Quiksilver Watches Review – Affordable Sports Models

Quiksilver Watches Review


quiksilver watches reviewThere are lots of sports watches on the market, and for good reason – people want to buy them.  Some like the style, others like the fact that they’re generally pretty durable, and others have actual uses for the features that sports watches offer.

Quiksilver watches fit the bill rather nicely, offering a good selection of models in a relatively affordable price range.  They’re fairly well built, have reliable movements and offer a good range of features and colors.

Quiksilver is a company that was originally founded in Australia to sell accessories to surfers.  They’ve since expanded a bit, and they’ve moved their headquarters to Huntington Beach, California.

Along with shirts, shorts, and other accessories that any surfer needs, they also offer a good selection of sports watches.

Read on for the full Quiksilver watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Quiksilver Watches Build Quality

The build quality is more than adequate; you’ll find stainless steel cases and mineral crystal in the more expensive models, while the less expensive models feature polycarbonate cases and acrylic covering the watch face.

Water resistance varies by model, ranging from 10 to 100 meters.  You won’t want to go diving with them, but many of the models can be worn while swimming or taking a shower.

Bracelets are stainless steel, rubber, or leather, depending on the model.

Watches Movements

At the present time, all movements are of the quartz electronic variety, sourced from either Switzerland or Japan.  Quartz movements are both accurate and reliable, and allow the manufacturer to add interesting complications while keeping the price at an affordable level.

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You’re not going to find much in the way of technical innovation in Quiksilver watches, as these watches are priced affordably and are being sold as accessories, rather than as the company’s flagship product.

There’s a nice selection of features, but you’re not going to find anything cutting-edge in the company’s product line.

Styling and Features

quiksilver watches timebox leatherThe styling of Quiksilver watches is sporty, with emphasis on bright colors and, as you might expect, chronographs.  A few models have some additional features, such as tide and moonphase indicators.

Others are time-only, or feature time and a date complication.

Like many companies that make sports watches, Quiksilver offers models with both analog and digital displays.

A few models feature non-round cases; the “Quad,” for instance, has a square case, and the “Addictive” has a case that’s hexagonal in shape.

Colors run the gamut from white to black to blue to orange, with a few models with silver cases.

Models do not appear to be gender-specific.  While many models appear to be men’s models, many others appear to be gender-neutral in design.

As far as we know, the company does not currently offer any models of watch that are specifically designed for women.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance will be minimal, as Quiksilver watches feature quartz electronic movements.  They’re battery powered, and the battery will require replacement every three years or so.   Aside from that, no unusual maintenance is necessary.

You should store your watches away from extremes of temperature and strong magnetic fields, but with proper care, they should last for years to come.

Quiksilver Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of Quiksilver watches is the industry standard – two years.  This will protect you from defects in materials and craftsmanship.

As these watches use highly reliable movements from well-known manufacturers, defects are likely quite rare.  The two year warranty is found with probably 90% of all watch brands.


quiksilver watches sovereignAs designer watches go, you’ll find that the pricing of Quiksilver watches is quite reasonable.  This is an industry where you can spend tens of thousands of dollars, even for a sports watch.

On the other hand, Quiksilver watches are priced in a relatively narrow and more affordable range, running from about $40 on the low end and about $300 at the top.

The lower priced models are going to be mostly made from plastic, though they’ll still have reliable movements.  The higher end models will have stainless steel cases, mineral crystal, and will offer better water resistance.

Even at the top of the price range, these models are far more affordable than a lot of other sports watches on the market.

Where to Buy

Quiksilver does have a few retail locations here and there, and their products are also carried by a few brick and mortar retailers.

You might have better luck buying their watches online, however, as their Website doesn’t stock a lot of them.  Other online retailers, however, seem to have a larger selection to offer.

Amazon, for instance, has more than 60 different models in stock at the moment, while the company’s official Website lists fewer than ten.

In addition, you’ll find that online retailers are more likely to be able to offer discounted pricing than brick and mortar retailers, who tend to have higher overhead costs than online stores.

Quiksilver Watches Summary

The sports watch industry is a crowded one, with many companies offering sporty chronographs and other sports-themed models with bright colors and rugged designs.

You can buy them for under $10 or for thousands from companies such as Rolex.

Quiksilver watches are targeting the lower end of the spectrum, though far from the rock-bottom.  They offer mid-range pricing from $40 to $300, making them affordable for just about everyone.

The company offers dozens of models in a wide range of styles and colors and their models offer a good selection of features for the price.

Their watches offer both Swiss and Japanese quartz electronic movements and features that range from time-only displays to chronographs, moon phases and tide indicators.

If you like a more modern-looking timepiece, they also offer a number of models with digital displays.

If you’re looking for a nice looking, affordable sports watch, Quiksilver watches have a lot to offer.

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