Geneva Watches Review- Affordable Japanese Movement

Geneva Watches Review – Time at a Fair Price

geneva watchesWhen you hear the word “Geneva,” you probably think, “Switzerland.”  When you hear “Geneva watches,” you should logically think,”Swiss watches.”

It’s reasonable to believe that you’d think that, and that’s probably why the company took their name.  Switzerland is well known for their watchmaking prowess, and if you can evoke that reverence in your company name, you’re well on your way to establishing some credibility.

Geneva watches isn’t a Swiss company, however.  The company has a U.S. office, but Geneva watches are actually made in China.  That doesn’t mean that they’re not worth checking out, so we’ll tell you more about them in the following review.

Read on for the full Geneva watches review.

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Geneva Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Geneva watches could be best described as adequate.  Their watches have stainless steel cases and the watch face is covered with something described as “glass.”  It could be worse; we’ve reviewed watches with a plastic crystal.  On the downside, water resistance in Geneva watches is almost nonexistent, as the company simply describes their watches as “not water resistant.”

Geneva Watches Movements

Geneva watches are all quartz powered, which does offer some advantages, particularly in lower-priced timepieces.  Quartz movements are both accurate and highly reliable, and provide effective timekeeping at a reasonable price point.  While Geneva watches are made in China, the movements used in their watches are sourced from Japan.  Japanese movements do have a good reputation, and you’ll likely have little trouble with these timepieces, at least from an operational standpoint.


Geneva watches are budget timepieces, so you’re not going to see anything in the way of technical innovation.  There’s a bit of variation in their styling and a few pieces have chronograph features, but that’s about it.  You won’t find elaborate mechanical complications, diamonds, real gold, or anything else that’s “fancy.”  They’re designed to give you a reasonably attractive watch at a fair price point.

geneva watches womensGeneva Watches Styling and Features

Geneva watches are made for both men and women, and the styles range from casual to sporty to faux-bling, with gold plate and crystals that will remind you of diamonds.  Some models have chronograph features, and surprisingly, all of the models we’ve seen had analog displays.  That’s a bit of a surprise, as most Chinese-made watches we’ve seen included a few digital displays in their product line.

The company offers a wide variety of designs for both men and women, including models with extra-large cases (55mm).  Colors are both bold and sedate, and you’ll likely find a model that looks great for an evening out as well as one for daytime wear.

Bands are either stainless steel.  We’ve seen a few models that appeared to have leather straps, but the material used was described as “alloy.”  You may draw whatever conclusions you wish from that description; we’re clueless about it.

Geneva Watches Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of Geneva watches is pretty straightforward, as they are all quartz powered.  That means that you will likely have to replace the batteries every few years but will likely not have to do any other maintenance on them.

You should store your Geneva watches in a cool, dry place and keep them away from strong magnetic fields.  As Geneva watches are not water resistant, you should definitely make sure that they do not get wet.  With proper care, you should get a few years of use out of your watch.

geneva watchesGeneva Watches Warranty

The official Geneva watches Website states that their watches are sold without a warranty.  Amazon’s site, on the other hand, mentions a warranty that covers defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the watch.  Most retailers will offer a warranty at the point of sale, so you should inquire when you’re making your purchase in order to ensure that you’re covered against any potential problems.

Geneva Watch Prices

As watches go, Geneva watches are quite affordable.  There are dozens of models in the company’s product line, for both men and women and most of their timepieces are priced in roughly the $20 range.  Some are a bit more and a few are a bit less, but across the product line, they’re quite affordable.  Given that they’re as affordable as they are and given their fairly diverse selection of models, you might want to pick up a couple of them.

We have also seen Geneva watches offered for sale in bundles, so you can buy two or three at a time at a discounted price.  That seems like a pretty good deal to us.

Geneva Watches for Sale

You can find Geneva watches for sale at a number of retailers, though you’ll probably have the most luck finding them for sale online.  If you do find them for sale at brick and mortar retailers, you’ll be more likely to find them at discount stores rather than major department stores or jewelry stores.

Most retailers who carry the brand will likely carry a number of models.

Geneva Watches Summary

There’s a market for all kinds of timepieces out there.  Some people want ultra-high end, super-limited edition pieces of art that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  There’s a place for that.  Others just want a good looking watch that will give them the time of day when they need it and match whatever they happen to be wearing that day.

Others want an affordable watch that they can simply discard without worry when it stops working.  All of these viewpoints are acceptable, and if you’re in the latter category, you’ll find that Geneva watches might be right in your wheelhouse.  They’re colorful, they’re attractive, they’re likely to keep accurate time and they’re certainly affordable.

Geneva watches are inexpensive enough that they’re not likely to break anyone’s bank, and they’re not likely to leave anyone in tears should they be damaged or lost.  There’s value in that.  If you’re looking for an attractive, accurate watch at a good price point, then Geneva watches might be a good fit for you.

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