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ASICS Watches Review


asics watches reviewIf you’re a fan of high-quality, handmade mechanical timepieces, ASICS watches likely won’t be for you.  On the other hand, if you’re a marathon runner, casual jogger, or someone who likes to exercise regularly, you might find ASICS watches to be a useful tool to have around, and it tells the time, too.

The watches are marketed by the ASICS Corporation, which is a Japanese manufacturer or sportswear, including sneakers, professional athletic shoes and other athletic wear.  They also sell watches, though we’re not sure about who is actually selling the watches, as the company Website has a copyright on it by the Seiko Corporation.

ASICS, according to the company Website, is short for the motto “Anima Sana in Copore Sano,” which means “Sound Mind in a Sound Body.”

Still, if ASICS watches are made by Seiko, then they’re likely going to be reliable timepieces, as Seiko is one of the most reputable watchmaking companies in the world.  Seiko makes watches that are more suitable to businesswear and everyday wear, while these are clearly made for sporting use.

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Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Asics Watches Build Quality

The build is more than adequate, given that they’re basically watches designed for running.  Cases are generally plastic, though many models have aluminum bezels.  The watch faces are protected by either plastic or mineral glass, depending on the models.

Water resistance is typically about 50 meters, which means that you can get them wet, but you shouldn’t go swimming in them.   For affordable sports watches, they’re well-built enough to do their jobs.


It shouldn’t surprise you to find that ASICS watches all have quartz electronic movements, likely sourced from Seiko.  Quartz movements are highly reliable and highly accurate and require a minimal amount of maintenance.  They’re also easily modified to include many of the features that buyers want to see in sports watches, such as chronograph functions.

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As these are relatively inexpensive timepieces, you’re not going to find exotic functions or complications in them, but they do have some interesting features that you’ll find useful in a running watch.  Otherwise, you’re going to find basic timekeeping and chronograph features, but no moon phases, tourbillon or perpetual calendar.

asics mens watch

Styling and Features

Styling for ASICS watches is rather binary, as all of their watches have a similar style and look.  You’re either going to like them or you’re going to hate them.  There isn’t much middle ground and there isn’t a lot of variety in the styling – they’re all rather oddly-shaped timepieces.

On the plus side, they do offer a variety of colors, so if you like a watch that really stands out when you’re wearing it, you’re going to like this brand

They do have some useful features that will come in handy when you’re running.  Options vary by model, but in addition to time and chronongraph features, many models of ASICS watches will include lap counters, and some can count up to 500 laps, for those who like to run a lot.

One model, the AR08, or “Night Run” watch, includes an LED that flashes every few seconds.  This is ideal for people who like to run at night, as the bright LED light makes it easy for motorists to see you.

Most models run in the 39mm to 50mm size for cases, making them somewhat large, but not overly bulky.  Many models also include multiple alarms, which can come in handy for a number of uses.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is relatively simple, as they all have battery-powered quartz movements.  The batteries have an estimated life of 3 years, at which time you’ll have to replace it.  Aside from that, you won’t find any other necessary maintenance, aside from the usual precautions that you should take with any watch.  That would include keeping them away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields.

With care, you’ll find that your watch will run for years without giving you much trouble.

Asics Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase is slightly less than the industry average; you’ll get a one-year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  On the other hand, some retailers, such as Amazon, offer a two year warranty with the purchase this brand, so you may wish to consider this when deciding where to buy.


asics watches unisexThe pricing is quite reasonable, especially given their feature set.  Prices range from about $60 to $300, though most models run in the $80-$100 range, making them affordable for just about anyone who wants a good quality running watch.

Prices will vary from one retailer to another, and you’ll likely find your best opportunity to buy discount watches if you shop online.

Where to Buy

You can find them for sale at a number of online retailers, including Amazon.  You’ll also likely find them for sale at a number of sporting goods stores, or anywhere that you’d find sporting apparel.  You’d be less likely to find them in jewelry stores or stores that specialize in watches, as they’re marketed more to sports fans than to watch aficionados.

Asics Watches Summary

This brand isn’t going to be for everyone, and they’re certainly not going to be for watch collectors, fans of mechanical complications, or people who want to see precious metals or gemstones in their timepieces.

ASICS watches are for runners, mostly, and they’re affordably priced and brightly colored and include useful features that will come in handy of you ride a bike or jog on a regular basis.  They don’t require a lot of maintenance, and the chronograph and lap counting features will make them invaluable to runners.

If you need a quality sporting watch that’s going to run for years to come and which won’t cost you a fortune, ASICS watches might be a good choice for you.

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