Android Watches Review – Inventive, Sturdy, and Affordable

Android Watches – Interesting and Affordable


Android watches - Divemaster EnforcerIt wouldn’t be much of a surprise if you said you weren’t familiar with Android watches, as the company isn’t all that old and is competing in an industry with many companies that have been around for more than a century.

Still, Android watches are worth looking into, as they largely represent the vision of one person – Wing Liang, who founded Android watches in 1991 and remains the company’s only designer.  And what designs they are!  The product line features cutting edge features, innovative styling and terrific build quality.

When you combine that with attractive pricing, it all adds up to a product that’s well worth considering if you’re looking for something that’s both well-made and a bit unusual.

Read on for the full Android watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

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Android Watches Build Quality

Build quality of Android watches varies from good to exceptional.  The company uses stainless steel, carbon fiber, high tech ceramics and tungsten for their cases, along with screw-down crowns and sapphire crystal.

Water resistance varies by model, but we’ve seen models in the product line offering 200 meters of resistance, and it’s possible that some offer more.  Bracelets are leather, stainless steel and tungsten, as well, so these are rugged, well-made timepieces that should run well for years with proper care.


You’ll find movements sourced from several vendors, including Miyota in Japan, which is a division of Citizen, and ISA and Ronda in Switzerland.  Movements are mechanical, automatic, and quartz electronic.


You’ll find a fair amount of innovation with Android watches, though it’s their styling that truly stands out.  They do offer models with various complications including the date, the day of the week, and a tourbillon in a few models.

Other models have chronograph features.  In addition, they are using materials such as carbon fiber, ceramic and tungsten, which are currently only used by a few watchmakers.

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Styling and Features

Android watches - Concept S AutomaticThe company offers literally hundreds of styles; we’re astonished at the diversity of their product line, particularly given that every single timepiece was designed by one person.  Displays are all analog, but after that, all bets are off.

You want color?  You’ll find pretty much all of them – yellow, red, blue, orange, various shades of green, pink, purple and more.  Models are available in traditional designs, sports models, and designs that are fairly avant garde and simply “out there.”

Bands are available in stainless steel, rubber, leather and tungsten.  If you’re bored with watches with round faces, they have a few that are in a shape that rather defies description, along with a few rectangles.  They have limited edition models with elaborate complications and skeleton models that allow you to see the working parts inside the timepiece.

They’ve even got a few models with diamonds for those who like a little bling with their watch.  It’s hard to imagine that there’s anyone out there who couldn’t find something to like in the line of Android watches.

Care and Maintenance

Android watches - women's Concept T40 SkeletonThe amount of care and maintenance depends on the model.  Quartz models will need to have the battery replaced every couple of years, and for most models, the company will replace this for free, which is a nice touch that we haven’t seen before.

Models with mechanical movements will require occasional service; most companies recommend that the watch be returned to the maker every five years or so to ensure that the timepiece is working properly.  This servicing will include replacement of worn parts and cleaning of others, as well as a general cleaning and polishing of the watch and testing to ensure accuracy and water resistance.

Other than this, you should keep your watch stored in a cool, dry place and if it’s an automatic movement model, you should store it in a watch winder to keep it working properly.

Android Watches Warranty

The warranty is the industry standard of two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. These are well-tested at the factory, so genuine defects should probably be quite rare.


Android watches - Hercules Ceramic Automatic TourbillonIf you’ve spent any time researching the prices of elaborate wristwatches or luxury timepieces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that prices are quite reasonable, and top out at moderately expensive.

We’ve seen models in the company’s product line with a list price of $150 or so, and the current top of the line model, a limited edition model with a tourbillon, has a list price of $5000.

There’s not a lot of collector interest yet, but we expect that to change as the brand become better known.  Limited edition models and those with elaborate complications may appreciate in value as time goes on.  All in all, we think that Android watch prices are quite reasonable.

Android Watches for Sale

You can find Android watches for sale at a number of brick and mortar retailers, including department stores and jewelers.  You can also find them for sale from a number of Internet retailers, and those represent your best opportunity to buy discount Android watches.

The company’s product line is huge, and there are many limited edition models, so don’t be surprised if any single retailer only carries a handful of models.  You may have to shop around a bit if you’re looking for something specific, but most retailers carry a good representative sampling of the company’s product line.

Android Watches Summary

We’re pretty impressed with Android watches; they have a lot to offer without insisting that we break the bank to buy one.  The company offers a vast selection of models for both men and women in styles that cover daily casual wear, business wear and formal occasions.  They use all of the colors of the spectrum, use inventive materials in their construction and have models with elaborate mechanical complications for those who enjoy such things.  Their warranty and service are good, their build quality is terrific, and their pricing is pretty attractive, especially when compared with other luxury brands.  All and all, we find Android watches to offer great value and they likely have something that will appeal to everyone.

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