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Swarovski Watches Review


swarovski watches crystal octea asymmetricIn a day where nearly everyone carries a cell phone that can tell them the time, watches remain a popular fashion accessory.

While everyone has their own reason for wanting to buy a watch, such as collectability, build quality or features, some people simply like wearing one because they look good.

That’s where Swarovski watches shine.

Swarovski watches are well made and are offered by a company with 125 years of history.  They offer Swiss movements and of course, their famous glass crystals that make the timepieces sparkle.

While they’re not for everyone (they only make a handful of watches for men), Swarovski watches will appeal to many buyers who want a timepiece that’s attractive and has good build quality but which doesn’t cost a fortune.

Read on for the full Swarovski watches review.

Build Quality
Styling and Features
Care and Maintenance
Where to Buy

Swarovski Watches Build Quality

swarovski watches crystal roseThe build quality of Swarovski watches is more than adequate.  Their watches feature stainless steel cases, and many of the models feature synthetic sapphire crystal to protect the watch face.

Water resistance is modest, with most models featuring 30 meters of water resistance. This means that you can get them wet, but you shouldn’t bathe, swim or dive with them.

The company Website says that their watches are “Swiss-made,” which may mean that they are made in Switzerland, or that they may be manufactured elsewhere using majority-Swiss parts.

Watches Movements

As far as we known, all Swarovski watches feature quartz electronic movements that are made in Switzerland.  We’re not sure of the brand.

We’re not aware of any models that feature automatic or manually-wound mechanical movements.

Quartz movements are quite accurate, highly reliable, and will run for years with minimal maintenance.  For most buyers, these are regarded as features.

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You won’t find much in the way of technical innovation in Swarovski watches, as most of their models are time-only watches and the few models that offer complications offer date or chronograph features.

Given that their timepieces fall into a relatively narrow and fairly affordable price range, it’s not surprising that their watches do not include cutting-edge technological innovations or elaborate complications.

On the other hand, they do offer more than 50 different models and a variety of styles, all of which offer their famous glass crystals.

Styling and Features

swarovski watches lovely crystals quartzMost models in the Swarovski watches product line are designed for women.  The company has recently introduced a handful of watches for men, but for the most part, this company makes women’s watches.

They come in a variety of styles, with case sizes ranging from 16.5 to 44 mm.   Bands are leather or steel, and while many models appear gold in color, these are all plated.  The company does not currently offer watches that feature precious metals or actual gemstones.

Despite the quartz movements, displays are all analog.  Most models are time-only, though they do make a couple of chronographs.

Colors tend to the silver, white, gold, and black, though they do have a few models in bold colors, and many models offer colored options for their leather bands.

All watches tend to the fashionable side, even the chronographs, as all Swarovski watches feature bling, with dozens, or even hundreds of the company’s famed glass crystals.

These are watches that will look good at work or for an evening on the town.

Care and Maintenance

As all Swarovski watches models feature highly reliable quartz electronic movements, you’ll find the care and maintenance of Swarovski watches to be a relatively simple affair.

You should store your watch in a cool, dry place.  The company recommends that you store them in a cloth pouch, as this will protect the timepiece.

You should store them away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields, as these can adversely affect the movement.

You will need to have the battery replaced every few years.  With care, your watch should run well for years to come.

Swarovski Watches Warranty

The warranty offered at the point of sale is for two years from the date of purchase against defects in manufacturing or materials.

This is the average industry warranty, and over 90% of watch brands offer a warranty of two years’ duration, including expensive brands such as Rolex.

These timepieces are well-tested at the factory, so genuine defects are likely quite rare.


swarovski watches aila day double tour blueAs designer timepieces go, you’ll find that Swarovski watches are offered at relatively affordable prices.  The price range is rather narrow, as well.

Prices start at about $299 and range to about $600 or so.  Given that they offer nearly 60 different models, that’s a surprisingly narrow price range.

Where to Buy

You may purchase Swarovski watches from a variety of vendors, both in traditional brick and mortar stores and online.  As I write this, we’re still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it may be best to shop online at this time.

An advantage of that is that many online stores offer larger selections than brick and mortar stores, as they have limited display space.

In addition, online stores can often provide better pricing than retail stores, as they tend to have less overhead.

There are hundreds of retailers, both online and off that carry Swarovski watches, including Amazon.  You can also purchase them at the company’s official Website.

Swarovski Watches Summary

If you are looking for an attractive, fashionable watch at a price that isn’t going to break your bank, this brand might be a good choice.

They’re not for everyone, and that includes men, as they don’t yet offer a lot of men’s timepieces.

On the other hand, the brand offers a wide variety of timepieces for women in a variety of styles and colors, and all of them feature those shiny crystals for which the brand is famous.

The watches are Swiss-made and include Swiss electronic movements, and they should offer years of service for their relatively modest purchase price.

If you want a timepiece that looks good for all occasions, runs well and will draw compliments everywhere you go, Swarovski watches might be a good choice for you.

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