Edox Watches Review – Innovative Styling and Performance

Edox Watches – Style and Performance


Edox Watches - Silver dial black calfskinWhile a lot of buyers may not be familiar with them, Edox watches have been crafted in Switzerland since the 1880s and have long been among the leading technical innovators in the industry.

While the company has changed owners a few times during the 130 years they’ve been in business, they continue to produce high quality timepieces that feature unusual designs and limited edition production.

If you’re looking for something that will last a long time, will look great for any occasion and will impress your friends just by looking a bit out of the ordinary, you’ll love Edox watches.

Read on for the full Edox watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Edox Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Edox watches is quite good, with most models featuring stainless steel cases.  A few models make use of high tech ceramics in their construction, and the water resistance throughout the product line is quite good, with some models being rated at 300 meters or better.  They use sapphire crystal to protect the watch face, which is hard and scratch-resistant.

Edox Watches Movements

These watches are sold with several different movements.  They offer traditional manually wound mechanical movements, self-winding automatic mechanical movements and high-tech, highly reliable quartz movements.  All are Swiss-made.


Over the years, the company has led the industry with lots of technical innovation, mostly along the lines of improving water resistance.  The Delfin and Hydrosub models, produced in the 1960s, were among the most highly regarded water-resistant models of their day.  The company continues its history of innovation today, though most of what we’re seeing now along those lines comes in the form of design, which stands out in a crowded field.

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Styling and Features

Edox watches - mother of pearlThe styling floats between the traditional and the sporty, but both offer a twist.  Many models in both categories feature square or rectangular faces, rather than the traditional round, and inset dials come in a variety of sizes and are often found in unusual locations.

While these watches tend to feature the same kinds of chronograph features that you’ll find in their competitors’ models, you’ll find the features laid out a bit differently, so these are watches that tend to stand out.

If you like diamonds, you’ll find a few models that use them, though the company favors stainless steel cases, rather than gold.  Bracelets are stainless steel, leather and rubber, depending on the model.

Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance will vary, depending on the model.  For quartz models, you’ll need to have the battery replaced every two years or so.  Automatic and manual mechanical models will require servicing every five years or so.  This will involve sending the watch to either the manufacturer or an authorized service center, where the watch will be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated with worn parts being replaced.  It should be returned to you in like-new condition.

Aside from these considerations, you should store your timepiece in a cool, dry place and keep them away from extremes of temperature or from strong magnetic fields. Automatic models should ideally be stored in a watch winder in order to keep them running smoothly.  With proper care, your watch should run for many years, if not decades.

Edox Watches Warranty

The warranty is good, but not exceptional; the company warrants their products for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.  This is the average warranty in in the industry; we estimate that 90% of all watchmakers offer a two year warranty.  That said, these are thoroughly tested timepieces, so the likelihood of receiving a defective model is quite low.


Edox watches - silver dial white calfskinYou’ll find that prices range from moderately expensive to very expensive.  Prices at the low end of the product line start at about $1000, with high end models, such as those produced in limited editions or those featuring diamonds, topping out at about $20,000 or so.

As luxury models go, these prices aren’t excessively high; there  are many companies that make products that sell for far more money.  There’s a bit of collector interest in the brand, as there is in many older Swiss brands, and some models will sell for quite a bit of money on the collector market, particularly those that are no longer in production or older, vintage models.

We’re not recommending that you buy as an investment, but you may find that they appreciate in time, and that would be a nice addition to your purchase.

Where to Buy

As with many luxury watch brands, these watches have their pricing and distribution strictly controlled by the manufacturer in order to avoid brand dilution.  This happens when a product is seen for sale at many locations, giving buyers the idea that the products are common or ordinary.

As such, Edox watches are not sold via the company Website, but are sold through authorized retailers, which are generally high-end jewelry stores located in major cities.  Unofficially, you can also find them for sale on the Internet through a few online retailers.   These retailers offer your best opportunity to find discount pricing.

The company has a fairly large product line, so don’t be surprised if no single retailers stocks everything the company makes.  Limited edition models in particular may be hard to find, depending on the model.

Edox Watches Summary

We weren’t overly familiar with Edox watches, but we like what we see.  Their styling stands out in an industry where everything tends to look alike.  They offer models that will look good with casual wear, business wear, evening wear as well as sports and chronograph models.

Their styling is diverse enough that just about everyone should be able to find something that they like, and the pricing is broad enough to appeal to a relatively large group of people.  If you like good build quality and out of the ordinary styling, we think that Edox watches might be a good choice for you.

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