Porsamo Bleu Watches Review – Stylish and Affordable

Porsamo Bleu Watches Review


porsamo bleu watches reviewWe see lots of watches from watch companies, and lots of watches from fashion companies, but we rarely see watches from jewelry companies.

That’s odd; as watches are often sold in jewelry stores.  For whatever reason, there aren’t a lot of companies that specialize in jewelry that also make and/or sell watches.

That makes Porsamo Bleu watches an interesting exception.  The company was founded in Los Angeles via a partnership of two longtime jewelers.

Porsamo Bleu watches is a partnership between third generation jeweler Moe Afshar and his creative partner Krisztina Csupo.   They strive to make attractive jewelry that’s unique in styling while affordable in price.

They make and sell bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and watches, with attractive styling and affordable pricing.

Read on for our full Porsamo Bleu watches review.


Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Porsamo Bleu Watches Build Quality

The build quality is good, with stainless steel cases that offer 50 meters water resistance on most models.  The watch face is protected by mineral crystal, sapphire-coated mineral crystal, or on a few models, rock-hard sapphire crystal.

Watches are available with stainless steel bracelets, ceramic bracelets, and silicone, leather, or satin-covered leather straps.

Watches Movements

The movements used are either quartz electronic or automatic mechanical movements sourced from Miyota in Japan.  Miyota is a division of Citizen, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of watches.

Miyota has a reputation as a maker of high quality, highly accurate and highly reliable movements.  There is one watch in the company’s product line that features a tourbillon, but as far as we know, Miyota does not manufacture a tourbillon movement.  We were not able to determine who makes the movement for that particular model, though we’d guess that it’s Chinese, as most Swiss-made watches featuring a tourbillon are priced far higher than the $5200 that they’re asking for this one.

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As the company is primarily a manufacturer and designer of jewelry, you’re not going to find much in the way of innovation.  You’ll find models that are time-only, as well as chronographs and models with a sweep second hand or an inset dial for displaying seconds.

We didn’t see any other complications; not even a model with a date complication.

Styling and Features

porsamo bleu bellezza luxury womens watchThere are dozens of models in the product line for both men and women, and styling leans to the big and bold.  Case sizes for men’s models run about 45mm, and many of the models are chronographs.

Women’s models are smaller, but not terribly small, running in the 38 mm range.

A few women’s models feature crystals on the bezel, and a number of models for both men and women feature gold plated cases and bracelets.

You won’t find any models with precious metals or actual gemstones, however, as the company’s target price point is well below what the pricing for such models would require.

Colors favor the traditional white/black/silver/gold, though there are a few models here and there that include other colors, such as blue and brown, which is a color we rarely seen on the faces or cases of wristwatches.

With dozens of models from which to choose, you likely won’t have too much trouble finding something you like in the product line.

Care and Maintenance

As most models feature highly reliable quartz electronic movements, the only maintenance required will be to replace the battery every three years or so.  There are a few models with mechanical movements, and those should be serviced every five years or so.

We didn’t see a recommended service interval for mechanical models on the Website, but we’d recommend that you contact Porsamo Bleu watches directly if you have any questions.

Porsamo Bleu Watches Warranty

porsamo bleu luxury london watchThe warranty is the industry average; your purchase will be guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase.  Probably 90% of all watch companies offer a warranty of similar duration.

As these watches feature highly reliable Miyota movements, defects should be quite rare.


As designer watches go, you’ll find this brand to have one of the more affordable product lines out there, especially coming from a jewelry company.

When compared with brands such as Chanel, you’ll find that Porsamo Bleu watches are far more affordable.

Prices range from roughly $200 to a high of $5000 or so for the tourbillon model.  This is a bit misleading, however, as the company offers hundreds of watches, but only a handful that are priced at more than $1000.

The bulk of the product line falls into the $200 to $500 range, making them quite affordable when compared to other offerings from companies that primarily offer jewelry.

Where to Buy

porsamo bleu luxury soho watchYou can purchase from a number of online retailers, and likely from the company’s own Website.   Larger retailers such as Amazon carry the brand, and buying online will give you a good opportunity to see the entire product line, and perhaps a chance to save money.

As far as we know, there aren’t many brick and mortar retailers that carry this particular brand, so online shopping may be your best bet.

Porsamo Bleu Watches Summary

It’s fairly unusual to see a company that’s primarily a jewelry company offering wristwatches for sale.  It’s even more unusual to see a company offer wristwatches that are mostly priced in the low hundreds of dollars, rather than in the thousands or tens of thousands.

Porsamo Bleu watches offer some nice, if rather ordinary styling in a large variety of models for both men and women.

Their watches are high quality, and feature highly reliable Japanese movements for both their quartz electronic models and their automatic mechanical models.

You won’t find gemstones or precious metals, but they offer a few models with crystals and a number with plated cases.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different and you don’t mind the overly large case sizes, you might very well find Porsamo Bleu watches to be a good choice for you.

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