Thierry Mugler Watches Review – Affordable and Stylish

Thierry Mugler Watches Review – Attractive Watches for Women

Thierry Mugler watches may not be particularly well known among collectors of timepieces, and that’s not surprising, as watches are a sideline for a French company that primarily produces other fashion items such as fragrances and clothing.  While Thierry Mugler watches aren’t likely to persuade anyone not to buy a Patek Philippe watch, they are attractive, reasonably well made, affordable and unlike many models, designed for women.  There are a lot of reasons to like Thierry Mugler watches, and if you’re looking for something different at a good price point, they might make a good choice for you.  Read on for our full Thierry Mugler watches review.

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Thierry Mugler Watches Build Quality

Thierry Mugler watches - pink leatherWhile the build quality of Thierry Mugler watches isn’t going to astound anyone, the quality is more than acceptable.  Cases are made of stainless steel, with stainless steel bracelets and leather straps.  The watch face is protected by mineral crystal, and water resistance is typically about 50 meters or so.  As Thierry Mugler watches are primarily designed as fashion accessories, rather than as rugged timepieces, the build quality is more than acceptable, especially considering the price point.

Thierry Mugler Watches Movements

You’re not going to find anything unusual in Thierry Mugler watches movements, as these are relatively inexpensive timepieces, the movements are all quartz electronic models sourced from Asia, which generally means China.  On the plus side, quartz movements don’t require a lot in the way of maintenance.


If you’re looking for technical innovation, you’d best look elsewhere, as Thierry Mugler watches don’t have any features that could be described as innovative.   Thierry Mugler watches are fashion items and take accepted and time-tested technology and put it in an attractive case.  For their intended market, that is likely good enough.

Thierry Mugler Watches Styling and Features

Thierry Mugler watches - white leatherThe styling of Thierry Mugler watches is certainly unique, and you’re going to get a lot of compliments if you’re seen wearing them in public.  Colors are traditional, with gold, rose gold, silver, black and white making up the product line’s color arrangement.  Faces are all round, but the designs of the faces are quite varied, with all kinds of unusual arrangements and styling on the face.  Displays are all analog, despite the quartz movement, and a few models have chronograph features.  We haven’t seen any watches in the Thierry Mugler watches product line that have a date feature; all models feature hour and minute, or hours, minutes and seconds.  Models are currently exclusively for women; we aren’t aware of any models for men in the Thierry Mugler watches product line.  The styling of these timepieces is varied and interesting enough that you should feel comfortable wearing Thierry Mugler watches for casual wear, business wear and even the occasional formal night out.

Thierry Mugler Watches Care and Maintenance

You won’t have too much to worry about regarding maintenance when it comes to Thierry Mugler watches, as the quartz movements don’t require a lot in the way of care.  You will, of course, need to have the battery replaced every two years or so and you’ll want to store Thierry Mugler watches in a cool, dry place and keep them away from extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields.  Aside from this, you won’t need to provide any exceptional care or service to them, and they should provide a few years of service for you.

Thierry Mugler Watches Warranty

The warranty provided with the purchase of Thierry Mugler watches is the industry standard; they are warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for two years from the date of purchase.  We’ve found that 90% of all timepieces have a two year warranty, so that puts Thierry Mugler watches in the same company as Rolex, at least when it comes to a factory warranty.

Thierry Mugler Watch Prices

Thierry Mugler watches - rose tone braceletYou’ll find that Thierry Mugler watch prices are perhaps the most attractive feature of the product line; they are among the more affordable timepieces available from a major design house.  Instead of the thousands of dollars that you might ordinarily expect to pay for a designer watch, Thierry Mugler watches are priced in the hundreds.   Suggested list prices range from a low of about $199 to a high of about $399, though we’ve seen them discounted here and there.  There isn’t really any collector interest in the brand, which isn’t surprising, since low-end designer watches with quartz movements tend not to attract the attention of collectors.  For that reason, we can’t recommend buying Thierry Mugler watches as an investment, but they’re affordable enough that you’ll likely want to buy a couple of them for your daily wear.

Thierry Mugler Watches for Sale

Thierry Mugler watches aren’t particularly difficult to locate in the market; you’ll find them for sale at a number of department stores as well as a few jewelry stores.  You’ll also find them for sale on the Internet and that may represent your best chance to buy discount Thierry Mugler watches online.  At a few online retailers, we’ve seen Thierry Mugler watches discounted to more than 75% off, making them quite a bargain.  In fact, we’ve seen a few models priced at less than $50 retail, so if you like the brand, buying online is a great way to go.  You’ll likely find more than one model that catches your eye, and at those prices, you’ll be tempted to buy two or three.

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Thierry Mugler Watches Summary

Thierry Mugler watches are attractive, reasonably well made and are among the most affordable designer timepieces on the market.  They’re not going to appeal to men, collectors, those who insist on mechanical movements or anyone who values mechanical complications, but if you like a fun sense of style, a decent warranty and an affordable price point, we think you’ll love Thierry Mugler watches.  They’re priced low enough to make them affordable for just about anyone, they come with a decent warranty, and they should provide years of use as both a timepiece and a fashion accessory.