Juicy Couture Watches Review – Fun and Flashy

Juicy Couture Watches – Fun and Affordable

Juicy Couture is a relatively new company, having been founded in 1997.  They’re primarily a fashion company, offering clothing, handbags, shoes and the like and as most such companies do, they also offer wristwatches as fashion accessories.  While Juicy Couture watches aren’t going to make anyone forget Seiko or Rolex, they do offer some attractive and interesting designs at a very affordable price point.  Their models are solely for women, but they offer a variety of styles, make effective use of color, and will certainly tempt you to buy more than one.  If you like value and variety, you should definitely consider Juicy Couture watches.

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Juicy Couture Watches Build Quality

Juicy Couture watches - JetsetterIn general, we would describe the Juicy Couture watches build quality as adequate.  Cases are either stainless steel or plastic, with hard, but not ultra-hard mineral crystal protecting the face.  Water resistance is moderate at 30 to 50 meters, so don’t plan on spending too much time in the water.  Juicy Couture watches do feature Japanese-made movements, so they’re not “cheap” in the typical sense.  You’ll get a good, reliable timepiece.  On the other hand, these are fashion watches, so they’re not designed for diving or mountain climbing.  They’re made well enough for what they’re designed to do, which is look good when you’re out shopping, at work or on a date.

Juicy Couture Watches Movements

The movements in Juicy Couture watches are Japanese made quartz electronic.  They’re both reliable and accurate and as a benefit, they don’t require much in the way of maintenance.  We’re pleased to see that the movements are Japanese; many timepieces at this price point use Chinese made movements, which are affordable but not quite as reliable as their Japanese counterparts.  Displays are all analog, and we haven’t seen any models from the company that have any features other than the basic display of hours, minutes and seconds.  If you’re looking for a chronograph or the date, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


You won’t find much innovation in Juicy Couture watches; they’re not watchmakers, nor are they watch designers.  They’re a fashion brand, and as such, they’re concerned with design, not with innovation.  So you’re not going to see complications, mechanical movements or anything unusual.  You’re buying an accurate timepiece that looks good.


Juicy Couture Watches Styling and Features

Juicy Couture watches - StellaWe would describe Juicy Couture watches styling as fun and adventurous.  They use lots of color, and plenty of faux gemstones and gold tones.  All displays are analog, and bands are available in stainless steel, leather, and plastic, often in wild colors.  They have watches using lots of pinks, purples, multiple colors, along with more traditional gold, silver, white and black.  Styling is ideal for casual day wear, business wear or the occasional glamorous evening out.  Many of their models feature the name of the company around the face, rather than numbers, making their models rather unique in that respect.  A few are also available with Swarovski crystals, which gives them lots of sparkle.  The company does produce occasional limited edition models, as well.

Juicy Couture Watches Care and Maintenance

One of the nice things about wristwatches with quartz movements is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance.  While mechanical models may need occasional service to restore or replace worn parts, quartz models generally run reliably for years.  When they fail, it’s complete, and you simply have the movement replaced.  So really, all you need to do in the way of maintenance with Juicy Couture watches is to replace the battery every few years, which is a fairly simple and modestly priced process.  Of course, you’ll want to store your watch in a cool, dry place and you’ll want to keep it away from extremes of temperature and from strong magnetic fields, which can harm the movement.  Other than that, you’ll find that Juicy Couture watches will run well for years to come.

Juicy Couture Watches Warranty

The Juicy Couture watches warranty is for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.  These models are tested thoroughly before leaving the factory, so they should work well and defects should be rare.  Two years is the average warranty in the timepiece industry; even some very expensive watches only come with a two year warranty.

Juicy Couture Watch Prices

Juicy Couture watches - PedigreeOne of the nice things about this brand is the Juicy Couture watch prices, which are quite reasonable as designer watches go.  Models start at just under $100 and the top prices are at about 695 as of this writing.  There are a few models that are limited editions; these tend to sell at the higher end of the price range.  There isn’t a lot of collector interest in Juicy Couture watches, so don’t expect the purchase you make today to become a collector’s item anytime soon.  That said, these are fun, sassy, affordable watches that are priced so reasonably that you can easily afford to buy more than one.  And why wouldn’t you?  They’re attractive.

Juicy Couture Watches for Sale

You can buy Juicy Couture watches at a number of department stores, boutiques and online vendors.  Really, they’re available just about anywhere that you’ll find a large selection of name brand timepieces.  You’ll find plenty of online sources, including a few that sell discount Juicy Couture watches at unbelievable prices.  As the company offers dozens of different models, it’s unlikely that you’ll find all of them for sale in any one place, and limited edition distribution can be spotty.  Still, as designer watches go, you’ll find that these are relatively easy to find in the marketplace.

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Juicy Couture Watches Summary

What’s not to like about Juicy Couture watches?  They’re fun, they’re brightly colored and have eye-catching designs.  They’re reasonably well built, offer a typical warranty, and offer pricing that’s hard to beat.  They have a number of different designs, and that, combined with their attractive pricing, means that you might want to buy two or three of them.  All in all, we think that Juicy Couture watches offer a great value.