Mulco Watches Review – Good Quality and Colorful Styling

Mulco Watches – Rich With Color


Mulco watches - Men's Kripton TurquoiseUnless you’re really on top of the timepiece game, you’re unlikely to be familiar with Mulco watches.  This Swiss company was founded in 1958, and quickly became a popular brand by making attractive, well-made timepieces.  In the early 1970s, the company was sold to a larger corporation that allowed the watchmaker to falter, and the brand was largely forgotten.  That changed in 2006 when a new group of investors brought the brand back to life.  In a world where every watch seems to look alike, Mulco watches stand out, mostly through their outrageous use of color.   They seemingly use every color of the spectrum in their designs, so if you want something on your arm that looks different, and in some cases, very different, from what everyone else is wearing, you should definitely give Mulco watches a good look.  They’re affordable, too, which just adds to their appeal.

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Mulco Watches Build Quality

You’ll find that Mulco watches are reasonably well built, with rugged, stainless steel cases and mineral crystal.  Water resistance is moderate for most of their models, and tops out at about 100 meters or so, which should be adequate for most users.  Bands are steel, leather and rubber, depending on the model.   With adequate care, you’ll find that these timepieces should run well for many years.

Mulco Watches Movements

While older models used automatic movements, today’s Mulco watches seem to all use Swiss-made quartz electronic movements.  The advantages of these are accuracy, of course, as well as reduced maintenance.  Perhaps they’ll move back into mechanical or automatic movements in the future, but for now, the company is embracing quartz technology.


Most of the innovation to be found with Mulco watches involves styling, with outlandish colors, multicolored faces, and somewhat oddly shaped watches.  A few models have chronograph features or date complications, but you’re not going to find any bizarre or cutting edge features in the Mulco watches product line.

Mulco Watches Styling and Features

Mulco watches - women's blue marine pinkColor.  Lots and lots of color. That’s what you’re going to find with Mulco watches styling.  Sure, they’ve got some timepieces with black, white or silver faces, and a few with some faux gemstones, but really, Mulco watches are all about color, and especially bright ones, such as lime green, purple, pink, orange and yellow.  We’ve rarely seen a product line that offers so much in the way of nonstandard colors and these are certainly attractive timepieces.  We think the colors make their wristwatches better suited to casual or day wear than for business wear or evening wear, but that’s up to you.  As the company offers several hundred different models right now, it’s pretty likely that they’ll have something for every occasion and something for every taste.  As Mulco watches are also reasonably priced, perhaps you’ll think about picking up more than one, if you’re so inclined.

Mulco Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance for Mulco watches should be minimal, as all of their models use highly accurate and reliable quartz electronic technology.  You’ll need to replace the battery every couple of years, of course, but aside from that, you won’t find it necessary to do anything unusual to keep your timepiece running well.   Be sure to keep it away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields and if you get it in or near salt water, you’ll want to rinse it and dry it carefully afterwards.  Other than that, no other special treatment is necessary for Mulco watches.

Mulco Watches Warranty

The Mulco watches warranty is for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  This is the industry average; we’d estimate that 90% of all watchmakers offer a similar warranty.   Defects are rare, but most of them are likely to turn up shortly after purchase, so two years is probably more than sufficient.

Mulco Watch Prices

Mulco watches - Deep Chronograph SilverYou’ll find that as designer watch prices go, these are fairly affordable.  Mulco watch prices are quite reasonable, and are priced in the hundreds of dollars up and down the product line.  We’ve seen them priced from about $200 to about $700 or so, though we’ve also seen them heavily discounted from time to time.  We haven’t seen any evidence of limited edition models; most of the company’s product line seems to be regular issue models, so we don’t think any particular model will be especially rare.  Collectors aren’t much interested in current models, but vintage Mulco watches from the company’s early days do tend to sell for four figures at auction.  That might bode well for today’s buyers, as these watches may appreciate in value in the future.  All in all, however, we find that Mulco watches offer a good value and are priced so affordably that many buyers may wish to acquire more than one.

Mulco Watches for Sale

You can find Mulco watches for sale at a number of brick and mortar retailers, including jewelry stores and department stores.  You can also buy Mulco watches online, and that’s often a great way to find them at a discount.  Their product line is huge, so don’t expect any single retailer to carry everything, but on the whole, we see that this brand isn’t too difficult to find.

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Mulco Watches Summary

No two people are alike when it comes to buying watches, and Mulco watches are certainly going to be polarizing for a lot of buyers.  They’re attractive, well-made timepieces, but they’re also quite affordable.  If you like gold, diamonds, and lots of mechanical complications, this is not the brand for you.  If you admire edgy styling, bold colors, unusual looks and just want a fun, attention-grabbing timepiece, then you’re going to love Mulco watches.  They’re ideal for casual or day wear and they’re relatively maintenance-free, and they’re also quite affordable.  All in all, those qualities will make Mulco watches appealing for a lot of buyers.  Be sure to check them out.