Michele Watches Review – Style and Elegance

Michele Watches – Elegance and Beauty

You may not be familiar with Michele watches, particularly if you are male.  The company produces luxury watches for women, and they offer an extensive product line with beautiful, elegant styling.  While the company was founded in South America in 1940, they are today based in the United States and Michele watches are now part of the Fossil group.  Their timepieces are all about style, and many of them feature gold with diamond accents, though they do make some casual models, as well.  These are beautiful timepieces that are created to let a woman indulge herself.  We think you’ll agree that they are gorgeous timepieces that would look great on any woman’s arm.

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Michele Watches Build Quality

michele watches - signature diamondYou’ll find that the build quality of Michele watches is in the middle of the pack.  They’re certainly not rugged, such as Nixon watches, but then again, they’re not designed for use by surfers and skateboarders.  They’re designed to be worn for casual, business and formal occasions, and as such, they’re built for their intended uses.  Their models mostly feature stainless steel cases, and are water resistant to 30 meter.  That’s on the low end as water resistance goes, but again, these are not heavy duty sports watches, they’re fine jewelry.

Michele Watches Movements

While Michele watches have used mechanical or automatic movements in the past, their current product line uses Swiss quartz movements.  These battery powered electronic devices are highly accurate, using a quartz crystal that vibrates more than thirty thousand times a second to maintain accuracy within a few seconds per year.  Your timepiece will be accurate and will rarely require either setting the time or maintenance, aside from occasional change of the battery.


Not surprisingly, Michele watches do not really offer much in the way of technical innovation.  The company is all about offering style, and they don’t really spend much time on research and development, nor are they likely to introduce new features in the luxury watch market.  They’ll leave that to companies such as Citizen or Tissot.  What Michele watches offer in the way of innovation is all about design; they make timepieces that you’ll want to wear because they’re beautiful, not because they offer the time in 24 time zones or can give you the atmospheric pressure.

Michele Watches Styling and Features

michele watches - deco diamond blue paveStyling is where Michele watches really shine, and they offer more than two hundred different models, and they’re all gorgeous, all of them.  Many of their models feature diamonds, and they’re not stingy about using them in their designs.  Most of their models seem on the fancy side; they’re great if you spend a lot of time attending formal functions in the evening or simply like elegant evening wear.    Most of their models feature either gold or silver coloring, though their Jelly Bean line has a lot of color.  Their Deco line has classic rectangular models that seem inspired by the Cartier Tank watch; they offer some color in that line, along with either leather straps or gold or silver bracelet style bands.

Michele Watches Care and Maintenance

When it comes to care and maintenance, you’ll love Michele watches.  With battery-operated quartz movements, you’ll find that they require relatively little in terms of maintenance; you’ll just have to have the battery replaced every two years or so.  We recommend that you have this done by a reputable jewelery in order to avoid potential damage to your timepiece.  As fine pieces of jewelry, you should treat your timepiece appropriately, and store it in a place with soft surfaces to avoid scratching it.  Keeping it away from extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields is advisable, and of course, keep it away from caustic chemicals.  You can clean it with a soft cloth; if your watch becomes exceptionally dirty, we recommend having it cleaned by a jeweler.

Michele Watches Warranty

Michele watches are sold with a two year warranty against defects and craftsmanship.  We find this at the low end as warranties go, as a few companies offer five or ten year or even lifetime warranties.  Then again, many other designer watches are sold with two year warranties, so the industry probably realizes that most defects are going to become apparent within that time frame.  Extended warranties may be available for purchase through your retailer; you should ask about this at the time you make your purchase if you’re interested in a longer warranty.

Michele Watch Prices

michele watches - tahitian jelly bean purpleAs luxury timepieces go, Michele watch prices fall in the middle of the scale.  The company offers more than two hundred different models, and in their current product line, the prices range from a low of $395 to a high of about $5000.  Limited edition models are available from time to time; these sometimes sell for a bit more.  The bulk of the company’s products seem to fall in the $1000 to $3000 range.  These prices may seem high, but keep in mind that many of these models feature gold and diamonds in their construction and should rightly be regarded as pieces of fine jewelry.  They’re also simply stunning to look at, and if you’re seen wearing a Michele watch in public, you will get people to notice.

As with most luxury manufacturers, Michele watches are somewhat collectible, and prices of out of production and limited edition models are going to be higher on the collector’s market.  We’re not necessarily recommending that you buy Michele watches for investment purposes, but you may find that the money you spent has turned into a wise investment with time.

Michele Watches for Sale

You can find Michele watches for sale through fine jewelry stores and upscale department stores.  You can also find them at a few online outlets.  Keep in mind that the company’s product line is huge, with several hundred models available.  That makes it unlikely that any single retailer is going to have the entire product line in stock, so you may wish to shop around a bit to see everything that’s available.

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Michele Watches Summary

If you’re male, you’re going to find that Michele watches have nothing to offer you, unless you enjoy giving the woman in your life a huge thrill by buying one for her.  Michele watches are just for women, and they are beautiful, up and down their entire product line.  They simply don’t make an unattractive watch.  If you buy one, you’re going to love it.  And you should, because they are not particularly inexpensive.  That said, they’re reasonably well built and with care, should last for many years.  They’ll also turn heads everywhere you go, because, as we’ve mentioned numerous times before, Michele watches are simply gorgeous.  Go indulge yourself.  You deserve it.