Guess Watches Review – Stylish and Fashionable

Guess Watches – Style and Quality

In a short thirty years or so, a California-based fashion company called Guess has become one of the leaders in the world fashion industry.  In addition to clothing, accessories and jewelry, you’ll find Guess watches in the company’s product line, as well.  Don’t be so quick to dismiss Guess watches as a low-quality product offered to complete a fashion statement; the company’s timepieces offer cutting edge design, remarkable quality, a diverse price range and an astonishing number of models in the product line.  There should be something for everyone in the form of a nice looking, highly functional, often quite affordable watch.

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Build Quality

guess watches men's white dialGuess watches are built using stainless steel cases, and some of their models include high-tech carbon fiber parts.  All are water-resistant to some degree, with certain chronograph models offering resistance of up to 300 meters.  We seriously doubt you’ll find yourself that far underwater, but in the event that you are, you’re covered.  Guess watches are solidly built.


If you like reliable timekeeping, you’ll like Guess watches.  They use quartz movements in all of their watches, with Swiss-made movements in many of their models.  All of the currently available models offer analog displays, including multiple dials on some of their sports models.  With quartz movements, you’ll just need to replace the battery every few years or so, but you won’t have to worry about regular winding.

Styling and Features

Styling is where Guess watches shine.  The company is, after all, a fashion leader around the world, and their designs offer more than two hundred models, about 60% of which are women’s models.   Styles range from daily casual to business elegance to show-stopping evening wear.  Both women’s and men’s models include sport and chronograph models, for those who keep active lifestyles.  There’s some crossover, too; the top of the line women’s GC Diver model, for instance, includes multiple dials, water resistance to 100 meters, and diamonds on the face.  It’s the best of both worlds, offering drop-dead-gorgeous looks along with tremendous functionality, and despite the seeming contradictions offered in the design, it’s actually a stunning watch.  No matter what sort of activities you enjoy, Guess watches offer features and models to suit you.  Among the company’s models are a number of limited edition models which either offer special features, special designs, or other unusual elements, such as gemstones.  If you want a watch that not everyone is likely to own, you might keep an eye out for these limited edition models.


Care and Maintenance

guess watches gc diver diamondWith electric-powered quartz movements, Guess watches should run for years without needing to change the batteries.  They can be easily replaced by a reputable jeweler.  If you regularly use their sports models for water-related activities, you may wish to have the gaskets checked every three years or so in order to ensure the movement is protected from possible water damage.  Aside from the usual warnings about keeping your timepiece away from strong magnets or caustic chemicals, Guess watches require nothing unusual in the way of care or maintenance.  With proper handling and storage, your watch should last for years, if not decades.


The warranty is one area where Guess watches shine, as the company offers a ten year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.  This falls on the high end as designer watch warranties go, and you should be able to buy with confidence, knowing that you’ll be covered against defects for years to come after your purchase.  We haven’t seen a lot of warranties that run this long, so if warranty protection is important to you, you’ll be in good hands.

Guess Watch Prices


guess watches womens white dialMost lines of timepieces tend to run in a set price range; if you’re buying watches from company X, you’ll usually find that their watches cost anywhere from $100-$300, while company Z might offer watches in the $1000-$5000 range.  Guess watches are a bit different in that respect, as the company offers several distinct price ranges for their products.  For women’s Guess watches, the bulk of the product line is priced from $95 to $200, though there are some models in the $500-$600 range and a few limited-edition items, such as the previously-mentioned model with diamonds, that are priced in the $2000-$3000 range.  Men’s Guess watches are more uniformly priced, ranging from $95 to $950, with prices spread more or less evenly across the entire product line.  The nice thing is that with a starting price point below $100 for both men’s and women’s models, Guess watches are affordable for just about everyone.  The lower-priced models are quite stylish, as well, so you won’t feel as if you’re wearing a “cheap” watch if you buy something at the lower end of their product line.  In fact, at those prices, you can probably afford to own more than one, giving you a variety of fashion accessories to go with multiple outfits or something suitable for a number of occasions.

Limited edition models are more expensive, of course, ranging in price up to several thousand dollars.  These items may appreciate in price as they go out of production and become sought after by collectors of both fine fashion and vintage watches.

Guess Watches for Sale

If you’re interested in buying, you can purchase Guess watches from a number of sources, as they are sold at both traditional brick and mortar retail outlets, as well as multiple online vendors.  Retailers include fine jewelers as well as department stores, though the high end and limited edition models may be somewhat hard to find and may require shopping around a bit.

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Guess Watches Summary

If you like quality and style, you’ll love Guess watches.  They offer good build quality, with many models offering tremendous water resistance.  Swiss-made quartz movements ensure reliability for years to come.  Their styling includes more than two hundred different models, meaning that they’ll have something for just about everyone.  Their pricing is in the middle, as designer watches go, starting at under $100 and ranging up to $3500 or so for jewel-encrusted limited-edition models.  Guess watches feature a very generous ten year warranty, suggesting that the company knows their products are going to lost.  All in all, Guess watches represent a great value and a beautiful watch that you’ll be thrilled to wear anytime.