Seapro Watches Review – Rugged and Sporty

Seapro Watches Review – Quality and Style


seapro watches - imperialIf you’re unfamiliar with Seapro watches, that’s not really a surprise.   They’re relatively new to the watchmaking industry, having been founded in 2003.  This California-based company is interested in creating attractive, colorful, sporty watches at an attractive price point while still maintaining build quality.  While the sporty styling may not be suitable for all buyers, they’re sure to appeal to younger buyers with a more casual approach to wristwatches.

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Seapro Watches Build Quality

Build quality of Seapro watches is quite good.  They use stainless steel and high tech ceramics in their case and bezel construction.  The watch faces are protected by mineral crystal which, while good, is not as scratch-resistant as the more expensive sapphire crystal.  Water resistance is good, which is to be expected from a line of sports watches.  Many models have water resistance of 100 meters or more.  Seapro watches are solid, reliable timepieces which should last for years with proper care.

Seapro Watches Movements

Seapro watches come with either electronic quartz movements or automatic mechanical movements, sourced from Switzerland and Japan.  The watches themselves are built in China, which helps keep manufacturing costs down and allows the company to sell Seapro watches at an attractive price point.


As Seapro watches are fairly new to the marketplace and because the company is targeting a rather aggressive price point, you’re not going to find much in the way of technical innovation in the Seapro watches lineup.   The company focuses on taking what works and putting it in attractive, oversized and colorful cases.   They’ll leave innovation to the companies that sell their watches for far higher prices.

Seapro Watches Styling and Features

seapro watches - tidalColorful and sporty are two words that quickly come to mind when looking over the Seapro watches product line.  If you’re tired of watchmakers who can seemingly only make watches in silver, gold and white, you’ll love Seapro watches.  Colors are available from the full spectrum, with pinks, blues, yellows and greens.  Many models offer chronograph features and even those that don’t evoke chronographs, with large, marked bezels.  These are sports watches, and while some of them may be fancier than others, they’re all going to look rather sporty.  Seapro watches are ideal for casual wear or business wear and of course, sports use.  Displays are all analog, even on models with quartz movements.  Bracelets are steel, ceramic and rubber, depending on the model.

Seapro Watches Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of Seapro watches will vary, depending on the model.  Seapro watches with quartz movements will require relatively little maintenance, aside from having the battery replaced every two years or so.  It would be a good idea to have the watertight seals checked annually.  Automatic models should have their watertight seals inspected annually, and the movement should be inspected for wear every five years or so.  At this time, servicing may be necessary in order to lubricate the movement and/or replace worn parts.  Please check with the company regarding details for this servicing.  Aside from these conditions, you should store Seapro watches in a cool, dry place and keep them away from magnetic fields or extremes of temperature.  Seapro watches exposed to salt water should be rinsed with tap water and dried with a soft cloth.  With proper care, Seapro watches should last for decades to come.

Seapro Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Seapro watches is the industry average; the company warrants their product for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  We estimate that more than 90% of all watchmakers offer a two year warranty.  These timepieces are tested thoroughly at the factory prior to shipping, so defects are likely quite rare.

Seapro Watch Prices

seapro watches review - tidewayAs luxury and designer watch prices go, you’ll find that Seapro watch prices run from relatively inexpensive to moderately expensive.  List prices start at $195 and run up to about $1200 or so.  Models with automatic movements will tend to be at the higher end of the price range, while lower-priced models will have quartz movements.  There’s not a lot of collector interest in the brand as of yet; this is partly due to the fact that the company is still fairly new and most of their models are still available.  It’s possible that as models go out of production that collectors will take an interest in the brand, as they’re attractive and colorful and have a lot of appeal.

Seapro Watches for Sale

You can find Seapro watches for sale at a number of brick and mortar outlets, including department stores and a few jewelry stores.  You can also find them for sale at a number of Internet outlets, and this will likely offer your best chance to buy discount Seapro watches online.   We have seen Seapro watches discounted by as much as 67% at a couple of online retailers, so if you want to get an already affordable timepiece at an even better price, shopping online is probably the way to go.  Keep in mind that the product line is rather large, so it’s unlikely that any retailer is going to carry the entire Seapro watches in stock at any one time.  Still, most sellers should have a good representative sample.

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Seapro Watches Summary

If you’re a fan of traditional styling, you’re going to be out of luck, but if you like sporty watches, you should definitely take a look at Seapro watches.  They offer a mixture of quartz and automatic movements.  Their build quality is good.  Their styling, while leaning to the sporty side, does include a broad selection of colors and models for both men and women.  They offer good water resistance, and affordable pricing.  While the sporty styling won’t suit all tastes, for those who are inclined towards chronographs and rotating bezels, Seapro watches represent a good choice at a great price.