Vintage Watches Sell Well While New Watch Sales Decline

Vintage Watches Sell While New Ones Stagnate The market for wristwatches is a strange one, and right now, the entire industry is in a state of volatility.  People weren’t overly concerned last year when Apple introduced their first smart watch, as gadgets like that weren’t expected to overly impact the fashion watch market.  As the […]

Smartphones are Hurting the Watch Market

Smartphones Aren’t Helping the Watch Industry One would think that different devices have different uses, and one gadget wouldn’t necessarily affect another, but that’s not the case in the watch industry.  Recently, representatives from more than 1500 different watch manufacturers gathered in Basel, Switzerland for the annual Baselworld trade show.  This is the biggest event […]

Chronograph Watches – Their History and Appeal

Chronograph Watches – A Watch, a Stopwatch, and More While wristwatches of all styles and types have long been popular with the public, the appeal of the chronograph, or a watch that also contains one or more stopwatch complications, would likely strike many people as unusual.  It wouldn’t seem odd that a few people might […]

Best Men’s Watches 2017 – What to Look For

Best Men’s Watches 2017 It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but as they say in the luxury watch industry, “time flies.”  Indeed, it does, and with the new year come new products and new ideas, and many buyers are likely wondering about the best men’s watches 2017 has to offer.  […]

Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch Merges Form and Function

Fossil Q Founder – Good Looks and Features As we’ve all been reading for a couple of years now, the smartwatch is supposed to revolutionize timekeeping.  We’re all going to throw away our Rolexes or Citizens or whatever it is we’ve been wearing on our wrists all of our lives in order to swap it […]

Rent a Designer Watch – Does It Make Sense For You?

Rent a Designer Watch? A designer watch is a luxury item that millions of people have purchased over the years, and the industry remains surprisingly strong, even in an age where nearly everyone carries a cell phone that’s easily capable of providing the time.  A designer watch is as much a fashion statement as it […]

Luxury Watches – Are They a Good Investment?

Luxury Watches – Should You Invest? If you’ve spent any time reading about luxury watches, you’ll know they’re expensive.  Many of them have also appreciated over time.  Occasionally, if you read the news, you’ll read about some luxury watches that have sold for astronomical amounts of money.  It does appear that a lot of people […]

Apple Watch Late to the Smartwatch Market

Apple Watch Late to the Game Anytime Apple does anything, the entire tech world takes notice.  The just a few years ago, the company was an also-ran in the computer market, but thanks to the introduction of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, they company has reinvented itself as a maker of user-friendly, high tech gadgetry […]

Huawei Watch Raises the Smartwatch Bar…for Now

Huawei Watch – Stylish Smartwatch While millions of consumers are eagerly awaiting Apple’s new smartwatch, other manufacturer’s are trying to get a head start in the game, perhaps to dilute Apple’s expected dominance before they even introduce a product.  The Huawei Watch, introduced this week at the World Mobile Congress trade show in Spain, looks […]

The Amazing Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Has it All Watch collectors are a predictable lot; it’s pretty easy to see what interests them and what does not.  What does not:  anything with a quartz movement.  What does: elaborate mechanical watch complications.  Anyone can build a wristwatch that tells the time or displays the date, and with a […]