Maserati Watches Review – Affordable Italian Styling

Maserati Watches Review


maserati watches reviewIt seems as though these days, any brand in any industry wants to have wristwatches to offer their customers.

It’s true of fashion brands, to be sure, but it’s also surprisingly common for other industries to want to offer watches as a sideline accessory to their main product.

That’s the case here; the company is primarily known for making automobiles, which they’ve been doing since 1914.  They make fine cars, but a few years back, they started selling racing-inspired clothing and fashion accessories.

You’ll find nice styling, adequate to pretty good build quality and pricing that is, compared to their automobiles, quite affordable.

Read on for the full Maserati watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Maserati Watches Build Quality

The build quality is good, with stainless steel cases on all models.  Some of their watches feature mineral crystal while the more expensive models have rock-hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

A few models also include screw-down crowns and screw-down case backs.  A couple even include transparent case backs, which allow you to see the movement inside.

Water resistance varies by model, but a few models are rated at 100 meters, making them suitable for swimming.

The company’s watches are reportedly made by Sector, an Italian watchmaking company best known for making timepieces for other brands.

Maserati Watches Movements

The majority are sold with quartz electronic movements, though a few models have automatic (self-winding) mechanical movements.

These movements are sourced from both Switzerland and Japan, with movements made by Ronda, TMI, and Epson.  It’s possible that other manufacturers’ movements are used, as well.

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As these timepieces are sold as fashion accessories and are not designed, made or sold by a company that is primarily about making watches, it won’t surprise you to find out that there isn’t much technical innovation to be found in the product line.

Complications are basically limited to chronographs and a date function.   Then again, a chronograph fits right in with racing styling.

It’s worth noting that they also have a model known as a “Yacht Timer,” which most definitely does not fit in with auto racing.

Maserati Watches Styling and Features

maserati watches potenza ladyStyling of Maserati watches is inspired by auto racing and is big and bold, with case sizes ranging from 40-49mm for men and 35-40mm for women.

There aren’t a lot of women’s models in the product line, which, at present, includes some 34 different models.

Colors lean to the standards – with gold and silver cases framing white or black faces.

You won’t find any precious metals or gemstones offered, though a few models do feature PVD-coated stainless steel.

There are chronographs aplenty, though, and that’s likely a good call, since chronographs and racing go hand in hand.

A few models offer a “skeleton” design that lets you see through the watch face to watch the movement in operation.

Maserati Watches Care and Maintenance

Most of Maserati watches have quartz electronic movements sourced from reliable manufacturers, so you shouldn’t have to worry much about care and maintenance.

You’ll need to have the battery replaced every 3-5 years and you should store your watch in a cool, dry place.

Automatic mechanical models may need to be serviced every few years, though we didn’t see a recommended service interval posted on the Maserati Website.

With proper care, your watch should run well for years to come.

Maserati Watches Warranty

The warranty offered is good, though not exceptional.  They guarantee their watches to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for two years from the date of purchase.

This is the industry standard warranty; some 90% of all watch companies offer a two year warranty.

As the movements and watches are thoroughly tested at the factory prior to shipping, defects are likely quite rare.

Maserati Watch Prices

maserati watches traguardoIf you’re familiar with Maserati automobiles, you’ll know that they’re exorbitantly expensive, with prices running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are watch companies that sell timepieces in similar price ranges, but you’ll be delighted to know that their watches are not among them.

In fact, the pricing of Maserati watches is quite reasonable, ranging from roughly $100 to about $700 at the top end.

That makes them quite affordable, as name-brand designer watches go.  Even their limited edition models (some limited to only 2000 pieces) are priced in this range.

Maserati Watches for Sale

You can find them for sale at a few brick and mortar stores; you’ll be more likely to find them in a specialty watch shop than you will in a department store.

You can also find them for sale at the company’s official Website.

Your best bet, particularly if you’re looking to buy discount Maserati watches, is to buy from one of the many online retailers that carry the brand.

Online retailers are more likely to offer discount pricing and they may also carry a larger assortment of models than brick and mortar stores, which have limited display space.

Maserati Watches Summary

If you’re a fan of mechanical watches, precious metals, bling, or elaborate complications, these timepieces may not be a good choice for you.

They’re fashion watches, offered as an accessory to a brand whose primary product is automobiles.

That said, you’ll find some bold styling that should appeal to fans of the brand as well as racing fans in general.

On the downside, they offer relatively few models for women, and their watches offer relatively few features, aside from chronographs and a date complication.

Despite those drawbacks, they are well-built, are made with good quality movements, and are priced in such a way that most everyone can afford them.

If you’re looking for a name brand racing-inspired watch but you don’t want to spend a fortune buying one, then Maserati watches may be a good choice for you.

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