Renato Watches Review – Good Quality at a Great Price

Renato Watches – Affordable Quality

It wouldn’t be too surprising to discover that you haven’t heard of Renato watches; the company is less than a decade old.  Based in New York, the company’s products feature Swiss-made movements and high quality cases combined with striking, sporty looks.  Renato watches offer a better than average warranty and combine it with surprisingly affordable pricing to create a product that’s pretty appealing for buyers who want a well made luxury watch on a budget.  Their styling is limited to sporty-looking models, but they have done some exciting things with their styling, so you might want to take a look if you favor the chronograph-style timepiece.  All in all, Renato watches offer a lot for the money.

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Renato Watches Build Quality

Renato watches - Calibre Robusto goldThe build quality of Renato watches is surprisingly good.  They offer stainless steel cases and a few models use gold.  They use rock-hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to protect the watch face, and their models offer impressive water resistance, with many models good to 300 meters.  All in all, these are well-made timepieces that should withstand everyday wear and tear without trouble.

Renato Watches Movements

The movements used in Renato watches are made in Switzerland by Rondo, a leading manufacturer of watch movements.  At the present time, the entire Renato watches line seems to use reliable quartz electronic movements, which minimizes maintenance requirements and helps them keep the prices affordable.  While the movements are Swiss-made, we understand that the watches themselves are assembled elsewhere.  This likely accounts for their affordability when compared with other luxury watch brands.


Renato watches offer innovative styling and a number of their models offer a number of added complications, though the workings of these watches are all electronic.  Most of the innovation from this company comes in styling, rather than in technical wizardry, but we think you’ll like the features that include date complications and multiple chronograph dials.

Renato Watches Styling and Features

Renato watches - Curvatura yellow goldThe styling of Renato watches leans towards the sporty, so if you like diving watches or timepieces with multiple dials and chronograph features, you’ll be all set.  Renato watches do include a few limited edition models which include gold and diamonds; many of these are limited in production to as few as 50 pieces.  There’s little in the way of traditional styling or timepieces that are suitable for evening or business wear, though their a few of their limited edition models with diamonds might be suitable for an elegant evening out.  They do include lots of color in their designs, however, including fifteen different dial colors.  Despite the exclusive use of quartz movements, displays are all analog.  Straps and bracelets are available in stainless steel, rubber and leather.

Renato Watches Care and Maintenance

The benefit of quartz movements is that the watches require minimal maintenance, aside from battery replacement every two years or so.  If you regularly wear Renato watches near or in water, you should have them checked every two years by a jeweler to ensure that the watertight seals are still intact.  You can have that done while replacing the battery.  If you use the watch in salt water, you should rinse it in fresh water afterwards.  You should store Renato watches in a cool, dry place and keep them away from strong magnetic fields, which can harm the movement.  With proper care, you’ll find that Renato watches should run well for many years to come.

Renato Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Renato watches is quite good; the company warrants their timepieces for five years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  This is much better than average; the typical luxury watchmaker offers a two year warranty.  When you factor in the relative affordability of Renato watches, this makes them a bargain.

Renato Watch Prices

Renato watches - Mostro King IIYou’ll find that as luxury watches go, Renato watch prices are quite reasonable.  Most of their product line has a list price between $400 and $999, though a few limited edition items that are offered from time to time have prices that run into the mid four figure range.  Part of the reason that Renato watches are so affordable is that while they are made with Swiss parts, they aren’t assembled in Switzerland.  This helps keep the price down and allows the company to produce well made timepieces at a price point that is well below that offered by their competitors.

Renato Watches for Sale

You can find Renato watches for sale at a few brick and mortar retailers, such as larger department stores.  You can also find them for sale at a number of online retailers, and that probably represents your best opportunity to buy discount Renato watches online.  This brand is often advertised on TV shopping channels, as well, though that is probably not your best choice for buying, as you’re likely to spend more that way.  We’ve noticed that there are few actual deals on those TV channels, but that’s just our opinion.  The Renato watches product line is pretty large, so don’t be surprised if no single retailer carries all of it.  Then again, most should have a good representative sample.

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Renato Watches Summary

With their sports-style designs, and large faces, Renato watches are clearly not for everyone.  If you’re petite or want something that will look good with that little black dress you’re planning to wear, this is probably not the brand for you.  On the other hand, Renato watches offer bold styling, nice splashes of color and a chronograph features in a number of different styles.  The build quality is quite good and the water resistance is exceptional.  Added to that is the fact that these timepieces are quite affordable as upscale watch brands go.  If you’re looking for a sporty looking designer watch that’s going to turn heads and run well for a long time with a minimal outlay of cash,  you’ll likely find that Renato watches offer a good opportunity for you.  We highly recommend that you give them a look.