Gucci Watches Review – Quality and Luxury

Gucci Watches – Quality and Style

If you care anything at all about fashion, you’re probably familiar with Gucci.  This Italian design house has been creating fashionable clothing and accessories since 1921.  The company started manufacturing luggage, but soon branched out into all areas of fashion.  Naturally, they added timepieces to their product line, and Gucci watches are now top sellers.  Don’t be fooled by their timepieces, however.  Unlike many other design firms that include watches in their product line as an afterthought, Gucci watches offer exquisite design, good build quality, and more innovation that you’d expect from a firm whose primary products are clothing.  They make beautiful timepieces for all occasions and anyone will look better with a Gucci watch on their arm.

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Gucci Watches Build Quality

gucci watches - mens g chrono whiteGucci watches are built with stainless steel cases (some are gold) and reliable Swiss internal movements.  Some models offer water resistance to 300 meters, which ranks among the best we’ve seen among designer watches.  Most models have sapphire crystal bezels.  These are tough, well-built timepieces that should last for years, if not decades, with proper care.

Gucci Watches Movements

Like most luxury timepieces, Gucci watches are available with several different internal mechanisms.  Most of their models use Swiss quartz movements, which give you super-precise accuracy while requiring minimal maintenance.  A few models offer Swiss made automatic movements; these are typically in the higher priced models.  You’ll find that these are reliable timepieces that should work well for years to come.  Displays are mostly analog, but they do offer a surprising number of models with digital displays, which tends to set Gucci watches apart from a lot of the competition, which largely eschews digital displays these days.


The innovation in Gucci watches mostly involves styling, though some of their models with automatic movements include a reserve power indicator which shows you how much longer you can expect your watch to run.  They use a combination of stainless steel and gold deposited via PVD (physical vapor deposition) in the construction of some of their watch cases.

gucci watches womens chiodo whiteGucci Watches Styling and Features

The styling of Gucci watches is legendary; they offer nearly 200 different models, with about two thirds of them for women.  While they offer many models that feature traditional styling that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1950s, they also offer a dazzling variety of color, even in men’s models, where you can find watches in blue, red, and even orange.  Women’s models are available in all of those colors plus pink.  Bands are available in gold, stainless steel and leather.  They have models suitable for casual wear, business wear, and of course, formal wear, with a few featuring diamonds.  Some models are limited editions; we know of one men’s watch that was limited to only 93 units produced.  Watches are available with chronometer features, along with date and several of their models with automatic movements have a reserve power indicator on them.  With some 125 models for women and 60 or so models for men, there’s a nice variety of timepieces that should allow anyone to find something they like.  Several of their designs are rather unique and will really stand out when you’re in the company of people wearing other designer watch brands.

Gucci Watches Care and Maintenance

gucci watches - mens interlocking collectionMost Gucci watches have quartz movements, meaning that they will run accurately for several years without needing any attention.  The battery will need replacement from time to time; we recommend that you have this done by a reputable jeweler or an authorized dealer.  The usual warnings about keeping your watches away from extremes of temperature or caustic chemicals apply, and they should be stored carefully when not in use, ideally someplace with soft surfaces, as Gucci watches are fine jewelry and should be treated as such.  Automatic movement models should be worn regularly or stored in a watch winder to keep them accurate and ready to wear.

Gucci Watches Warranty

You’ll find that Gucci watches are sold with a two year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. While this is on the shorter end of warranties that we’ve seen, it probably represents the median, suggesting that most companies feel that two years is long enough for any potential defects to make themselves apparent.  Extended warranties may be available for purchase from your dealer; please inquire at the time of sale if this is of interest to you.

Gucci Watch Prices

gucci watches women's 100gThis won’t surprise anyone, but Gucci watches range from moderate to quite expensive as luxury watches go.   At the low end, they have models available for $600 or so.  At the top end, they run up to about $20,000 for certain limited (we mean very limited) editions.  Most of their watches fall into the $2000-$3000 range, which puts them squarely in the middle of the price range for luxury timepieces.  Like many brands, Gucci watches attract the attention of collectors, and older models, out of production models, and limited edition models all have the potential to appreciate in value down the road.  We’re not suggesting that you buy Gucci watches for investment purposes, but if you buy one today and it turns out to be worth more money ten years from now, you can just consider that an added benefit of buying this luxury brand.

Gucci Watches for Sale

Gucci watches are available for sale at select fine jewelry shops and at certain high end department stores.  You’ll certainly find them at the same kinds of stores where you’d find their other products for sale.  Occasionally, you’ll also find them for sale online from selected vendors.  As the product line is rather large and diverse, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any single retailer that carries their entire product line, so be sure to shop around, particularly if you’re looking for something in particular.

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Gucci Watches Summary

If you like style and truly want something that will turn heads and astonish people you meet in public, you can’t go wrong with Gucci watches.   They’re well-built, they’re reliable, they offer a dazzling array of styles and colors, and they’re gorgeous.  Gucci is a well known brand with a solid reputation, and regardless of model or style, you’ll find that their designs are unique and beautiful.  You should get many years of use from your purchase.  In short, Gucci watches are well worth the investment.