Buy a Designer Watch as a Gift

Designer Watches as Gifts

This is the time of the year when gift giving comes to mind, as we want to think of clever things to give our friends and loved ones as a means of celebrating the holidays.  Some people are easier to shop for than others, and it can be difficult to find that item that’s “just right” for some people who seemingly have everything.  Fortunately, there’s an answer to every problem, and we happen to think that giving a designer watch as a Christmas or Hanukkah gift is the perfect way to let someone special know that you’re thinking of them.

We’ll list a few reasons why we think it makes sense to buy a designer watch and give them as gifts:

designer watch as a giftBasic need – Well, at their very minimum, designer watches offer the time of day.  Some, including those elaborate models with complications, offer much more, including the day of the week, the day of the month, phases of the moon, and more, but at their most basic, a watch will tell the time.  Everyone needs to know the time of day and while a cell phone will do the job adequately, it’s just not as convenient to pull out your phone when you want to know the time.  That’s why a watch is perfect.  It’s always on, and it’s always at hand for a quick glance when you need to know the time.

Variety –  A lot of people think that a watch is simply a watch, but that just isn’t the case.  Designer watches come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  There are models that are suitable for everyday casual wear.  Other models are suitable for business attire.  Others are designed for sports use and still others look great with a tuxedo or an evening gown.  But those basic styles are just the tip of the iceberg.  Within those styles are thousands of distinctive looks, with various materials, sizes, colors and functions.  There are as many different types of watches out there as you can imagine, and that means that there’s likely something out there that’s suitable for everyone, including the pickiest of people.  The variety of designer watches is so great that even if your intended recipient is a fan or collector of designer watches, it shouldn’t be too difficult to buy something for them that they don’t already have and that they’ll certainly appreciate.

Diversity of pricing – Not everyone is going to have the same taste, and not everyone is going to have the same price range.  You might think that designer watches are necessarily expensive, and that’s certainly true if you’re thinking of buying a Hublot or a Rolex for someone.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are many designer watch brands that are surprisingly affordable. In fact, it’s possible to buy designer watches for less than $50.  Now you won’t get a Rolex for that price, but you will get an attractive, well-made, functional timepiece that will look good when the recipient wears it and it will likely bring a smile to their face.  Sure, you can spend thousands if you want to and if you have the budget, but don’t dismiss buying a designer watch as a holiday gift out of hand simply because you think it will cost too much money.  That’s not the case at all.

Breil watches - women's Precious rose goldThey’re long lasting gifts – A well made designer watch can run well and keep good time for many years.  Some will even last for decades with proper care.  That’s what makes this a great gift – your recipient can wear the watch for years to come, and every time they look at their wrist they’ll think of you and how kind you were to give them such a useful gift.  As most designer watches are sold with a minimum warranty of at least two years, you know that the gift you give today will, at a minimum, provide a couple of years of service to the recipient.  That’s more than you can say about a fruitcake or a necktie, isn’t it?

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They present well – Designer watches look nice, and when your recipient opens their gift, they, and everyone around them, will likely be impressed at your thoughtful present.  Even if you got it on sale or happened to find a bargain on a brand name designer watch, your gift will give the impression that you spent a lot of money on it.  Perhaps you did or maybe you didn’t.  Regardless, your recipient will think you did, and they’ll think highly of you as a result.

Corum watches - Billionaire TourbillonStyle – If your intended recipient likes fashion, designer watches make great fashion accessories.  Like a piece of jewelry, a nice watch adds to a person’s appearance when they dress up.  They might not necessarily think that they need a watch when they’re picking out a dress to wear to a party, but the right watch, and one that matches what they’re wearing, can help make them look “complete” by helping them become fully accessorized.  If you happen to know what sort of clothes or styles your intended recipient prefers, you can tailor your purchase to suit their tastes.  Some designer watches come with interchangeable bezels, bands or straps, making it easy to change the look or color of the watch in order to match whatever they’re wearing on that particular day.  That way, they’ll have something that will look good with a variety of outfits and not just one.

A designer watch makes a great gift.  They’re well-made and are likely to last a long time.  Name brand watches give the impression that whomever gave the gift thinks highly of the recipient.  They look good and will help accessorize whatever the wearer happens to be wearing that particular day.  Unlike other gifts, a designer watch is well made and will likely run well and provide a useful service for many years to come.  All in all, we think a designer watch makes the perfect gift, be it for Christmas, a birthday, Hanukkah, or any other occasion.

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