Fossil Watches Review – Good Value, Attractive Design

Fossil Watches – Affordable Luxury


fossil watches for womenIf you are looking for a timepiece that incorporates good looks and a great price, you might want to consider Fossil watches.  Based in Texas and originally founded as a company to sell inexpensive imported goods, Fossil has grown over the past 25 years to become a fashion accessory company that sells handbags, wallets, belts and more.

Their primary product line is timepieces, and they have a solid reputation for quality and affordability.  The company’s name stems from a nickname the two founders had for their father, and the design focus of Fossil watches is that of “modern vintage” – modern timepieces that offer a retro look.  Their product lines offer a wide variety of styles, with roughly one hundred different models to choose from, in both men’s and women’s styles.

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While Fossil watches are available with leather bands, most of the company’s product lines offer stainless steel bands, along with stainless steel construction of the watch itself.  Movements are electronic, and owners are likely to get several years of use out of the battery-powered movement.  The company’s watches are manufactured in both China and Switzerland.   The company’s watches are typically water resistant to 50 meters, allow you to wear them around water without becoming overly concerned about potential damage from water exposure.

These watches come in rather unique packaging; most of them come in a can or “tin”, in order to evoke the company’s retro styling.  These tins are useful for storing the watch or for other uses.  A few of them have even become collectible unto themselves.

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Fossil watches are known for innovation; they released a model about ten years ago that served as a mini-PDA and ran on the Palm operating system.  In 2006, they offered a watch that included a caller ID feature, enabling users to see who was calling them on their cellphones.  While both of these products were relatively short-lived, they were indicators of how the company is rather forward-thinking in terms of function, even as they are retro in their designs.

Fossil watches come in a variety of styles in both men’s and women’s models.  The women’s models can be found in casual styles with leather bands, as well as in more formal and fashionable styles, featuring gold tones and faux diamonds surrounding the dial.  The affordability makes them great for fashion-conscious buyers who like to own a variety of timepieces to go with various outfits in their wardrobes.

Men’s styles of Fossil watches lean to the sporty side, with many of their models in the chronograph style, featuring multiple dials and simple elegance.  In general, the women’s models are more likely to offer styles that are suitable for evening wear, while the men’s styles are more casual.


One of the more appealing aspects of the company’s product line the prices.  Those consumers who are accustomed to buying designer watches priced in the high three or even four figure range will be astonished to see just how affordable this brand can be.  At present, one can shop around and find several ladies’ models at retail for less than $60.  Men’s models start somewhat higher, but several of them are available for less than $80.

Top of the line models for both men and women peak at a bit over $200, making them a great value.  In fact, they are so affordable that many buyers won’t think twice about buying several watches at once.  You can easily afford both casual and more elegant models, allowing you to have one at hand for both daily casual as well as evening wear.  As designer watches go, you’ll have a hard time beating Fossil when it comes to price.

Fossil Watches Warranty

While Fossil watches can certainly be competitive on price, they may offer potential buyers an even better deal when it comes to product warranty.  The movement, dial and hands of their watches are warranted for eleven years from the date of purchase against defects in materials or craftsmanship.

The bands are warranted for one year, but an eleven year warranty for the movement is quite impressive, particularly when one considers that most defects are going to present themselves within the first year of use.  Nevertheless, the company offers their buyers an additional decade on top of that, allowing consumers to buy with confidence, knowing that their timepiece is likely to continue working for at least a decade after they buy it.

fossil watches for menThe warranty doesn’t apply, of course, if the watch has had mistreatment or improper care.  Fortunately, these timepieces do not require anything unusual in the way of storage or care; one simply needs to keep it away from magnetic fields, harsh conditions, and caustic chemicals, as one would any other fine piece of jewelry.

Batteries will need to be changed from time to time; this is best done by a jeweler in order to ensure that the proper batteries are installed and to make sure that the watertight seal isn’t damaged while replacing the batteries. Aside from this consideration, your Fossil timepiece should last for years with only moderate attention to care and maintenance.

Where to Buy

You’ll find the brand available at a number of brick and mortar retailers, as well as a number of retail sites online.

Fossil Watches Summary

If you are considering buying a watch, you’ll find that this company’s products have a lot going for them:

  • Attractive and distinctive packaging.
  • Styling that ranges from modern casual to vintage elegance
  • Modest care and maintenance requirements
  • Affordably priced models to suit any budget
  • A terrific warranty

With all of these qualities in a single product, it’s no surprise that these are among the most popular timepieces on the market.  Their styles are wide enough in scope to appeal to the taste of nearly everyone and they feature models for both men and women.   Their pricing makes them affordable for just about anyone’s budget, and the fact that most of their models are water resistant to fifty meters means you can pretty much take them anywhere.

Their warranty is as good as just about any other in the industry, which ensures that your modest investment should be rewarded with years of good looks and reliable performance.  If you’re interested in buying a designer watch and don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, Fossil watches should probably be on your short list.

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