Best Men’s Watches 2019 – What to Look For

Best Men’s Watches 2019

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but as they say in the luxury watch industry, “time flies.” Indeed, it does, and with the new year come new products and new ideas, and many buyers are likely wondering about the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer. Will there be revolutionary change? Interesting new features? Huge increases or decreases in prices?

best men's watches 2019 - fossile q founderAs you might well expect, changes in the watch industry tend to come rather slowly. This isn’t the smartphone market, where products become obsolete within a year. The watchmaking industry learned their lesson in the 1970s with the introduction of digital timepieces that making swift, wholesale changes can be a poor business move. Since that debacle, which put a lot of watchmakers out of business, the industry has more slowly adapted to changes in the marketplace. Let’s see what the best men’s watches 2019 have to offer.

The Best Men’s Watches 2019 Include Smartwatches

Smartwatches have been around since the 1980s, but the modern version has been available for only a short time. When Apple introduced the Apple Watch last year, the industry was shaken up a bit. Not much; long time watch aficionados aren’t going to get rid of their Rolexes because Apple introduced a watch, but Apple has managed to get a lot of people interested in wearing a timepiece who might not have been interested before.

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The earliest incarnations of the modern smart watch required an Iphone or an Android phone to use, and looked awful. Plus, they had short battery life and really just mattered to the geek type who like gadgets. That’s changing, and the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer now include smart watches for the fashion conscious, as well. Newer models don’t necessarily require a cell phone for functionality, and a number of manufacturers, such as Tag Heuer, are offering smart watches with incredible styling that will look good on any man’s wrist. These watches won’t stand out or make people think, “Wow. He’s wearing a gadget on his wrist.” No, the new smart watches look good, offer great functionality and will run for longer periods of time without recharging.

elini barokas watches - equinoxBig faces – The best men’s watches 2019 will still have oversized faces. This trend has been going on for some time now, and gigantic, oversized watch faces remain in vogue. Of course, such things come and go; in the early 1980s, everyone was wearing gigantic oversized glasses and when you see them now in photos, they just look silly. Still, for the time being, the public loves big watch faces, and that gives manufacturers room to include extra features and complications. One thing we’re seeing on a lot of the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer are larger dials for the chronograph features, and the larger faces leave lots of room for those, as well as larger calendars and moon phase complications.

Less color – This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but we’re starting to see a return to more traditional styling. The best men’s watches 2019 has to offer will include some color here and there, but look for lots of leather, or black rubber for sports models. You’ll see more silver and gold-colored watches than ever before. Of course, if you want real gold, you can still get those from companies such as Rolex, and the great thing about those is that they never go out of style. If you have a gold Rolex from decades ago, you can still look sharp in the boardroom when you wear it today.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster ChimePricing – Pricing remains a mystery in the watch industry, as we see manufacturers scrambling to outdo one another at both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, we have companies such as Daniel Wellington, trying to produce a quality timepiece at a really affordable price point. At the other end, makers such as Patek Philippe are continuing to produce ultra-limited edition timepieces that only a handful of buyers could possibly afford. The good news for everyone is that the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer will include models that will suit the budget for just about everyone.

Electronic still rules – Of course, that affordability is going to come with some sacrifice, and that sacrifice involves the actual works of the timepiece itself. While the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer will almost certainly involve traditional mechanical movements, those movements do necessarily involve a lot of labor and investment on the part of the manufacturer, and that is going to mean a higher retail price. On the other hand, those buyers who are cost-conscious and want a great looking timepiece at a more reasonable price will find more of them than ever, as the majority of manufacturers are using reliable quartz electronic movements. The growth of the industry in China means that attractive, reliable watches are more affordable than ever before. If you favor looks over traditional performance, you’ll be pleased with the options available to you among the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer.

Activa watches - Giotto 40Digital displays – While digital displays had their day in the 1970s, they’re not entirely gone. While the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer will still feature analog displays with hands and sweep second hands, there are a few manufacturers out there that still lean towards making modern-looking timepieces with digital displays. Puma makes a number of timepieces with bright, flashy colors that have a variety of features, an attractive digital display, and all packaged at an affordable price point.

Best Men’s Watches 2019 Summary

If you’re looking for radical changes in the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer, you’ll likely be disappointed. Last year was the year for that, with the smart watch drawing all of the attention. That has settled down, and while 2019 will see a few major brands move towards including a smart watch in their product line, we’re not going to see wholesale movement in that direction. The old guard will stay with what works, so don’t look for a Rolex smartwatch anytime soon. Just look for a better selection, more features, more traditional styling and a greater variation in price points. If you’re looking for the best men’s watches 2019 has to offer, now is a great time to be shopping.

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