Christian Dior Watches Review – Performance and Spectacle

Christian Dior Watches – Beauty and Function


christian dior watchesWe know what you’re thinking – “Oh, no, another ‘fashion’ watch.”  We don’t blame you for thinking that, even when Christian Dior watches come to mind.  Lots of wristwatches from fashion houses are nothing special.  The companies that primarily make dresses, shoes and handbags realize that other accessories are profitable, so they usually add some timepieces to their product line.  Often, these timepieces are sourced from God-knows-where, and are often of questionable quality.

That’s not the case here.  These timepieces are made with the same attention to detail that the company puts into all of their products, and the result is a line of timepieces that are truly stunning as well as well-built and functional.

Watches from this fashion house aren’t going to suit everyone’s taste and they’re certainly not going to suit everyone’s wallet.  But if you want a timepiece that is built to last, has a design that will truly draw attention and is something that not just everyone will be wearing, you really should give the brand a look.

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Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Christian Dior Watches Build Quality

Bands are leather, stainless steel and gold.  Movements are both quartz and automatic, and all are Swiss-made.  The watch face is protected by rock-hard sapphire crystal, and despite the fact that these watches are mostly fashion items, they’re surprisingly water resistant, with most models sporting resistance to 50 meters.

These are not just “pretty” watches.  They’re well-made and they’re likely to last a long time.


These watches are Swiss made.  No, the company doesn’t build them in-house; Christian Dior watches are made using movements by ETA and Zenith.   These are highly reliable movements that should work well for years.

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When it comes to “innovation” and wristwatches, most people think of complications.  That’s fair; if you’re looking at Patek Philippe watches, for instance, “innovation” means “more features.”  That generally doesn’t apply to fashion watches, of course.  You’ll have basic functions, and perhaps a few models with chronometer features, but you’re not going to see cutting-edge features.  No, with Christian Dior watches, the innovation is all about design, and they work really hard to make some watches that are truly eye-catching.  That’s their strong suit, and they’ll leave tides and moon phases to the companies that do that work the best.

Styling and Features

christian dior watchesNot surprisingly, the styling leans towards models for women.  They have few models that are exclusively for men, though they do have a few models that are designated as unisex.  In women’s models, they offer eye-popping displays of color, dramatic attention-grabbing faces, and lots and lots of diamonds.  One model we have recently seen had more than nine hundred diamonds.  If you like sparkle and bling, then you will love the brand.

You’ll also see models showing off gold and platinum, as well as all of the colors of the rainbow – blues, greens, pinks and more.  Many of their models are limited editions, and we have even seen a few models that were limited in production to one unit.  If you want something truly exclusive that no one else is going to own, they may have just what you need.

are and Maintenance

As these are high quality timepieces, a bit of maintenance is occasionally going to be in order. In the case of quartz models, you’ll want to have the batteries replaced every two years or so.  In the case of automatic models, you will likely need to send the watch back to the company or take it to an authorized service center every three to five years to ensure that the watch is operating properly.

As many models have diamonds and other jewelry, it would also make sense to have them examined by a jeweler every few years to ensure that the jewels remain properly mounted.  An occasional cleaning and polishing will be helpful, as well.

As with all timepieces, you should keep your watch away from extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields. With proper care, your watch should run well for decades to come.

Christian Dior Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Christian Dior watches is the industry standard – two years against defects in materials and craftsmanship from the date of purchase.  This might not seem very long, but you’ll find that these timepieces are rigorously tested at the factory prior to shipping, so defects are likely uncommon.


christian dior watchesNo surprise here; these watches are expensive.  If you’re looking for an entry level timepiece, this is not the brand for you.  Prices range from a low of about $1500 or so to a high that’s likely in the six figure range.  It’s hard to tell just how the prices go, as several of these models are limited to a handful of production units, but with as many diamonds as they put into some of these watches, prices can easily top $100,000.  Many models are available in the $5000-$10,000 range.

Where to Buy

Officially, Christian Dior watches are available for sale only at company-owned boutiques.  That generally means that you’re only going to find them in major cities around the world, along with a few other resort destinations here and there.  Unofficially, you can also find the company’s watches for sale at a few select retailers online.  The benefit of shopping online is that these retailers will likely offer you the only opportunity you’ll have to buy them at a discount anywhere, as the company strictly controls pricing.

Keep in mind that not all online retailers are likely to carry everything the company makes, as their product line is rather large.

Christian Dior Watches Summary

Christian Dior watches are beautiful, functional, and will serve to grab the attention and envy of your friends and enemies alike.   They’re not cheap, but they’re well made, well designed and simply gorgeous.  If you’re looking for something that no one else will have, something that’s going to last, and something that will look like the work of art it was intended to be, you’ll do well to consider Christian Dior watches the next time your shopping for a luxury timepiece.

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