Nautica Watches Review – Inspired by the Sea

Nautica Watches Review


nautica watches reviewNautica watches, as the name suggests, are inspired by the sea and things, well, nautical.  The company isn’t particularly well known, but they claim to be Italian.

There are plenty of Italian watchmaking companies, though they’re fewer than Swiss or German brands.  Still, nautical-themed watches, especially diving models and chronographs, are quite popular among watch buyers.

Some like the additional features, others like the large case sizes, and others just like a watch that looks busy.  If you fall into any of those categories, you’ll likely find something in the line that suits you.

Women aren’t left out, however, as there are plenty of women’s models, too.  They’re more colorful than the men’s models, but less feature-laden.

You’ll also find a warranty that is considerably better than the industry average.

Read on for the full Nautica watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Nautica Watches Build Quality

nautica watches prh portholeNautica watches are built and distributed by the Timex Group, so their quality is going to be similar, if not identical, to the quality of Timex watches.  In fact, there is a bit of overlap in the two companies’ models.

The build quality is good, with cases made from brass and/or stainless steel.  You won’t find gold, platinum or titanium cases in the product line, as these watches are targeting a lower price point than those more expensive materials would require.

The watch faces are protected by mineral crystal, which is good, though not as scratch-resistant as the more expensive sapphire crystal.

A number of models include a screw-down crown.

Bands are made from leather, silicone, nylon, or stainless steel.

As you might expect, you’ll find better-than-average water resistance, with some of their diving models rated at up to 200 meters.

Nautica Watches Movements

The movements used are all quartz electronic movements, sourced from Japan.  Japanese movements are both reliable and affordable, allowing the company to offer good features at an affordable price point.

Despite the quartz movement, you’ll find both analog and digital displays, though the majority of the company’s models have traditional analog displays.

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While Nautica watches are relatively inexpensive, they do offers some interesting features, though no innovation per se.  At the price point the company targets, which is in the hundreds of dollars at most, you won’t find true innovation.

Still, the company’s watches offer chronographs, date functions, temperature gauges, depth gauges, an indicator that shows whether the screw-down crown is secured, and many models feature their “Indiglo” push-button illumination that causes the entire watch face to light up when needed.

Nautica Watches Styling and Features

nautica watches women's modelsThe styling leans towards the big and bold, with case sizes up to 53mm.  Chronographs are quite common in the product line, and they offer a number of diving watches with 200 meters of water resistance.

There’s a surprising amount of color in the product line, particularly among the women’s models, so if you want a watch in bright green, yellow or pink, it’s easy to find a color that suits you.

Precious metals and gemstones are out, however, so you won’t find a lot of bling in the company’s lineup.

It was refreshing to see that a company that makes sea-themed watches includes several dozen models for women, however.  Many companies that make such timepieces often overlook the women’s market, and some ignore it completely.

When it comes to styling, you’ll find that styling runs the gamut from smart casual to professional to tool watches, so they’ve got something for just about everyone.

Nautica Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is fairly simple and straightforward.  As all of the company’s products are built with quartz movements, you won’t have to do anything in the way of maintenance aside from having the battery replaced every three years or so.

The company recommends that you have this done at one of their authorized service centers.

You’ll also want to store your Nautica watches away from extremes of temperature and store them in a cool, dry place, as you would any other watch.

With proper care, you should get years of use.

Nautica Watches Warranty

The warranty offered is exceptional, and substantially better than average.  While most watch companies offer a two year warranty (including such expensive makers as Rolex,) Nautica watches are sold with a five year warranty.

This will protect you from defects in materials and craftsmanship and as these watches are well tested at the factory using proven movements, defects are likely quite rare.

Nautica Watch Prices

nautica watches long beachThe prices of are quite reasonable as designer watches, and particularly so among those themed towards sports and diving.

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on an Italian sports watch, but these watches are far more reasonably priced.

At the low end, a few women’s models with digital displays are priced at just under $50, while at the high end, the diving models with 200 meters of water resistance and depth gauges are priced at $500 or so.

Nautica Watches for Sale

You can find them for sale at a number of brick and mortar retailers, including larger department stores and specialty watch stores.

You’ll also find them for sale at larger online retailers, and they’ll likely present you with your best opportunity to buy discount Nautica watches.

Online retailers often have a larger selection and are more likely to offer discounts.  You can also buy them at the company’s official Website.

Nautica Watches Summary

While there’s nothing truly groundbreaking here, they do offer a nice, colorful selection of water and sports-themed watches and affordable models in the diving niche.

The pricing is reasonable and the company offers a good selection of features for the price.

As a bonus, you’ll get a terrific warranty.

If you’re looking for a diving watch or one that’s styled like one and you don’t want to spend a fortune, Nautica watches might be a good choice for you.

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