As Elini Barokas watches feature quartz electronic movements, you’ll have relatively little to worry about in the way of maintenance.  You will need to have the battery replaced every two years, of course, and having the watertight seal replaced at this time would be a good idea.  You’ll want to store Elini Barokas watches in a cool, dry place and keep them away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields, as these can damage the movement.  With proper care, you should have years of use out of Elini Barokas watches.

Elini Barokas Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Elini Barokas watches is exceptional and is one of the better ones in the entire industry.  Where most watch companies offer only a two year warranty, Elini Barokas watches include a five year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  We estimate that fewer than 10% of all manufacturers offer a warranty of more than two years, making the one offered with Elini Barokas watches much better than average.

Elini Barokas Watch Prices

elini barokas watches - south beachYou’ll find that Elini Barokas watch prices are quite reasonable, especially when you take into consideration the good build quality and exceptional warranty.  In an industry where prices can easily reach six figures, you can usually buy Elini Barokas watches for several hundred dollars.  Retail prices run between about $300 and $1200 or so, making them a relative bargain in an industry that seems to be continuously racing to see who can charge the most money.  Collectors haven’t taken much interest in the Elini Barokas watches brand as of yet, so there’s no sign of appreciation in price in the secondary market after particular models go out of production.  That may change in time, but we wouldn’t recommend buying Elini Barokas watches as an investment.  Buy them instead because they’re well-made timepieces at a great price.

Elini Barokas Watches for Sale

You can find Elini Barokas watches for sale at a number of brick and mortar retailers, including department stores and a few jewelry stores.  You can also find them for sale at a number of Internet retailers, and that would probably represent your best opportunity to buy discount Elini Barokas watches online.  In fact, we have seen some models of Elini Barokas watches offered for sale for as much as 90% off of the list price at a few online retailers.  Keep in mind that the product line is large, so don’t be surprised if every retailer doesn’t stock everything the company makes.  Still, most retailers we’ve seen have a pretty good selection of product on hand and that should give you a good idea of what Elini Barokas watches might have to suit your taste.

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Elini Barokas Watches Summary

We like quality and style and affordability.  That’s a nice combination and if you like those things, too, and don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a luxury timepiece, you’ll find Elini Barokas watches to your liking.  The warranty that comes with Elini Barokas watches is exceptional and the pricing is so good that many buyers will be tempted to purchase more than one.  Frankly, we can’t think of a reason not to.  Elini Barokas watches are terrific products.