Versus by Versace Watches Review – Affordable Style

Versus by Versace Watches – Style and Price

If you’re looking for a designer watch, rather than a luxury model, you might be inclined to go with a fashion brand.  There are lots of them out there, and some of them actually produce some quality timepieces.  Others offer great styling at an affordable price, and that’s OK, too.  Versus by Versace watches falls into the latter camp, and despite the brand’s reputation for being fairly expensive, Versus by Versace watches are actually quite affordable and offer fun, colorful styling.  No one is going to confuse them with a Rolex, but Versus by Versace watches fill a useful need in the marketplace.  Read on for our full Versus by Versace watches review.

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Versus by Versace Watches Build Quality

Versus by Versace watches - key biscayneThe build quality of Versus by Versace watches is more than adequate; the company uses stainless steel cases and mineral crystal, which, though not as scratch-resistant as sapphire crystal, can certainly do the job of protecting the watch face.  Crowns are push-pull, rather than screw-down, and water resistance is modest, with most models rated at 30-50 meters.  Since these are fashion watches, rather than diving timepieces, such water resistance is more than adequate to meet the needs of Versus by Versace watches buyers.

Versus by Versace Watches Movements

While Versace is an Italian brand, they have their Versus by Versace watches made elsewhere, and the movements used in their timepieces are all highly reliable quartz electronic movements, sourced either from Switzerland or Japan, depending on the model.  While hardcore luxury watch fans prefer automatic movements, quartz offers the advantage of requiring less in the way of maintenance.


Versus by Versace watches is a fairly new brand and isn’t really concerned with watches as anything other than an attractive fashion accessory.  That being the case, you’re not going to find anything in the way of technical innovation.  You’ll see a few models with chronograph features, but you’re not going to find cutting edge mechanical innovation or bizarre complications in Versus by Versace watches.  They’re all about styling.

Versus by Versace Watches Styling and Features

Versus by Versace watches - tokyo zebraThe styling of Versus by Versace watches can be described as colorful and fun.  If you’re tired of brands that offer watches in black, silver or gold, you’re going to love Versus by Versace watches.  Their models include all of the colors of the rainbow, as well as zebra stripes, zippers on the strap and even some with safety pins.  It’s all part of the eye-catching, casual appeal of the brand, and while Versus by Versace watches do feature a few models that have traditional styling, most of the models for both men and women feature lots of color.  All displays are analog, despite the electronic movements and bands are available in leather or stainless steel.  You won’t find real gold or diamonds in Versus by Versace watches, however, but they do have a number of models with gold-toned steel.

Versus by Versace Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of Versus by Versace watches will be minimal, as these watches all feature quartz movements.  You will need to have the batteries replaced every two years or so, but aside from that, you likely won’t need to do anything else in the way of care.  You should be careful to store Versus by Versace watches in a cool, dry place and to keep them away from strong magnetic fields or extremes of temperature, as these can affect the movement and the ability to keep time.  With proper care, your Versus by Versace watches should run well for a number of years.

Versus by Versace Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Versus by Versace watches is the industry average.  The company warrants Versus by Versace watches to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship for two years from the date of purchase.  We have found that more than 90% of all watchmakers offer a two year warranty, so this one is pretty much the same as what everyone else offers.

Versus by Versace Watch Prices

Versus by Versace watches - v race chronographIf you’re on a budget, you’ll welcome the Versus by Versace watch prices, as they are quite affordable as designer watches go.  Priced in the hundreds, rather than the thousands, of dollars, you’ll find that Versus by Versace watches are within the reach of most budgets.  Prices currently range from about $150 to less than $500, which makes Versus by Versace watches quite the bargain in an industry that’s crowded with companies that are seemingly in a battle to see who can charge the most money for their timepieces.  Many attractive models are available for less than $200, so this is a great opportunity to own a watch from a famous fashion brand without breaking the bank.  Collectors aren’t particularly interested in the brand, so you shouldn’t buy Versus by Versace watches with any expectation that they will appreciate in value or become collector’s items.

Versus by Versace Watches for Sale

You’re most likely to find Versus by Versace watches for sale at department stores if you’re the sort who likes shopping at brick and mortar locations.  Many mid-to-high priced stores will carry them, as will any store that carries the Versace brand.  If you like shopping on the Internet, you’ll also find them for sale there, and that may be your best chance to buy discount Versus by Versace watches online.  We have seen them offered for sale at online retailers at nearly 75% off, so it’s worth taking a look online if you’re looking for a genuine bargain.

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Versus by Versace Watches Summary

Versus by Versace watches aren’t going to be for everyone.   They make far more models for women than they do for men, and these are timepieces that are designed for looks, rather than performance.  They’ll keep time, which is sort of the point, but they’re really going to look great as fashion accessories, as they’re available in styles and colors to suit any wardrobe.  Versus by Versace watches offer decent build quality, and adequate warranty, fun, colorful styling and attractive pricing.  If you need something to keep time and will help you accessorize, you’ll love Versus by Versace watches.