Paris Hilton Watches Review – Stylish and Mostly Affordable

Paris Hilton Watches Review – Fun and Stylish


paris hilton watches - logo blackA lot of things may come to mind when you encounter the name Paris Hilton, but designer watches probably don’t come to mind first.  Still, like many celebrities, Paris Hilton has a fashion line and that lineup includes Paris Hilton watches.  No, the celebutante hasn’t taken up fine watchmaking as a hobby; like most fashion brands, the Paris Hilton watches lineup is designed and manufactured by others.  That doesn’t mean that Paris Hilton watches should be ignored, however.  Quite the contrary, as Paris Hilton watches attractive, stylish, reasonably well made, and with a couple of notable exceptions, quite affordable.

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Paris Hilton Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Paris Hilton watches is better than you might expect, given their price point.  Virtually all models in the Paris Hilton watches product line feature stainless steel cases, and hard mineral crystal.  Water resistance is relatively modest; most models are rated at about 30 meters or so, but then again, you’re not likely to wear Paris Hilton watches when you’re going diving in the Cayman Islands.  No, these are fashion timepieces and mostly designed for everyday casual wear.  For that purpose, the build quality of Paris Hilton watches is just fine.

Paris Hilton Watches Movements

Most of the timepieces in the Paris Hilton watches line are made with quartz electronic movements sourced from Japan.  These are highly reliable timepieces that won’t require a lot of maintenance, aside from occasional replacement of the battery.  A very few models have automatic movements, but these are extremely limited edition models that are the exception, rather than the norm.


You won’t find any technical innovation in the designs of Paris Hilton watches; these are fashion timepieces designed to be sold at affordable pricing.  Instead, they use tried-and-true technology and apply it to attractive styling.  Paris Hilton watches will leave the innovation to the companies more suited to such things.

Paris Hilton Watches Styling and Features

paris hilton watches - beverly silverStyling of Paris Hilton watches is all about bold, splashy colors and fun designs.  These are mostly timepieces crafted for daily casual wear.  You’ll find lots of pinks, reds and whites in the lineup, though there are more traditional colors available as well.   Styling is sometimes rather bold and flashy, so if you’re looking for something that will attract attention, you’ll likely find something in the Paris Hilton watches lineup to suit your taste.  A very few models in the line are super-limited edition models made with gold and diamonds; these are obviously more elegant models suitable for more formal occasions, though they’re also prohibitively expensive.  For most buyers, there will be something in the lineup to suit you.  There are even a few models for men, though most of the Paris Hilton watches product line is geared, not surprisingly, towards women.

Paris Hilton Watches Care and Maintenance

As nearly all Paris Hilton watches are made with highly reliable Japanese quartz electronic movements, you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance.  You’ll need to have the battery replaced every two years or so and you’ll want to have the watertight seals inspected at that time.  You should be careful to store Paris Hilton watches away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields, as these can harm the movement.  If you own one of the very limited edition models with automatic movements, you’ll likely need to have this serviced every 3-5 years.  We recommend that you contact the company for details.

Paris Hilton Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with Paris Hilton watches is the industry standard – two years from the date of manufacture against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  While this warranty is average, there are many watchmakers who sell in the price range offered by Paris Hilton watches who offer shorter warranties, so this one is more than satisfactory.

Paris Hilton Watch Prices

paris hilton watches - pink is loveFor a line of timepieces offered by a famous multimillionaire, Paris Hilton watch prices are quite reasonable.  List prices for most models fall into the hundreds, rather than thousands of dollars, and we’ve seen very few models for sale anywhere at prices of more than $300 or so.  In fact, we’ve seen some offered for sale here and there for prices as low as $50 or so.  That said, there are a few models in the Paris Hilton watches product line that are limited editions, made with gold or rose gold cases, and as many as 1000 diamonds.  These models, which are likely limited to just a handful of pieces, are priced in the $100,000-$250,000 range, giving Paris Hilton watches perhaps the broadest price range in the entire industry.  Collectors aren’t really interested in the brand, so don’t expect the Paris Hilton watches you buy today to increase in value anytime soon.

Paris Hilton Watches for Sale

You can find Paris Hilton watches for sale at a few specialty boutiques, especially those that bear her name.  You can also find them for sale at a few online retailers.  Oddly enough, the official Paris Hilton Website only lists a couple of Paris Hilton watches for sale, so that’s one place where you probably should not look if you’re interested in buying.  On the other hand, there are a number of online retailers that do carry the Paris Hilton watches brand, and that will represent your best opportunity to buy discount Paris Hilton watches online.   Keep in mind that not every retailer is likely to keep everything in stock, and that’s particularly true of the limited edition models.  Still, most retailers should have a good sample available.

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Paris Hilton Watches Summary

While it’s easy to knock the Paris Hilton watches namesake for being “famous for being famous”, the brand does offer some attractive timepieces at affordable price points.  They’re fun, colorful, reasonably well made and priced so that just about anyone can buy one if they’re so inclined.  Paris Hilton watches aren’t for everyone, but if you like bright colors, interesting designs, and pricing that will let you buy two or three at a time, you’ll find a lot to like in Paris Hilton watches.