Swiss Legend Watches Review – Quality, Styling, and Affordable

Swiss Legend Watches – Affordable and Stylish


Swiss Legend watches - SubmersibleWhen you hear about Swiss Legend watches, you’d probably assume that the company, like so many others, is based in Switzerland.  That’s not the case; the company is actually based in Hollywood, Florida.  It’s not just a clever name, however; Swiss Legend watches are actually Swiss made, and use movements from Switzerland.  They’re made to exacting standards, offer a nice variety of styles and features, are affordably priced, and offer a warranty that’s much better than average.  With 40 collections and more than 1000 different timepieces, Swiss Legend watches offer something for everyone at an attractive price point.  They’re worth considering if you’re looking for good quality at a fair price.

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Swiss Legend Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Swiss Legend watches is good; cases are mostly stainless steel and they protect the face with hard sapphire crystal.  Water resistant ranges from good to amazing; they have models that offer 1000 meters of water resistance for those who simply must explore the depths of the oceans.  All in all, these are rugged, well-made timepieces.

Swiss Legend Watches Movements

The movements used in Swiss Legend watches are both electronic quartz and automatic mechanical, all made in Switzerland.  The quartz movements are more likely to be seen at the lower end of the product line while the more expensive models feature the automatic movements.


There’s a bit of innovation to be found in Swiss Legend watches; a number of models feature elaborate chronograph features, and others feature date complications.  Many models have screw-down crowns, to ensure good water protection.  Their Frontier collection has an interesting twist; the face is rotated so that 10 o’clock is at the top and the crown is roughly at 1 o’clock.  This allows you to easily check and set the time without having to move your wrist.  It’s an odd feature, to be sure, but it stands out in an industry where a lot of products tend to look like one another.

Swiss Legend Watches Styling and Features

Swiss Legend watches - FrontierThere are lots of interesting styles to be found in Swiss Legend watches; they use lots of color, so if you like yellows, reds, oranges, blues and greens, they’re well worth considering.   Styles range from traditional to sporty to somewhat avant garde, and they have models that offer diamonds, for those who like a little bling with their wristwatch.  There are more than 40 different collections, so this is an extremely diverse brand.  All in all, we’d have to say that the trend in the styling of Swiss Legend watches is sporty, but they’ve certainly got something in their product line for all tastes.

Swiss Legend Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of Swiss Legend watches will vary depending on the model.  If you have a model with a quartz movement, you’ll need to change the battery every couple of years, and that’s pretty much it.  If you have one with an automatic movement, you’ll want to have it inspected every two years or so to ensure that the watertight seals remain intact.  You should store your watch in a cool, dry place, and automatic movement watches should be stored in a watch winder to ensure that it runs correctly and maintains the correct time.  Many Swiss Legend watches are sold with a watch winder, so this will help considerably.  You should keep your watch away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields.

Swiss Legend Watches Warranty

Swiss Legend watches - HeritageThe Swiss Legend watches warranty is much better than average, which in the watch industry, is typically two years.  This one is better; your timepiece will be warranted against defects in craftsmanship and materials for five years from the date of purchase.  We estimate that only about 10% of all wristwatch companies offer this good of a warranty, and when you also consider that these timepieces are reasonably priced, you’ll find that they’re a pretty good value.

Swiss Legend Watch Prices

As luxury wristwatches go, you’ll find that Swiss Legend watch prices are quite reasonable.  Their product line includes more than 1000 watches, and suggested retail prices range from about $395 to about $2500, with many models available for under $1000.  We’ve also seen them for sale at significant discounts off of those suggested retail prices.  Given that Swiss Legend watches are Swiss-made and offer a good warranty, this makes them a relative bargain in an industry where it’s not uncommon for such products to sell for $10,000 or more.  We’re not yet seeing a lot of interest in Swiss Legend watches from collectors, but that could be because the brand isn’t all that old.   As they do offer good styling, a lot of features and good build quality, it’s possible that they’ll become collectible at some point in the future.  Right now, buying for investment purposes would be pointless; buy them instead because they’re well-made and attractive at a good price point.

Swiss Legend Watches for Sale

Swiss Legend watches - women's diamonds pave diamond dial whiteYou can find Swiss Legend watches for sale at a number of brick and mortar retailers, including many department stores.  A few jewelry stores sell them, as well. In addition, they are available at a number of Internet retailers, and they offer a great opportunity to buy discount Swiss Legend watches online.  We’ve seen them at up to 75% off at some retailers.  As the product line is huge, no one is going to be carrying everything the company offers, so you may wish to shop around a bit, particularly if you’re looking for something in particular.  Still, for the most part, Swiss Legend watches are widely available in the marketplace.

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Swiss Legend Watches Summary

There’s a lot to like about Swiss Legend watches.  They offer a tremendous number of models and styles.  They have  a lot of features, and they offer models for casual wear, sports wear and evening wear.  The warranty is much better than average, and their pricing is quite aggressive.  All in all, you’re getting a well-made Swiss watch at a great price.  There’s something for everyone in the product line, so if you’re in the market for something durable and affordable, you should definitely consider Swiss Legend watches.