Hugo Boss Watches Review – Stylish and Affordable

Hugo Boss Watches – Affordable Style

If you follow fashion, and especially men’s fashion, you’re probably familiar with Hugo Boss.  The company, founded in the 1920s in Germany, is one of Europe’s leading men’s fashion houses.  While they used to simply make suits, they have expanded their product lines to include fashions for women as well as accessories for both sexes.  Not surprisingly, these accessories include timepieces and you’ll find that Hugo Boss watches are both attractive and affordable, offering splashes of color along with fine traditional styling.  While their product line isn’t overly broad, they do offer occasional limited editions to spice things up a bit.

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Hugo Boss Watches Build Quality

Hugo Boss watches - men's stainless steel strap 3 handYou’ll find that Hugo Boss watches offer reasonable build quality, with stainless steel cases and mineral crystal.  Their timepieces offer reliable quartz electronic movements for accurate timekeeping.  Many of their models are water resistant to 100 meters, making them suitable for occasional use near water.  Straps are stainless steel, leather and rubber, so you’ll find one that’s appropriate for your intended use.

Hugo Boss Watches Movements

The movements used in Hugo Boss watches are all electronic quartz movements, which are generally accurate to within a few seconds per month and require minimal maintenance.  We’re not sure of the source, but as the company is German, it’s quite possible that these quartz movements are Swiss made.  Regardless of origin, they should provide accurate timekeeping for years to come.


As Hugo Boss watches are made by a company that is primarily interested in fashion and not in watchmaking, it won’t surprise you to discover that their product line doesn’t contain any unusual features or technical innovations that were created in-house.  They take what others have done and add their own styling, and that’s about the extent of it.  That’s not a knock against Hugo Boss watches; it’s just that they leave advanced technical innovation to those companies that do it best.

Hugo Boss Watches Styling and Features

Hugo Boss watches - men's stainless steel orangeWe would generally describe the styling of Hugo Boss watches as traditional; you’re not going to see the edgy, “out there” designs that you’d find with Swatch or Nixon watches in their product line.  They have classic looks, with the occasional surprising splash of color.  They favor analog displays, rather than digital, and offer a mixture of stainless steel, rubber and leather bands, depending on model.  As for colors, they favor basic black and silver, though you’ll find a few models in white, and oddly enough, orange.  They offer a number of sports models with chronometer features, so if you like watches with lots of dials and buttons, you’ll have a few good choices.  Their lineup tends to offer mostly watches that look good with either businesswear or eveningwear; we don’t see a whole lot in their lineup that we would choose to wear with jeans and a T-shirt.  Hugo Boss watches tend to favor men’s models; they offer only a handful of timepieces for women, though the ones they do offer are quite attractive.

Hugo Boss Watches Care and Maintenance

As Hugo Boss watches feature electronic quartz movements, you will find that they don’t require much in the way of maintenance, aside from replacing the battery every couple of years.  You should store your timepiece in a cool, dry place and keep it away from extremes in temperature.  You’ll want to avoid getting models with a leather band wet, as leather doesn’t hold up well when exposed to moisture.  Aside from that, Hugo Boss watches don’t require anything unusual in the way of care.

Hugo Boss Watches Warranty

Hugo Boss watches - men's classic leatheretteThe manufacturer’s warranty offered with the purchase of Hugo Boss watches is for two years against defects in materials and craftsmanship, which we find to be roughly the median warranty offered with designer watches.   Most defects should become apparent within the first year of ownership, so this shouldn’t be a problem.  Your retailer may offer an extended warranty for an additional fee; you may wish to ask about this when you make your purchase if this is something that interests you.

Hugo Boss Watch Prices

For the most part, we’d describe Hugo Boss watch prices as moderate, as luxury watch prices go.  Men’s models start at a relatively modest $125 or so, and range up to about $600.  Occasional limited edition items sell for somewhat more, but we haven’t seen any for sale anywhere that were more than $1000.  Women’s models range from about $250-$500.  As designer timepieces go, you’ll find the pricing of Hugo Boss watches to be fairly reasonable, and you can find them wherever you buy luxury watches online.  We haven’t seen any evidence of collector interest in this brand, so we cannot recommend that you purchase Hugo Boss watches as an investment.  That said, they’re affordable enough that if you like them, you might want to buy a couple to wear for different occasions.

Hugo Boss Watches for Sale

Hugo Boss watches - women's leather strap SwarovskiIf you’re interested, you can find Hugo Boss watches for sale at a number of retailers, including jewelry stores and high end department stores.  You’ll certainly find Hugo Boss watches for sale at any retailer that carries their fashion products.  In addition, you can find them for sale at a number of online retailers.  Models in the company’s product line come and go, so you might want to shop around a bit to see the entire product line.

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Hugo Boss Watches Summary

Hugo Boss watches offer a nice combination of attractive, traditional styling combined with affordable pricing and wide availability in the marketplace.  While they don’t offer a lot of models for women, they do offer a few dozen different timepieces for men, including sports models with more than acceptable levels of water resistance.  They have highly reliable and relatively maintenance-free quartz movements, which means they’ll run accurately for years without a lot of trouble or maintenance problems.  They come with a two year warranty, which should be sufficient to handle your problems.  If you like classic styling and affordable prices in a designer timepiece, we think you’ll like Hugo Boss watches.