Montblanc Watches Review – Precision and Style

Montblanc Watches Review – Great Name and Timepieces


montblanc watches timewalkerIf you’re familiar with anything of quality, you’ve probably heard the name Montblanc.  You might not associate the name with luxury watches, however, as the company has, for more than a century, been in the business of selling high quality fountain pens.  About twenty years ago, Montblanc watches were introduced to the world, and the company strives to provide timepieces with the same attention to detail and quality that they’ve been providing to fans of their fountain pens.

While Montblanc watches are by no means inexpensive, they are quality timepieces that can be proudly worn for just about any occasion.  They’re smart, stylish, and come with a dazzling array of features and movements.  No matter what your taste in timepieces, you’ll likely find something in the product line that suits you.  Read on for the full Montblanc watches review.

Read on for the full Montblanc watches review.

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Montblanc Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Montblanc watches is exceptional.  The company offers models with cases made from stainless steel, titanium, and red, white, and yellow gold.  The watch faces are protected by rock-hard sapphire crystal, which is quite resistant to scratches.  Bands are leather or stainless steel.   Water resistance is fairly modest; most models are rated at about 30 meters.  Still, these aren’t diving watches, they’re luxury timepieces that are intended to be worn on the town or in the boardroom.

Montblanc Watches Movements

Montblanc watches are sold with a number of movements.  Most of the watches in the product line have automatic, self-winding movements, which will require little attention from you, provided that you wear them regularly.  They also have a few models with quartz electronic movements at the lower end of their product line and a handful of their timepieces have manually wound movements, which we don’t see that often anymore.


While Montblanc watches are relatively new to the high end wristwatch market, the company has wasted no time in offering innovations in their product line.  Timepieces with multiple complications, including a tourbillon and multiple dials showing the time in several time zones at once, are included in the product line.  They even have a few models with day/night indicators, which is a feature that we seldom see.

Montblanc Watches Styling and Features

montblanc watches rieussecThe styling of Montblanc watches is modern, but not overly so, with a few models that offer a bit of a throwback to models of the 1950s or 1960s.  Styling is mostly unisex, though there are a few women’s models in the product line.  That said, the women’s models aren’t distinctively feminine in appearance, and you’re not going to see bright colors such as pink or orange in the Montblanc watches product line.  Models are available with a variety of complications, including day/night indicators, a tourbillon, multiple time zones, chronograph features, and a moon phase display.

Montblanc Watches Care and Maintenance

As these are precision instruments, most models will require occasional maintenance.  If you’re buying a manually wound or automatic movement model, you’ll likely need to send your Montblanc watches back to the factory every few years (see manual for specifics) for service.  This will include disassembly of the timepiece and an examination of the parts to ensure that they’re all in working order.  Damaged or worn parts will be replaced and the watch will be lubricated and tested before returning it to you.  Quartz movement models will likely need to have the battery replaced every two years or so.  You should store your timepieces away from strong magnetic fields and keep them away from extremes in temperature.  You should also try to avoid getting your Montblanc watches wet, as most of their models have only modest water resistance.

Montblanc Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Montblanc watches is the industry standard of two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  The overwhelming majority of watches we have reviewed offer a warrant of similar length.  As these fine timepieces are tested thoroughly before leaving the factory, genuine defects are quite rare.

Montblanc Watch Prices

montblanc watches etoile classiquePricing for Montblanc watches is rather broad; the lower end models, which all have quartz movements and stainless steel cases, start at a little over $1000.  At the top end of the spectrum, models with gold cases, manual movements and elaborate complications can run close to $100,000.  These are unusual, and not typical of the product line, and most of their timepieces sell in the $4000-$15,000 range.

Montblanc Watches for Sale

You can find Montblanc watches for sale at a number of fine jewelry stores located in major cities around the world.  Their Website indicates that their timepieces are available for sale at roughly two dozen dealers throughout the United States.  These are the authorized dealers; you can also occasionally find Montblanc watches for sale at a few select online retailers.  Keep in mind that the product line is quite large and diverse, as the company currently has nearly 200 models in their product line.  That means that no single dealer, either online or off, is likely to carry the entire product line at any given time.  Still, most dealers should have a good representative sample.

Montblanc Watches Summary

Like many, we were surprised to see that Montblanc had entered the timepiece business, as we thought they were primarily occupied with producing find fountain pens.  They have hit the market with a splash, however, and their timepieces are both stylish and loaded with features.  They offer models with automatic, manual and quartz movements, and cases made from gold, titanium and stainless steel, as well as models for both men and women.  They offer one of the most broad and diverse range of prices that we’ve seen in luxury wristwatches, and while they’re not inexpensive, many buyers of higher end timepieces will find a few Montblanc watches to be within their price range.  Of course, they also offer some very elaborate models for those collectors who live complications, making Montblanc watches a good buy for just about anyone who is interested in a quality timepiece.

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