Zeno Watches Review – Quality with Classic and Modern Styling

Zeno Watches – Style and Quality

Zeno Watches - WinderZeno watches are among the older brands produced in Switzerland, with the company’s roots dating to 1868.  The modern brand dates to 1922, when the Zeno watches name was first used.  The company is best known for their Pilot series of watches, and sports models and chronographs are still a big part of the Zeno watches product line.

Zeno Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Zeno watches is good; cases are made of high-quality stainless steel.  Watch faces are protected by rock-hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on many models, though some at the lower end of the price range use mineral crystal instead.  Bands are leather or stainless, and water resistance is good.  While water resistance will vary by model, some models in the Zeno watches product line are rated to 500 meters or more, which should be more than adequate for just about anyone.  Zeno watches are well made and should last for many years with proper care.

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Zeno Watches Movements

Zeno watches use several different movements, depending on the style of the watch.  The company features models with both self-winding automatic mechanical movements and highly accurate quartz electronic movements.  Automatic movements are sourced from Switzerland, while the quartz movements are sourced from Miyota (Citizen) in Japan.


There’s a fair amount of innovation to be found in Zeno watches, and if you like elaborate complications, you’ll be at home with the brand.  Models include day and date complications as well as phases of the moon and power reserve indicators.  Sports models feature robust water resistance.  Zeno watches will suit anyone who isn’t content with a watch that merely tells the time.

Zeno Watches Styling and Features

Zeno watches - Lalique whiteThe styling of Zeno watches is a bit interesting; as the company is an older one, many styles feature what might be called traditional styling and a new line from the company is called Retro, which embraces the older look. On the other hand, there are some rather forward-looking models in the Zeno watches product line, particularly in the women’s models, where one will find oddly-shaped cases and bright colors.  Despite the inclusion of quartz movements in the product line, displays are all analog.  Sports models are quite popular, so if you like aviation or chronograph features, you’ll love the brand.  Many newer models also include oversized cases, which is following a current trend within the industry to make Really Big watches.

Zeno Watches Care and Maintenance

Zeno watches - designer blueCare and maintenance of Zeno watches will vary, depending on the model.  If you have a model with a quartz movement, you’ll need to have the battery replaced every two years or so.  At this time, you should also have the watertight seal inspected and/or replaced to ensure continued water resistance.  Zeno watches with automatic movements will require occasional servicing, recommended every 3-7 years, depending on use.  Servicing will require sending the watch to Zeno watches or to an authorized service center, where it will be disassembled, cleaned and have worn parts replaced.   Your Zeno watches should look as good as new when returned to you.  You should also store your watches in a cool, dry place and keep them away from extremes of temperature or magnetic fields.  It would also be a good idea to store automatic Zeno watches in a watch winder, as this will keep the movement working correctly and keeping proper time.  With good care, you should get decades of use out of your timepieces.

Zeno Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Zeno watches is the industry average; the company warrants Zeno watches for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and construction.  These timepieces are thoroughly tested prior to shipping, so defects should be quite rare.

Zeno Watch Prices

Zeno watches - magellano silverAs luxury timepieces go, you’ll find that Zeno watch prices are moderately to fairly expensive.  Models start at about $500, which is quite reasonable for a Swiss-made watch.  Models top out at about $8000, with many models available for no more than $1000.  Automatic models will, of course, cost more than those powered by quartz movements.  Occasional limited edition models will cost more.  While there is some collector interest in the brand, it’s surprisingly modest for an older company, and we’re surprised that collectors aren’t paying higher prices for older Zeno watches models.  We can’t recommend that you buy Zeno watches for an investment, but it’s possible that, with time, your purchase could appreciate in value.

Zeno Watches for Sale

You can find Zeno watches for sale at a number of places, both on and offline.  Officially, you can buy Zeno watches only at authorized retailers, which are usually high end jewelry stores located in major cities.  The company does authorize these retailers to sell online, as well.  Restricting distribution of the product helps keep demand ahead of supply and helps keep prices stable. This also helps avoid the perception in the public that Zeno watches are common or ordinary.  Unofficially, you can find Zeno watches for sale at a number of Internet retailers, and these may represent your best chance to buy discount Zeno watches online.  At various online retailers, we’ve seen Zeno watches discounted as much as 33%-50%, so it’s worth taking a look.  Keep in mind that online retailers may not stock the entire product line, but they should have a good representative sample.

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Zeno Watches Summary

If you’re looking for a quality, well-made automatic Swiss-made watch that won’t cost you the price of a car or a home, you’d benefit from taking a look at Zeno watches.  They’re attractive, offer both traditional and modern styling, and have plenty of models to choose from for both men and women.  Prices are reasonable, the watches are attractive, and they should run well for many years to come.  If you like Swiss tradition, you should give Zeno watches a look.