Marc Jacobs Watches Review – Stylish and Affordable

Marc Jacobs Watches – Affordable Style


If you know fashion, the name Marc Jacobs is probably familiar to you.  Jacobs is known for his elegant but unassuming style in fashion, and like most designers, he has branched out into accessories, as well.  Marc Jacobs watches fit nicely into this business model, and over the past decade or so, Marc Jacobs watches have become some of the best-selling timepieces in the world.  Anyone looking for a designer watch might wish to consider owning one, as they make nice fashion accessories, they’re well-built, and they are surprisingly affordable.   The company makes timepieces in two different product lines, the namesake brand, as well as a lower-priced brand.   The Marc by Marc Jacobs watches that comprise the lower-priced brand seem to comprise the bulk of the company’s offerings of timepieces.

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Build Quality

marc jacobs watches - men's baker braceletGiven the price range of the product line, Marc Jacobs watches are surprisingly well built.  Most of their product line uses Japanese made quartz movements with stainless steel cases, though a few models in the main product line use ceramic cases and Swiss-made movements.  With water resistance to 50 meters and reliable Japanese and Swiss internals, these watches are well built and should last for years with proper care.


Marc Jacobs watches favor quartz movements provided by Japanese and Swiss manufacturers, allowing you to get years of use without having to replace the battery.  These timepieces are quite accurate and should work well for their intended use.  Displays are mostly analog, though they do have a few models that offer an unusual combination of both analog and digital displays.  It may seem strange to see both a digital readout and hands on the same face, but that’s what they offer and on those models, the odd combination seems to work.

Innovation and Features

We wouldn’t say that innovation is really the strong suit when it comes to Marc Jacobs watches.  After all, the company’s primary focus is fashion, and they leave the development of cutting-edge features to those companies that specialize in timepiece design.  That said, you’ll find models with time and date and a couple of models with chronometer features, for those so inclined.


marc jacobs watches - women's X-upIf you didn’t care about styling when you are shopping for a designer watch, you wouldn’t be looking for models from a fashion company.  Marc Jacobs watches are stylish, though like the rest of the company’s product line, they’re not particularly “in your face” about it.  The company’s styles tend to be traditional and restrained, and Marc Jacobs watches tend to reflect that.  With few exceptions, most of the company’s timepieces reflect traditional styling, with analog displays and leather or metal bracelet style bands.  They do have a few eye-catching models with bright colors and plastic bands, but that’s not true of the line as a whole.  Marc Jacobs watches primarily offer reliable styling that you should be able to wear for years without them becoming dated.  Models range from daily casual to business elegance to eye-catching evening wear.  The company seems to favor women’s models, but they offer many watches for men, as well, including some rather attractive chronometer models.  The company offers some 150 models for women and 50 or so for men, so the selection is good and most buyers should be able to find something that appeals to their sense of style.

Care and Maintenance

As with most timepieces featuring reliable quartz movements, Marc Jacobs watches are reliable and should run well for years with minimal maintenance.  You should replace the batteries every couple of years and if you have a sports model and spend a lot of time near the water, you may wish to have a jeweler inspect it every three years or so to make sure that the watertight seal remains intact.  Aside from that, and the usual caveats about keeping your timepiece away from extremes of temperature, magnetic fields and dangerous chemicals, Marc Jacobs watches don’t require any special care.  Treat them as you would any other piece of fine jewelry and you’ll be fine.


marc jacobs watches - men's henry chronoMarc Jacobs watches come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, which is near the low end as warranties go.  We see many companies that offer three, five or ten year warranties.  That said, most problems become apparent fairly early, and any defects in materials or workmanship sould be obvious to you while the warranty is still in effect.  Your jeweler or retailer may offer an extended warranty for an additional fee; be sure to ask about that at the time of purchase if this is important to you.

Marc Jacobs Watch Prices

While design is the main selling point for Marc Jacobs watches, they are also pretty appealing when it comes to price.  While they’re not cheap in absolute terms, Marc Jacobs watch prices are pretty affordable when it comes to designer watches in general.  Prices start at about $150 and run up to about $500 or so, with occasional limited edition items being priced slightly higher.  At these prices, with the average being about $250 or so, Marc Jacobs watches are affordable enough for many consumers to own two or three of them.  You can have one for daily wear and another for business or evening wear.

Marc Jacobs Watches for Sale

You can find Marc Jacobs watches for sale at a number of retailers, including many fine jewelers and upscale department stores.   They are also available at a number of online retailers.  As the company offers nearly one hundred different models, availability is going to vary from one retailer to another, so you may wish to shop around if you’re looking for a particular model.

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Marc Jacobs Watches Summary

As designer watches go, Marc Jacobs watches are affordably priced towards the lower end of the price range for luxury watches.  They offer well-built products with reliable movements, and traditional elegance in their styling.  They offer several dozen models for both men and women, and models for casual, business and formal wear.  All in all, Marc Jacobs watches represent a good value and should provide years of reliable timekeeping and good looks.