5 Reasons to Buy a Designer Watch

invicta ladies designer watchIt’s been nearly one hundred years since the wristwatch first became a common fashion item.  Early versions were rather utilitarian, and were created to help soldiers in time of war.  After the war, these items were remodeled to suit consumers at large, and eventually, the designer watch appeared on the market, which not only served as a useful timepiece, but also served as an attractive fashion accessory.

Timepieces created by such companies as Gucci, Michael Kors and Cartier certainly cost more than those offered for sale at your local department store, but many customers swear by them and sales volumes suggest that there may be a number of reasons for owning one, aside from the obvious need of having a device to tell the time.  After all, most people carry cell phones these days, and they can easily provide the time to the user.  No, a designer watch offers more, and in this article we’ll discuss five reasons why it might make sense for you or any consumer to buy one for your own use.

  • Build Quality – While they were once rather expensive, wristwatches have become commodities today, at least in terms of difficulty of manufacture.  Originally made by hand, modern timepieces are now mass produced worldwide, and those made overseas, particularly in China, can often be had for less than five dollars retail.  Of course, you get what you pay for, and inexpensive imported electronic watches often have a rather short life, especially when compared to well-built, handcrafted Swiss models with jeweled movements.  These timepieces are made with quality, durable materials, and are intentionally built to last for years, if not decades.  While they do cost more than the inexpensive variety store models, they will also last much longer and may possibly provide more accurate time, as well.
  • Appearance – Many designer watches are built and marketed as fashion accessories.  Some are made for sports use, and have a rugged appearance, while others are more delicate, resembling jewelry, and are more suitable for formal occasions.  Many customers own a collection of watches in order to have them augment their wardrobe, including models which are casual and formal in appearance.  A nice wristwatch can enhance the wearer’s appearance, and the common use of silver, gold, and even diamonds in their construction adds to their value as attractive jewelry.
  •  Convenience – While it is true that a cellphone can provide the time to the user, they aren’t very convenient.  Unless you are carrying your phone with you at all times, checking the time requires that you remove the phone from your pocket or purse and in some cases, that you turn it on.  This can be somewhat time consuming, and a bit awkward if you happen to have something else in your hands at the time.  A watch, on the other hand, is conveniently located on your wrist, and you can easily see the time at a glance, saving you both time and effort.
  • Status – While this may not matter in everyone’s social circle, many consumers are keenly aware of the importance of brand names in marketing.  If you are wearing a Bvlgari or Fossil watch, savvy consumers will take notice.  They may notice simply because such watches are attractive and stand out, or they may notice because the designs of certain brands are somewhat distinctive in appearance.  And yes, some people may be impressed and think more highly of you if they see that you are wearing a designer watch from a well-known manufacturer.  It may sound shallow, and perhaps it is, but people do respond positively to such things.  You might even find that having such a watch on your wrist serves as an icebreaker, as strangers may even approach you to ask about it, or may ask you for the time, just to get a glance at your timepiece.
  • Value – While a designer watch can certainly set you back in terms of price, ranging from tens of dollars to tens of thousands, many of them hold their value and some even increase in value over time.  Buying a wristwatch that’s well made requires an investment up front, but you save money over time because you won’t find it necessary to replace it periodically, as you would have to do with a less expensive timepiece.  In addition, some famous brands of watches, such as those made by Rolex or Patek Phillippe, to offer extreme examples, are collectible in their own right, and are quite likely to increase in value as time goes on.  This is particularly true of watches that are made with precious metals or those which contain jewels, such as diamonds or emeralds.  Many such watches represent smart investments, and many people collect them for their appreciation potential alone.

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emporio armani mens designer watch

The reasons listed above are by no means the only reasons to consider buying a designer watch; they are simply among the most popular reasons cited by those who have purchased them.  Obviously, not all of those justifications will apply to everyone, as no two people have the same tastes, nor do any two people need the same reasons for doing anything.  Sometimes, people just want a handy way to tell the time, and the amount of money they need to spend isn’t all that important to them.  Still, at least one of the reasons listed above will likely appeal to everyone.  Perhaps you need a handy way to tell the time.  Perhaps you need that one little fashion accessory to augment a particular out fit in just the right way.  Or perhaps you’re just looking for something small that will appreciate in value over time and which you can add to your investment portfolio.  Regardless of the reason, designer watches appeal to a wide variety of consumers, and chances are good that there’s a model out there that will catch your eye.  There are literally hundreds of manufacturers, with thousands of models to appeal to the tastes of both men and women.  That being the case, there’s certainly a designer wristwatch out there that’s right for you.

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