Movado Watches Review – Classy and Reliable

Movado Watches – Minimalist Excellence

The Swiss company Movado has been making quality timepieces for more than 100 years.   While their early models did offer some unique styling, Movado watches began to draw worldwide attention in 1948 with the introduction of their iconic Museum watch, which featured a black face which was blank aside from a dot at the twelve o’clock position.  This design has influenced their styling ever since and it’s what most people think of when they think of Movado watches.  In fact, their styling is quite diverse and has become more so within the past decade.  Their watches are attractive, reliable and affordable.

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Movado Watches Build Quality

movado watches - men's vizioLike many timepieces built by long-lasting companies, Movado watches are well built, using Swiss movements.  Many of their models are water resistant to as much as 200 meters, and their cases are made from stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber.  These are rugged, reliable timepieces that should, with care, work well for years to come.

Movado Watches Movements

As the company has been around since the 1880s, Movado watches initially had Swiss mechanical movements, either manually would or self-winding.  They still offer a few of these in their top of the line timepieces, but today, most Movado watches make use of Swiss-made quartz movements, which are accurate, reliable and require relatively little maintenance.


The company isn’t really known for technical innovation; their strong suit is styling.  Movado watches do include models with features such as moon phases and chronograph elements, but they really aren’t technical innovators.  They simply take proven technology and use it in the best possible designs.  That said, they do quickly embrace new technology; some of their high-end models now sport high-tech carbon fiber  and titanium cases.  There aren’t yet many makers using carbon fiber; it’s strong and exceptionally lightweight.

Movado Watches Styling and Features

Movado watches boldThe styling used in Movado watches can be deceptive, as many people believe that their minimalist Museum watch represents their entire product line. In fact, Movado currently offers some 250 different models for men and women in a variety of styles and colors.  Granted, many of their models are based on that iconic design, but they now offer a surprising amount of diversity in their product line.  With one exception, all of their watches use analog displays, but many show bright flashy colors, with colored bands and numerals on the face.  They offer casual designs, business styles, and dressy, elegant designs, as well.  They also offer sports models with all of the useful features that one will expect from a chronograph.  If you like the classic looks, they do, of course, have many models that evoke the Museum watch, with a lot of models featuring basic black, with gold and silver accents.

Movado Watches Care and Maintenance

movado watches - women's museum watchAs with many other luxury watch brands, Movado watches should be store carefully, away from magnetic fields, caustic chemicals and extremes of temperature.  Automatic movements should be worn regularly or stored in a watch winder to keep them working properly and displaying the correct time.  The company’s quartz models are surprisingly stingy with batteries; we got five years out of the battery in our Museum watch, and from what we understand, that sort of battery life is typical.  We recommend replacing the battery every three years and you should probably have it done by an authorized dealer or a jeweler.  Sports models should be inspected by a jeweler every few years to ensure that the watertight seals on the case are intact.

Movado Watches Warranty

Movado watches come with a two year factory warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  As warranties on luxury watches go, this is somewhat on the low end of the scale, as some companies offer five year, ten year, or even lifetime warranties.   On the other hand, most factory defects will become apparent relatively soon after purchase and we can attest from personal experience that Movado’s customer service is exceptional on those rare occasions when warranty issues come up.  Extended warranties may be available for purchase from your retailer; please inquire at at the time of purchase if this concerns you.

Movado Watch Prices

Movado watches - women's two tone museum watchAs luxury timepieces go, Movado watches are moderately priced.  That’s not to say they are inexpensive; it’s just that one can spend far, far more on a designer wristwatch than you will have to pay to own a Movado.  They currently offer more than 250 different models, and they range in price from $150 to $7500.  As with other luxury manufacturers, Movado frequently offers limited edition products, and these sometimes sell for premium prices and often sell out relatively quickly.   As the company is a long established one with a strong reputation, you’ll find that Movado watches are quite collectible, and often sell for premium prices in the secondary market.  That’s particularly true of older models, but many newer, limited edition Movado watches sell for considerably more than their original purchase price on the collector’s market.   This means that your purchase today may appreciate over time, making a smart purchase even smarter.

Movado Watches for Sale

You can purchase Movado watches at a variety of retailers.  They are mostly sold at authorized dealers, which tend to be fine jewelry shops and upscale department stores, which you should be able to find in any major city.  You can also occasionally find them for sale online.  Be aware that it may be difficult to find any single retailer that offers the entire product line, as it is quite diverse, and few retailers have room to display several hundred models from a single maker.  If there is a particular model you’re looking for, you may have to shop around a bit to find it, especially if you’re looking for a limited edition model or one that has recently gone out of production.

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Movado Watches Summary

If you like simple, classic, iconic styling, particularly when combined with rugged build, reliable materials and precise timekeeping, you’ll love Movado watches.  They range from moderately priced to relatively expensive, but they offer a wide range of colors and styles, both mechanical and quartz movements and come with exceptional customer service.  All of these elements combine to make Movado watches a smart buy for any savvy shopper.