Nixon Watches Review – Edgy Design; Solid Construction

Nixon Watches – Stunning and Affordable


nixon watches - mens rubber blueThe reaction most people have when they first see Nixon watches is, “Who?  I’ve never heard of them.”  If you’re shopping for designer watches, it’s quite possible that you’ve never heard of Nixon watches.  The company is fairly new, having been founded in 1997 in California.   The founders were interested in outdoor activities, and their initial product line was to create a line of timepieces that would appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, such as surfers, skateboarders and bikers.

They quickly spread their line of Nixon watches to include more fashionable designs for both men and women, and today, they currently offer more than one hundred different styles.  The company also offers a variety of other products besides Nixon watches; they also sell wallets, handbags, belts, clothing and headphones, speakers and custom iPhone cases.

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Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Nixon Watches Build Quality

As one might expect for products designed for outdoor activities, these watches are quite well built.  Some of their sports models are water resistant to 300 meters, and all of them are water resistant to at least 30 meters.  Most models feature stainless steel cases, though a few of their sports models also include rubber in the exterior design.  The brand features reliable Japanese and Swiss quartz movements, and you should get several years of use before it becomes necessary to replace the battery.

Styling and Features

The styling of Nixon watches is all over the map, appealing to men and women in both fashion and sports-minded styles.  In addition, the product line  includes both ultra-modern as well as conservative, retro-themed designs.  Models are available in basic black, silver and gold, but also in bold blues, pinks, and even yellow and purple.  They offer metal bands, leather straps and plastic and rubber straps, as well.

The overall look of Nixon watches ranges from funky, casual models in bright colors to subdued elegance among their more fashionable timepieces.  They not only make a watch to suit everyone, but they also seem to have one to match any occasion or any sort of attire.  To say that their styling is diverse would be a tremendous understatement; the product line looks as if it may have been designed by dozens of different people.  That’s not a bad thing at all; they simply have a lot of great ideas regarding how their watches should look and perform.

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nixon watches newton

The brand offers either digital displays or traditional hands; most of their models have hands.  A couple of their models feature rotary displays.  Other features found on some of their models include timers, calendars, temperature gauges, dual time displays and alarms.

A few models offer nothing more than two hands on a blank face, which will appeal to anyone who simply wants the time with the least mount of fuss.  Others include numerous dials, buttons and gadgets that will appeal to just about anyone who likes multiple functions in their timepiece.

Nixon Watches Warranty

Most of the company’s watches offer a decent, two year warranty against defects and workmanship.  That’s in the middle of the range for designer watch companies.  Most problems with any consumer product should become apparent long before the warranty runs out.

Elite Class watches, however, include a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  That’s extraordinary, and certainly adds value to your purchase, as you know that should any problem arise, ever, you won’t have to worry about replacing the unit.

Care and Maintenance

Like other watches designed by people who regard outdoor use as a necessity, these timepieces are designed to run for years with minimal attention and care.   Aside from the obvious, such as keeping it away from extremes of temperature or caustic chemicals, your watch should last for years without needing any maintenance aside from the occasional replacement of the batteries.

nixon watches - womens paddingtonIf you found the styling to be appealing, you will really like their pricing.  Models start at less than $100, and top out in the $500 range.  As designer watches go, this puts them at the lower end of the price spectrum, although the build quality is exceptional.  At these price points, many consumers will find it well within their means to own several different models, perhaps including some for daily use, one or two for outdoor activities, and a couple for evening wear.

It should be noted that many models in their Elite Class are limited edition items, and these have a tendency to sell for substantially higher prices in the aftermarket once they go out of production.  Several of these models have sold at auction in the mid-four figure range, and for those savvy investors and collectors, this brand offers a good investment opportunity.  It’s nice to know that the watch you purchase today may actually increase in value over time, turning a smart purchase into an exceptional one.

Where to BUy

Unlike some brands of timepieces, which are only sold through selected retailers or specialty jewelers, these watches are widely available from a variety of sources.  The company owns retail stores in California, Bali, and Melbourne, Australia, and if you happen to live there or be visiting those locations, you can purchase their watches directly.  You can also find them also available at a number of department stores that sell designer watches, and at a number of online retailers.

Nixon Watches Summary

For those who like variety in their timepieces, this brand offers a tremendous amount of diversity in their product line.  They offer fun, sassy, casual models, sleek, elegant models for evening wear, and rugged, classy models for outdoor activities.  Their build quality is quite good, and their warranty ranges from good for most of their product line to exceptional for their Elite Class.  Their pricing is quite competitive, and on the lower end of the price range as luxury wristwatches go.  On the whole, Nixon watches offer something for everyone at a price range that should allow anyone with a taste for edgy fashion to own one.  If you like clever design, durability, and reasonable pricing, Nixon watches are a great choice.

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