DKNY Watches Review- Attractive and Affordable

DKNY Watches – Affordable Beauty


dkny watches - men's sohoIf you regularly follow women’s fashion, you’re probably familiar with the DKNY brand.   It’s a division of Donna Karan, but it’s their more affordable, “fast fashion” line designed to jump on current fashion trends as quickly as possible to get new products to market while the interest is still high.

While the company primarily makes clothing, they also sell accessories, including timepieces.  While mostly offered for women, DKNY watches also have a few models for men, and their entire line is, in keeping with the company’s overall philosophy, both attractive and affordable.  You’ll look good wearing DKNY watches and you won’t break your bank when you buy them.

Read on for the full DKNY watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

DKNY Watches Build Quality

This brand is built by a company that, first and foremost, makes clothing.  Their timepieces are an accessory line and as they’re quite affordable as designer watches go, you’re not going to find them to be exceptionally rugged.  That said, they feature stainless steel cases and reliable electronic movements, and with care, you should get your money’s worth out of them.  Water resistance seems to be in the 30 meter to 50 meter range, so we wouldn’t recommend wearing them for scuba diving.  But you knew that, right?


As near as we can tell, all models feature electronic quartz crystal movements sourced from Asia, which probably means China.  Quartz movements are somewhat of a commodity these days, and pretty much all of them, from any source, are reliable and accurate.


DKNY watches are about fashion innovation, not timepiece technology innovation.  You’re unlikely to see any technology used here that is not available on any other designer timepiece.  That’s not a knock against them; it’s just that technical innovation is not what they do.  If you need cutting-edge gadgetry and unusual power schemes, you’re looking for a watch from Tissot or Citizen, rather than DKNY watches.  You’ll also be spending a great deal more money.

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DKNY Watches Styling and Features

dkny watches - tompkins grey saffiano leather logoFor the most part, you’ll find what we would call traditional styling, with gold, silver and black being the primary colors used in their models, along with occasional faux-diamond and gold colored accents.

They offer more models with the bracelet band than those with leather straps, and most of their models are for women.  While most of their 100 or so models are for daily casual and business wear, they have a few that would look pretty fancy with evening dress and they make a few sports models with chronograph features, as well.  Displays are all analog; you’re buying a watch with hands, rather than a digital display.

Care and Maintenance

As all of the company’s watches feature electronic quartz movements, you’ll need to replace the battery every couple of years.  You’ll want to store it in a cool, dry place, and away from strong magnetic fields, extremes of temperature, or exposure to caustic chemicals.  Clean by wiping with a soft cloth.  With proper care, you should get a few years of use out of your purchase.

DKNY Watches Warranty

When you buy, you’ll receive a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in construction or materials.  This is on the low end as designer watch warranties go, but then again, these are relatively inexpensive timepieces.

If something goes wrong, it’s likely to turn up within the first year of use.  You may have the opportunity to buy an extended warranty at the time of purchase for an additional fee; you should inquire about this at the point of sale if this interests you.


dkny watches - crosby crossoverAside from the fact that they’re quite attractive and will make great fashion accessories, the brand quite affordable, and extraordinarily so in the often super-expensive world of luxury watches.  They offer roughly 100 models at present, and we often see some models for sale for less than $50.

The top of the line models sell for about $300 or so, making these some of the most affordable designer watches on the market.  There’s not a whole lot of collector interest, so don’t buy one expecting it to become valuable over time.

There’s a bit of interest in discontinued models, but they tend to sell for no more than the models that are currently in production do on the collector’s market.  All that said, these are very attractive, very affordable timepieces.  If you’re looking for a nice looking watch at a great price point, you’ll do well with these.

Where to Buy

You can find the brand for sale at a variety of retailers, including major department stores and a few jewelry stores.  You’ll certainly find them for sale at any store that is likely to carry their clothing line.   In addition, you can find them for sale at a number of online retailers.  With a relatively large number of models for sale, you’re unlikely to find any single retailer that stocks their entire line, so you may wish to shop around a bit if you can’t find what you’re looking for right away.

DKNY Watches Summary

If you’re looking for a great fashion accessory at a price that’s truly affordable, DKNY watches should certainly be on your short list.   They’re not loaded with features, and you’re not going to find them with real diamonds, and they’re not going to be super water resistant.  On the other hand, they offer a lot of models, they have all of the features that most people need, and they’re just crazy affordable.

They only offer a few models for men, so they’re probably not going to be the go-to brand for most guys, but for women, they offer beautiful models for daily casual wear, business wear and even formal evening wear.  Most designer watches are priced so that only a few privileged people can afford them.  That’s not the case here; DKNY watches are beautiful timepieces that anyone can afford.  If you’re looking for a quality timepiece at an irresistible price point, these beautiful watches will be perfect for you.

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