August Steiner Watches Review – Inventive Styling and Affordable Pricing

August Steiner Watches Review – Styling and Price

August Steiner watches give the odd feeling of familiarity – the name suggests perhaps an old-world Swiss watchmaking firm and perhaps one with a long history.  That’s not the case; in fact, the company is based in New York and owns several different brands and isn’t all that old.  What August Steiner watches offer is inventive styling, decent build quality, a huge variety of designs, and above all, a very attractive price point.  While no one is going to confuse August Steiner watches with Rolex or Tissot, you’ll find that their products are nice-looking and likely to last a few years, giving you a great buy for the money.   In fact, you’ll likely want to buy more than one, as there are simply too many nice models and they’re all reasonably priced.

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August Steiner Watches Build Quality

August Steiner watches - men's AS8048SSThe build quality of August Steiner watches is adequate; they use mineral crystal to protect the watch face and stainless steel cases.  Water resistance varies by model but is typically 30 to 50 meters.  Bracelets are stainless steel, rubber and leather, depending on the model.  These are affordable, stylish watches made for daily wear; while you’re not going to confuse them with overbuilt models such as those from U-Boat or Charriol, they’re well-made enough for most users.

August Steiner Watches Movements

August Steiner watches use either automatic mechanical or quartz movements.  Most are quartz, but perhaps 5% of their product line has automatic movements.  These are sourced from both Swiss and Japanese manufacturers, though the watches themselves are assembled in China.  That odd mix of sourcing and production is what allows August Steiner watches to be so affordable, even though they’re built with quality materials.

You’re not going to find much, if anything, in the way of technical innovation with August Steiner watches; they’re about taking proven technology, incorporating it into an attractive design, and making it available at an attractive price.  It’s a solid business model and it’s working well for them, so if you’re looking for cutting edge technology or features in your wristwatches, you’d best look elsewhere.

August Steiner Watches Styling and Features

August Steiner watches - women's white mother of pearlStyling is where it’s at with August Steiner watches; they’re all over the map.  If you want traditional styles, they’ve got you covered.  If you want something sporty with chronograph features, they’ve got a lot of models. Something colorful?  They’ve got lots of models with color.  Skeleton watches?  They’ve got quite a few.  Odd faces or unusual dials?  They’ve got those, too.  Their styling ranges from the ordinary to the truly “out there.”  They have models for both men and women and models suitable for daily wear, business wear, sports wear or evening wear.  If you’re looking for genuine bling, such as gold or diamonds, you won’t find that, but you’ll find some nice facsimiles. All in all, August Steiner watches offer a great selection of styling.

August Steiner Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance for August Steiner watches will likely be minimal; most of their models have quartz movements, and aside from replacing the battery every two years or so, you won’t have to worry much about care.  Automatic models generally require occasional maintenance; we’d suggest having a jeweler examine your automatic August Steiner watches every five years or so to ensure that they’re working properly and that the watertight seals are intact.  Aside from this, you should store your August Steiner watches away from strong magnetic fields or extremes of temperature.  With proper care, you should get years of use.

August Steiner Watches Warranty

The warranty offered with the purchase of August Steiner watches is for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  This is the industry average, so there are no surprises here.  Defects aren’t likely to turn up after the warranty period, and besides, these are relatively inexpensive timepieces.

August Steiner Watch Prices

August Steiner watches - men's black dialAs designer timepieces go, August Steiner watch prices are quite reasonable, with suggested list prices in the $200-$600 range.  We’ve seen them discounted quite a bit here and there, often to well under $100, and there are a number of places on the Internet where you can buy discount August Steiner watches online.   We haven’t seen much interest in the brand from collectors, but that may change over time as the brand becomes a bit better established.  Right now, they’re just good quality, affordable watches that pretty much anyone should find within their budget.  That’s a good thing; it’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for designer timepieces when you’re seeing one model after another priced in the thousands of dollars.  These are a bargain.

August Steiner Watches for Sale

August Steiner watches are fairly easy to find in the marketplace. You should be able to buy August Steiner watches at jewelry stores and department stores, if you like in-person shopping.  If you like shopping online, there are many Internet dealers that offer August Steiner watches for sale.  As the product line consists of hundreds of models, don’t be surprised if you can’t find everything at one dealer, but most stores that offer August Steiner watches for sale should have a good representative sample.

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August Steiner Watches Summary

Whether August Steiner watches are right for you depends on a number of factors.  If you’re looking for an exclusive, elaborate timepiece or a limited edition model or one that features gold or diamonds or one that has extreme water resistance, you’re probably looking at the wrong brand.  On the other hand, if you want an attractive, well-made timepiece that’s suitable for daily wear and is so affordable that you can buy four or five of them at once, then August Steiner watches are probably a good fit for you.  They offer a wide range of styles, lots of color, a good selection of features and pricing that can’t be beat.  If you’re looking for style and affordability, August Steiner watches are a good choice.